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Mariner East 2 not going away anytime soon

Thu, 2016-09-29 06:35
There is no bye week for the most important story in Delaware County.

Middletown Council's meeting Monday night was packed by residents who wanted to air their increasing concerns about Sunoco Logistics' plans for Mariner East 2, a 350-mile-long series of pipeline the company wants to use to ferry ethane, butane and propane to the former refinery in Marcus Hook.

To get there they have to traverse a little more than 11 miles in Delaware County, including a chunk of Middletown, in addition to Thornbury, Edgmont, Middletown, Aston and Upper Chichester.

Council eventually signed off on the easements needed by the company including a parcel that will take the new pipelines within 800 feet of Glenwood Elementary School on Pennell Road, something that drew a lot of attention from concerned residents and parents.

A couple of things are certain after Middletown's vote.

One, the residents who are opposed are not going away. Members of the grassroots organization Middletown Coalition for Community Safety that has sprung up in efforts to halt the pipeline said they will continue the fight.

“We will pursue each and every legal and constitutional option available to us to stop the pipeline,” said coalition member Eve Miari.

It was good to see that several of those who have been vocal in their opposition have been invited to work with council in keeping tabs on the project. Council joined neighboring Thornbury in firing off a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf outlining their concerns over the project.

The other important element is something that was made pretty clear during the presentation by a Sunoco Logistics spokesman at the meeting Monday night.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised.

This pipeline project is going to happen.

If the company had not gotten the OK for the easements they were seeking to cross township-owned property, they simply would have rerouted around it.

“If you vote no, we will still put the pipeline in,” Sunoco Logistics Land Project Manager Bart Mitchell said. “This project will be completed."

There is a lot at stake in Mariner East 2.

The economic upside is huge, both for Marcus Hook and the rest of the county.

The concerns about safety along the pipeline are equally important.

Don't expect this issue to go away anytime soon.
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The Battle of Mariner East 2

Tue, 2016-09-27 07:15
Much of the country was riveted to their TV sets last night, watching history unfold.

Not in Middletown Township.

They were making some headlines of their own.

More than 150 people packed the township council chambers to hear the board vote on whether to grant a series of easements to Sunoco Logistics for their Mariner East 2 pipeline plan.

Those two pipelines are slated to ferry ethane, butane and propane - as much as 450,000 barrels a day - to the former Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook.

To get there those pipelines have to traverse 11 miles of western Delaware County, through Middletown, Aston and Upper Chichester.

Residents opposed to the plan, who have galvanized into the grassroots organization Middletown Coalition for Safety, actually went to court Monday afternoon seeking an injunction blocking the vote. The effort failed.

After hearing from residents and Sunoco - including the company's statement that if they did not get the OK to traverse the public parcels they simply would re-route the path around them - the board voted to approve the deal.

I said Monday this is the most important story in Delaware County.

Nothing that happened last night changed my mind.

This fight is not over. Not by a long shot.
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Presidential politics turns into the WWF

Tue, 2016-09-27 07:02
Well, can’t say I’ve ever wondered whether a 400-pound person lying on a bed somewhere was hacking into our computer systems.

Or that it's 'smart' not pay any federal income tax.

This, and a lot more, is all part of the Donald factor.

Was that a debate or an SNL skit?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want mano a mano last night, steamrolling moderator Lester Holt, and going for the jugular.

The debate started out pretty much as you would expect, and it was fairly tame for the first hour. Things started to heat up later, however.

I am guessing that, as in most debates, this one did not change anyone's mind. If you loved Trump before, you likely were equally as enthused by what your heard on that Hofstra University stage last night. The same holds for Hillary.

My concern is if this is the best we can do, lobbing personal insults at each other.

It also reinforces something else that has been on my mind for awhile now.

This is not supposed to be reality TV. This is about electing the next president of the United States.

Donald Trump has changed the groundrules of political elections.

To him and his backers, everything is a reality TV show, so why would seeking the presidency be any different. He has branded himself as a different type of candidate, and zeroes in on the angst of middle America, which is tired of getting the short end of the stick as political insiders deliver more of the same in Washington, D.C.

That's why he immediately focused on the fact that Hillary Clinton has had 30 years to do some of the things she's talking about now and has failed to get them done.

He vows to be the change agent Washington needs, and he's not above tossing a few personal insults at those standing in his way.

Of course, Clinton's allies remind us that this is not a reality TV show, that the stakes are high, and Trump is eminently unqualified to sit in the Oval Office.

I'll leave that for others to decide.

Trump is a very different candidate, one who is not above constantly dropping his own business ventures into his run for the highest office in the land.

Expect more of the same in the next two debates.

I have to think we can do better than this.
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That other 3-0 quarterback

Tue, 2016-09-27 06:45
Leave it to the NFL schedule makers to throw cold water on the serious case of Wentz Mania that is gripping the Philly region.

The Eagles are not going to win and extend their brilliant start to 4-0 this weekend.

But it's not because they are going to lose, either.

They don't play. It's their bye week.

No doubt this will prove just as popular as playing four preseason games.

The timing of the bye is always debatable, and almost always hated by fans.

That will be even more so as the break pulls the plug on the magic that head coach Doug Pederson, Wentz and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz are accomplishing.

In the meantime, there is another story line that should interest Eagles fans, and a date they should circle on their calendars.

Oct. 23.

That's when the Minnesota Vikings come to town. They're also sporting a perfect, 3-0 mark, despite losing their starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, to a season-ending knee injury, then watching their All-Pro running back, Adrian Peterson, go down with an ankle sprain.

Oh, and you might recognize the guy now leading the Vikings. That would be none other than Sam Bradford. Yes, the same Bradford who was expected to be leading the Eagles this year, right up until the time Bridgewater's knee exploded.

In an unprecedented move, Eagles GM Howie Roseman traded his starting QB a week before the season opener. Then he and Pederson doubled down by announcing they would go with Wentz as their starter, despite the fact that he had played only a quarter of a preseason game, before being shunted off to the sidelines with cracked ribs.

It is almost impossible to realize now that the initial plan was not even going to play this year. Bradford was penciled in as the starter, with veteran Chase Daniel as the backup. Wentz would watch and learn. He must be a quick learner.

Now the entire league is talking about Wentz after three straight dazzling weeks, including Sunday's eye-popping domination of the vaunted Steelers.

Beat writer Bob Grotz offers a few thoughts on our old pal Bradford.

How cool would it be if both teams went into that Oct. 23 clash undefeated.

I always liked Bradford. The guy can make all the throws. He just had a lot of horrible luck with his knees. I said after the trade I thought there was a chance Bradford could lead a very good Vikings team to the Super Bowl.

But, once the trade was made, I also said I had no interest in watching Daniel play. Wentz had to play. The Eagles concurred.

The rest is history.

In the meantime, Carson Mania will have to cool its jets for a week.
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'Next year' arrives in Philly

Mon, 2016-09-26 07:35
This doesn't happen here. This doesn't happen to long-suffering Eagles fans. This is something that happens in other towns.

Other teams find "the one" in the draft.

Other teams mine the next coaching genius.

Other teams come out of nowhere to become the surprise team of the year.

Eagles fans have waited a long time to be that town. We haven't won a championship since 1960. We had some success with Dick Vermeil, Ron Jaworski, Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

But for most of those years, it's always been other teams, other players, other draft picks that have been the talk of the NFL.

Not this morning.

The NFL is talking about the Eagles, who now stand at 3-0 after dominating the Steelers yesterday on a sun-splashed late Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field.

This was not the Cleveland Browns.

Or the Chicago Bears.

The lament was, after the Eagles bolted out of the gate 2-0 with wins against two of the worst teams in the NFL, "they haven't played anybody."

They played somebody yesterday.

And took them apart.

Everyone pointed to yesterday's matchup with the Steelers as a statement game for the Eagles.

This is the statement the Birds made: This Eagles team is for real.

The Birds dismantled their cross-state rival, a team many included among the NFL's elite and one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

You can get all the details here.

It struck me while watching the game that Eagles fans very well may have hit the Trifecta.

Carson Wentz. Doug Pederson. Jim Schwartz.

Win, place and show.

Wentz continues to confound the experts. Yesterday he unfurled his first 300-yard passing day against a very good Steelers defense.

Pederson, who has yet to lose as Eagles head coach, continues to dazzle with his play-calling and his ability to get this team ready to play. In short, they look like a very well-coached team, something they have often not done in their long, frustrating history.

Schwartz's defense frustrated one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Ben Roethlisberger.

The three of them combined to deliver one of the worst beatings Mike Tomlin has every endured during his time at the helm of the Steelers.

"Next year" has finally arrived for Eagles fans.

They have the best young QB in the league.

They have a coach who has yet to lose in his first stint as an NFL boss.

And they have a defensive coordinator who is taking no prisoners in shutting down every offense they encounter.

Can we postpone the bye week?
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The biggest story in Delco

Mon, 2016-09-26 07:13
As usual, my timing could be better.

You might have heard they are having a little debate tonight.

And in case you missed it, the Eagles looked pretty good yesterday.

Neither of those, however, in my opinion, is the biggest story in Delaware County.

What is?

You'll have to check out my Monday print column.
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The King

Mon, 2016-09-26 07:00
In sports, they sometimes refer to horse racing as "the sport of kings."

But there was only one "King."

I have been playing golf for more than 30 years, introduced to the game by my future father-in-law (much to my future wife's lament), hooked from the very first time one of those tiny white spheres rocketed off the club face and went dead straight, instead of my normal nasty dead left trajectory, the snap hook that has been my nemesis for every one of those three-plus decades.

I was what you would call a "publinx" golfer. No country clubs for me, unless maybe I was attending a wedding reception.

I fell hard for golf, devouring every instruction book and video, spending at least as much time on the driving range as I ever spent on the course, convinced the elusive secret to the golf swing was in that next bucket of balls.

The truth is I was never going to be the next Jack Nicklaus. He was a virtuoso, reminding me of a great sports quote: He plays a game with which I am not familiar.

I admired Nicklaus.

But I loved Arnold Palmer.

This was not a country club golfer. He was one of us. Arnold Palmer's swing was not a thing of beauty. Unless you happened to be a duffer looking for inspiration.

Palmer actually charged onto the golf scene before I got interested in the game. He would take a drag on his cigarette, toss it aside, hitch up his pants, then walk up to the tee and lash the ball with the signature swing, his arms eventually windmilling around his head.

One look at Palmer and I knew I had found my hero.

Lay up? Not the King. Arnold always went for it. And we who did the same - if only on the driving range - loved him for it.

Then there was something else. Most golfers were stoic, cold, calculating warriors. Then along came the pride of Latrobe. Palmer had an electric personality, and was not afraid to show it on the course. Again, just like we did on our public course rounds, thrilling at the occasion good shots, and cursing the mishits.

Palmer's winning personality was made for TV, and he put the sport on his back - and that mix of guts, passion, wit and laughter, and took it out of the country clubs and to the masses. We had found our hero.

Golf had plenty of superstars - Hogan, Nelson, Snead, Nicklaus.

But it only had one King.

Palmer, the pride of Latrobe, Pa., learned the game at the side of his father, the greenskeeper at Latrobe County Club. Yes, his dad worked at the club. But this was no aristocrat. This was one of us.

That appeal burned through the TV, bringing a sport that had been relegated to the "haves" to the "have-nots."

It turns out commoners could be just as frustrated by this maddening game as our wealthy peers.

Once you step onto that first tee, there is no pedigree, no preferred status, no class system among golfers.

There is only you and the course, and the knowledge that the course is almost always going to win.

Public golfers needed someone to bring the game to our level.

That's what Arnold Palmer did.

'The King' died yesterday at age 87.

But he will live forever. Arnold Palmer took a game that was too often reserved for the masses and brought it to the masses. I'm not sure if I should praise him or thank him for that curse.

RIP, Arnold Palmer.

The King is gone, but what he did for the game - and those poor souls doomed to chase that little white ball - will live forever.
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The Dreaded Saturday Eagles Pick

Sat, 2016-09-24 03:00
It's the battle of Wentzylvania.

Yes, those are your 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles who will be taking the field Sunday for another national TV game, this time against cross-state rival the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or, as the Associated Press has dubbed the game, the Keystone Konfrontation.

Go ahead, admit. No one saw this coming.

Carson Wentz has been a revelation in leading the Eagles to two straight victories, albeit over the Browns and Bears, two of the lesser lights of the NFL.

The road gets decidedly bumpier now.

Ben Roethlisberger is the real deal.

And that defense that Wentz will be looking at is stout, especially against the run. The Steelers come into this game with the No. 2 ranked defense in the league against the run.

If the Eagles have a chance, it likely will reside on Wentz's right arm, as opposed to their running back by committee.

That might not be such a bad thing. Wentz has proven more than capable as a field general. That was evident in the very first series against Chicago. Wentz was unfazed by the glare of Monday Night Football, and calmly dissected the Bears with a no-huddle offense on the Birds' first drive. Wentz came to the line, examined the defense, and then adjusted his blocking schemes. He even checked out of plays that looked like they would not work against the Bears' defensive formation. This is stuff some veteran QBs struggle with.

Wentz was doing it in Game 2.

He's also proved extremely accurate, as well as extremely stingy. Wentz has yet to throw an interception.

One troublesome thing Wentz does need to learn - sooner rather than later - is how to either get out of bounds or get down, so as to avoid some of the hellacious hits he's been absorbing.

Is it enough to pull out a win and run the Birds' mark to 3-0. Possible, yes. Likely, no.

The Pick: Make it Steelers 26, Eagles 23. Nobody is perfect. Neither are Doug Pederson and Wentz. Pederson has been just as big a revelation as his rookie QB. The Eagles have looked extremely well-coached on both sides of the ball. But the Steeler just have more talent.

Last Week: It was the second straight eye-opening performance from Wentz. I liked them to rattle Bears' QB Jay Cutler and force a few turnovers. Cutler and the Bears did just that on successive possessions early in the third quarter, pushing the tide to the Eagles. They never looked back. I'm sitting at an equally pretty 2-0 along with the Eagles. One of us is going to remain perfect Sunday at 4:25. My heart says Eagles; my head says Steelers.

Game by Game: Eagles 29, Browns 10 (My Pick: Eagles 19, Browns 13).

Eagles 29, Bears 14 (My Pick: Eagles 24, Bears 16)
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An apology to our readers

Fri, 2016-09-23 07:14
There is a belief by a lot of people who live in this county and read this newspaper that the Daily Times is inherently biased in its political coverage.

We are members of the liberal elite, and take every opportunity to lift the Democratic Party and downgrade their GOP foes.

In short, they believe we stack the deck against them, that we blatantly favor the Dems and their liberal positions.

We gave them every reason to believe exactly that this morning.

Readers might have noticed something odd about our print coverage of the Donald Trump rally held at the Sun Center in Chester Township last night.

We featured Trump as he strolled onto the Sun Center stage before a packed house of 5,000 supporters. We used the headline, "He's Back," to signify this was his second foray into Delaware County in a little more than a week, underscoring just how important the Philly suburbs are in the presidential derby.

So far, so good.

But readers might have noticed something odd once they turned to our coverage of the event inside on Pages 4-5.

We had planned two stories, one covering Trump and his speech, and another on the inevitable protest by Dem supporters outside.

Unfortunately, only one of them got into the print edition.

Guess which one?

Because of a communication problem (imagine that, people in the communications industry failing to communicate), the story on Trump's speech did not run in print.

I wish I could give you a good reason why it did not. I can't. We simply fouled up.

It is posted on our website. You can read it here. It will run in print in tomorrow's edition.

I know that people are going to believe we actually planned it this way, that we deliberately decided to focus on the Democrats and the protesters outside while giving short shrift to Trump and the 5,000 supporters who showed up to hear what he had to say.

I've already talked to one longtime GOP official in the county who read me a text he received from a friend that indicated exactly that. He suggested it was classic Daily Times and their liberal bent, only taken to extremes.

I listened carefully to what he said. And I then I offered this explanation. There is none. We made a mistake. That falls on me. This notion of our "bias" against Republicans is something I've dealt with in every election since I became editor of this newspaper 17 years ago. It's something I guard against zealously. Some days I feel like Sisyphus, from Greek mythology, pushing a boulder up a hill only to see it roll right back down to the bottom, leaving me to start all over again.

This morning I'm back at the bottom of the hill. Through no one's fault other than my own. I'll field the calls. I'll take the hit. But I want people to know - for the millionth time - how hard I struggle to avoid exactly the appearance we gave to our readers today.

For that, those who see it as validation of their belief when it comes to the Daily Times our faults no doubt are enraged at what they are reading in print this morning.

I can't say I blame them.

I can, however, apologize, and strive to start pushing that rock back up the hill again. I
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Our salute to a champion

Fri, 2016-09-23 06:50
Tavia Isaac is a champion.

For lots of reasons.

We talk about a few of them on today's editorial page.

Nothing good in the city of Chester?

We beg to differ?

You probably have never met Tavia.

Read our editorial salute to a champion here.
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The Daily Numbers for Friday, Sept. 23

Fri, 2016-09-23 06:45
The Daily Numbers: 5,000 supporters who packed the Sun Center in Chester Township Thursday night to hear speech by Donald Trump.

32, age of Natasha Gibson, brutally stabbed to death in Yeadon.

35, age of Mark Epps, person of interest police are seeking in the case.

5 hours, how long the northbound lanes of the Blue Route above Villanova were closed overnight by a bad accident.

1st day of Autumn. Raise your hand if you miss summer already.

5 years in jail for Aldan man on tax fraud rap

21 percent dip in SEPTA regional rail ridership in July.

10 percent decline in August from last year.

107,000 daily riders, 14.8 percent fewer than their normal ridership.

120 railcars that were sidelined by structural defect.

7 million dollars less in revenue.

500 million Yahoo accounts that were hacked.

3rd night of protests stayed peaceful in Charlotte.

2 late leads blown by Phils in falling to the Mets in 11 innings.

3 run homer by Astrubal Cabrera that erased lead and led to walkoff win for Mets.

27 players used by the Mets, including 10 pitchers.

4 hours, 23 minutes, how long it took to play this one

4:25 kickoff Sunday for clash between Eagles and Steelers.

2-0 records being sported by both teams.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.Let’s just call Sunday’s Eagles clash the Battle of Wentzylvania.

I Don’t Get It: Looting. Just never got it, never will. What does that accomplish?

Today’s Upper: Kudos to all those who peaceably assembled on both sides of the political spectrum Thursday night for the Trump rally at the Sun Center in Chester Township.

Quote Box: ““We are here to see our next president.”

-Parkside resident Ronnie Klekota at the Trump rally.
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Keystone Konfrontation

Fri, 2016-09-23 06:45
Credit where credit is due.

This is how the Associated Press characterized Sunday's clash between two undefeated teams, both of which just happen to reside in Pennsylvania:

Keystone Konfrontation.

I like it. It's the lead on their roundup of this weekend's games.

OK, now raise your hand if you saw this one coming. Thought so.

I certainly didn't expect this. Not with a rookie head coach. Not with a rookie QB with just one year of college football at North Dakota State on his resume. Not with a signal caller who saw one quarter of action in the preseason before taking a spot on the sidelines with cracked ribs. Not with a guy who was not expected to play at all this year until Teddy Bridgewater's knee exploded, touching off a series of dominoes that resulted in Carson Wentz being installed as the Eagles starting quarterback.

Wentz has been all that and a bag of chips.

He's literally the biggest story in the NFL right now.

But let's face it, he has not exactly been facing Lawrence Taylor out there. The Eagles have beaten a bad Browns team and a mediocre Bears squad.

Things get decidedly tougher Sunday when Mike Tomlin brings Ben Roethlisberger and his equally undefeated Steelers to the Linc for a 4:25 national TV game.

From what I've seen so far, I don't really expect Wentz to be fazed by the hoopla. He stared down the bright lights of Monday Night Football without blinking.

But can he and the Eagles knock the Steelers from the unbeaten ranks while pushing their own record to a hard-to-believe 3-0? For that you'll have to check back tomorrow for the Dreaded Saturday Eagles Pick!
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The Daily Numbers for Thursday, Sept. 22

Thu, 2016-09-22 07:51
10,000 dollar first prize for Tavia Isaac, who took top prize in the Food Network’s ‘Chopped Jr.’ show.

12, the age of our precocious chef from Chester.

8-foot snake found sunning itself on a Springfield driveway.

32, age of woman found fatally slashed early this morning in Yeadon.

740,220 dollars in federal grant money for East Lansdowne Fire Co., which they will use to hire 12 part-time firefighters.

300 dollars, what a masked gunman got in a hest at the Upper Chichester Walgreens.

2nd stop in 2 weeks her in Delco for Donald Trump. He will hold a public rally at the Sun Center in Chester Township tonight.

40 people who showed up at Nether Providence zoners Monday night as they dealt with controversial sober living facility that has been operating on Providence Road.

30 of October, when professors at the 14 state-owned universities say they will strike if they don’t have a new contract.

6 months ago, when a freshman state legislator pleaded guilty to a felony charge. Now she is resisting calls to resign her office.

2 statewide debates agreed to by Dem U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty.

4, how many incumbent Republican Pat Toomey wanted.

43-38 lead for McGinty, according to new Muhlenberg College poll.

608 dollars, how much it costs for a 2-pack of the EpiPen life-saving device needed by those who suffer severe allergic reaction.

500 percent increase in the cost since 2007.

11 billion dollars in sales for Mylan, the company that makes the device.

1 person wounded in shooting during 2nd night of protests in Charlotte, N.C., after shooting of man by police.

8-3 win for the Phils over the White Sox last night.

21 home runs for Tommy Joseph.

6 hits, including 3 solo home runs, given up by Phils starter Jerad Eickhoff over 7 innings.

7 homers give up by Eickhoff in his last 2 starts.
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Congratulations, Tavia!

Thu, 2016-09-22 06:44
I have a confession to make.

I still get a kick out of a great front page.

Yes, I know, print is not 'hip.' We're supposed to be all about online these days. And I am. I spend an inordinate amount of time shoveling information onto our website, as well as social media such as Twitter and Facebook, feeding the beast that is the 24-hour news cycle.

But I still love the feel of print. And a dynamite front page.

And today's is one of my favorite front pages of the year.

For a couple of reasons.

The second I heard yesterday morning that our little dynamo, 12 year-old chef Tavia Isaac had won the top prize on the Food Network show 'Chopped Jr.,' I knew I wanted that beautiful, smiling countenance on our front page.

But I'm also willing to admit there was another reason as well.

Tavia Isaac resides in Chester.

I think it's fair to say there are more than a few people who believe part of Chester's image problem stems from the way it is often presented in the county's daily newspaper.

I certainly understand their concerns. I'm the guy who answers the phones when they call to complain about our coverage.

I'm hoping I get a few calls today.

But the truth is I don't really care if I do or not.

Tavia Isaac is a great story. She is proof that a lot of good things are happening in the city of Chester. And that some of those good things are being done by young people. It's a great front page.

And we're proud of it. And Tavia.

You go, girl.
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Delco at center of Campaign 2016

Thu, 2016-09-22 06:14
Delaware County continues to be in the crosshairs for Campaign 2016.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will spend his second night in Delco in two weeks tonight when he holds a rally at the Sun Center in Chester Township.

We will have live coverage as the race for the White House rolls through Delaware County again.

Then tomorrow the crucial U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty will bring the GOPer to Delco, along with a very special guest.

Toomey will pay a visit to the Herbert W. Best VFW Post 928 in the Folsom section of Ridley Township, and he's bringing Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, with him.

McCain carried the GOP's banner in the 2012 presidential race, losing to Barack Obama, who rolled to re-election.

You can get all the details on the Toomey-McCain visit here.
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Somewhere, the 'Summer Wind' is blowing

Thu, 2016-09-22 05:50
Excuse my depression this morning.

I am wallowing in the worst day of the year.

As I write this there are a little more than four hours left in summer.

Autumn arrives officially at 10:21 a.m.

I should be past this. For all intent and purpose, summer really ends for me with the arrival of the Labor Day weekend.

Still, with it becoming "official," this morning, the sting is a little more acute.

Luckily, Mother Nature has decided to take mercy on me.

She is going to offer a few more warm, humid days to soothe this old soul who pines for the "lazy, crazy, hazy" days of summer.

Unfortunately, the forecast says there is a change coming, and we will have trouble breaking 70 degrees on Sunday. Good thing I'll be camped in front of the TV watching the Eagles game.

I have just one question this morning.

How many days until Memorial Day?

Goodbye, summer. Somewhere, a beach is calling my name.

Of course, I can always turn to this classic:

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The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, Sept 21

Wed, 2016-09-21 07:52
The Daily Numbers: 1947, the House Bill on child sexual abuse that will be debated again this fall in Harrisburg.

12 years after turning 18, age 30, how long a victim of child sexual abuse has file a civil action against their abuser.

32 years after turning 18, or age 50, how long a victim would have under House Bill 1947. Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, wants to make that language retroactive.

6 Catholic archdioceses in Pennsylvania now being looked at by a grand jury in Harrisburg for potential child sex abuse.

41, age of woman in Ridley who faces charges of failing to disclose that she owned 2 homes and had money in a bank account on her annual housing and utility assistance forms.

32, age of woman in Philadelphia who pleaded guilty to conspiring to join Islamic State.

5,500 faculty members at Pa.’s 14 state universities who continue to be in contract standoff. The state now is seeking a fact finder to be appointed.

21-6 vote in Pa. House Judiciary Committee for a bill that would allow the National Rifle Association to challenge local gun laws.

36 years in solitary confinement for convicted murdered. A judge says the harsh term should now end for 64-yeare-old Arthur Johnson.

15 years in prison for a former volunteer photographer for WXPN radio on child porn charges.

9 month closure set for key ramp from I-95 at Aramingo Avenue in Philly.

2 officers shot in Philly over the weekend who are now out of the hospital.

43, age of Philly police officer now charged with pot possession.

7-6 win for Phillies over the White Sox.

3 hits, including homer, for Odubel Herrera, who is heating up again after a slump.

3-run homer surrendered by closer Jeanmar Gomes in the 9th.

3 runs on 4 hits surrendered by Phils starter Jake Thompson over 5 innings.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Yes, Carson Wentz has been an eye-opener. But we should not overlook the job done by Doug Pederson as well. Don’t look now, but he still has not lost as Eagles head coach - 6 straight wins.

I Don’t Get It:
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting. I dont care.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Tavia Isaac. The precocious 12-year-old from Chester got some national exposure this week when she competed on the Food Network’s ‘Chopped Jr.’ show.

Quote Box: “The statute of limitations hurts no one but victims.”

- Jeff Dion, director of the National Crime Victim Bar Association.
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The Battle of 1947 is about to heat up again

Wed, 2016-09-21 07:04
As he promised, Rep. Mark Rozzi is not going away.

Neither is the controversy surrounding his push to open a window that would allow victims of sexual abuse from decades ago to file civil actions against their abusers today.

As the Pennsylvania slowly comes back to life in Harrisburg following their summer slumber (yes, I know sometimes it's hard to tell the difference from the other times of the year in the Capitol), House Bill 1947 will be back on the front burner.

That is the legislation that passed the House last year that would eliminate the criminal statute of limitations in child sex abuse allegations, and expand the time a victim has to file a civil action. Currently under Pennsylvania law, a victim has 12 years after they turn 18 to seek civil redress or until they reach the age of 30. House Bill 1947 would extend that window another 32 years, until a victim reaches age 50. But it would only apply to cases going forward, if the bill ever becomes law, unless Rozzi gets his way.

Rozzi is vowing to re-introduce his controversial amendment that would in effect make the added time retroactive, meaning victims from decades ago could now come forward and file civil actions.

As you might expect, the measure is bitterly opposed by the insurance industry, national Catholic groups and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput sent a letter that was read or distributed in ever parish in the region after the bill was passed by the House asking the faithful to contact their senator and urge them to oppose what he termed the anti-Catholic measure.

The measure had passed the House, 180-15, with the backing of many in the Delco delegation, before becoming bogged down in the Senate, thanks in part due to the opposition of the archdiocese.

Several state reps, including Rep. Nick Miccarelli, R-162, of Ridley Park, and Jamie Santora, R-163, of Upper Darby, took some heat from the archdiocese for their backing of House Bill 1947, including Rozzi's amendment.

Miccarelli actually had his name casually dropped into the parish bulletin as a reminder to parishioners that he had supported the measure. Santora said the archdiocese's actions came very close to "electioneering."

There will a very interesting side story when House Bill 1947 comes up for debate again this fall.

Every one of these state reps will be running for re-election in November. No doubt the archdiocese will be more than willing to remind the faithful of just where these elected officials stand when it comes to House Bill 1947.

We'll be keeping a very close watch on this one.

In the meantime, you can read our update on Rep. Rozzi's press conference here.
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Why Trump is coming back to Delco

Wed, 2016-09-21 06:17
Donald Trump is coming to Delco again.

A week after his private, invitation-only event at the Aston Community Center, he is set to appear before about 5,000 people at the Sun Center in Chester Township Thursday night.

Why is he coming back to Delco so soon?

Does the Donald have a hankering for a shorti from Delco's own iconic convenience store, Wawa?

Actually, what Trump really covets is not so much Wawa, but Wawa's customers.

Check out today's editorial here.
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Pederson has been perfect as Birds' boss

Wed, 2016-09-21 06:02
Carson Wentz is the toast of the town.

That's what happens when you are a rookie quarterback who goes 2-0 without an interception. In case you're wondering, the last time that happened was 1970.

But as magical as Wentz's run has been, something else should be noted about the 2016 Eagles.

Doug Pederson has yet to lose a game as the Eagles head coach.

Through four preseason games and two regular season contests, Pederson has nary an 'L' next to his name.

The guess here is that Pederson is not going to run the board. The road gets decidedly tougher this Sunday when the similarly undefeated cross-state rival Pittsburgh Steelers come to the Linc for a 4:25 clash.

But don't gloss over what Pederson has accomplished.

After the high-profile Chip Kelly, many fans slumped when owner Jeff Lurie reached back into his Andy Reid connections to unearth Pederson, who fans had not forgotten was the stand-in at the beginning of that 1999 season while Donovan McNabb prepared to take over the reins of QB.

Pederson was expected to be Andy Reid Lite, in more ways than the obvious.

One of the first questions he fielded on taking command of the Birds was how he, Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs again mangled the clock management at the end of a playoff game last year. To Eagles' fans, it had all the markings of a certain Super Bowl, when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick stared across the field at Andy Reid and wondered if the scoreboard was correct, if Reid believed his team was winning as the Birds used up precious minutes in a methodical scoring drive.

Pederson's explanation of the Chiefs' travails did not sit well with the fans. He said the team did not want to give the back back to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Belichick must have been having flashbacks to Andy Reid's Eagles squad.

But Pederson has been nothing short of a revelation in his stint as the Birds' boss so far.

This team looks eminently well-coached, prepared for every situation. There is no mangling of the time management. There are few stupid penalties.

Will that pattern continue when the weather - and the schedule - gets decidedly tougher.

We will see.

For now, Carson Wentz is the early leader in the Rookie of the Year race.

The same can be said for his first-year coach. * Check out Jack McCaffery's take on Pederson here.
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