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PennDOT Will Be Repairing Potholes Saturday

Fri, 2014-03-07 15:57
Crews will be working Saturday to repair potholes on state highways in the five-county Philadelphia region.
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Pa. Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.4% in January

Fri, 2014-03-07 15:51
The commonwealth’s unemployment rate is slightly better than the country’s as a whole.
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TRAILER + REVIEW: 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' Best in Show or In the Dog House?

Fri, 2014-03-07 14:54
The new 3D animated release feels like both lots of fun and a big disappointment, right in the same 92 minutes.
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BET vs. CMT: Are Racially Charged Frat Parties Problematic or Just College Kids Having Fun?

Fri, 2014-03-07 14:46
By Deb Belt Racially charged frat parties have been drawing scrutiny across the country. The Kappa Sigma fraternity at D
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Showers tonight give way to tranquil weekend

Fri, 2014-03-07 14:37
An intensifying area of low pressure off the South Caroline coast this morning will move east-northeast into the Atlantic Ocean by tomorrow morning.  The low pressure system will be just close enough to kick off the start of the weekend with periods of
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Gov. Corbett, Mayor Nutter Invited to Vatican

Fri, 2014-03-07 14:07
Corbett and Nutter will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs for the eighth World Meeting of Families.
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Potty Train in 3 Days. Is it Possible?

Fri, 2014-03-07 12:59
Overwhelmed by all the potty training methods out there and just want to be rid of diapers? One mom breaks down the gimmicks to show you what works – and what doesn't.
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Weird Waffle Mashups You've Got to Try

Fri, 2014-03-07 12:28
Leslie Knope would love these waffles, and you will, too.
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Find Open Houses Nearby This Weekend

Fri, 2014-03-07 12:28
See what's showing nearby, courtesy of Zillow.
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Pfizer Recalls Drug After Different Drug Found in Bottle

Fri, 2014-03-07 11:59
An antiarrhythmic drug was found inside a bottle of Effexor XR, the company said.
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Don't Forget to Spring Forward This Weekend

Fri, 2014-03-07 11:35
Many electronic devices, like your cell phone and computer, automatically adjust when Daylight Saving Time begins or ends.
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Should Being Drunk Get You Out of Murder? Family of Slain Girl Fights Wisconsin Law

Fri, 2014-03-07 11:02
By Shannon Antinori Should being drunk be a defense for murder? In Wisconsin, drunkenness can be used as a defense allowing defendants to use "voluntary intoxication" to argue that they were too drunk to form intent. A P
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Facebook, Instagram Crack Down on Gun Sales

Thu, 2014-03-06 21:53
The sites made policy changes after pressure from a gun-control group.
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Trending: Gruesome Discovery in Garage of Foreclosed Home

Thu, 2014-03-06 20:56
Trending on Patch is a category showcasing popular stories from across Patch's network of 900 local news sites.
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Trending: Police Officer Charged With Beating Puppy to Death in Maryland

Thu, 2014-03-06 18:02
Trending on Patch is a category showcasing popular stories from across Patch's network of 900 local news sites.
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Slots Revenue Down Again in Pennsylvania

Thu, 2014-03-06 16:56
Valley Forge was the only Pennsylvania casino to see an increase in slots revenue.
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Trending: Can You Really Get Sued Because Your Wind Chimes Are Too Loud?

Thu, 2014-03-06 16:46
Three East Hollywood residents are suing a neighbor who they say has installed large wind chimes that keep them awake at night.Michelle Buhler could not be reached for comment on the nuisance suit filed by Robin Shorr and Tim and Laura Wild, who
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Winter Fun

Thu, 2014-03-06 16:45
It seemed so simple. A family of four sledding through snow, taking turns, waiting patiently for space to clear at the bottom of a big hill. An ordinary tableau, one unfolding on other snow-laden hills across New Jersey, delighted children and adults
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Superintendent Clarifies Changes to School Calendar

Thu, 2014-03-06 16:41
These changes assume no further weather-related closings this year.
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Friends' Central Junior Heads to the White House for Winning Film

Thu, 2014-03-06 15:33
Friends’ Central Junior Heads to the White House for Winning Film  Daniel Nemroff, a junior at Friends’ Central School, was selected to visit the White House on Friday, February 28, to show his film at the first-ever White House
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