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Glenn Grell Voted to Increase Pennsylvania Debt by $6.3 Billion Taxpayer Dollars – Three Bad Debt Votes

Mon, 2014-05-12 12:10

  Glenn Grell  87th House District Cumberland County

Glenn Grell is not the friend of The Forgotten Taxpayer. 

In the last three years, Glenn Grell   voted YEA three times for more debt to be imposed on Pennsylvania Taxpayers. 

Debt is deferred taxation

In the last three years, the Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor have increased debt by $6,300,000,000 SIX BILLION THREE HUNDRED MILLION. The Republican General Assembly and the Republican Governor are NOT the Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend. Three Capital Budget Acts, Act 130 of 2011 Act 193 of 2012 and Act 69 of 2013, increased Pennsylvanian’s debt burden..

A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer

     Act 130 of 2011   Glenn Grell voted YEA for more debt.

A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer

The House Vote 19 December 2011  on Capital Budget Act 130 of 2011(SB1054) was a vote to increase debt by $2.3 billion.

Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations  .

         Act 193 of 2012 2011 Glenn Grell voted YEA for more debt

A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer

The House Vote 3 October 2012 on Capital Budget Act 193of 2012(sb1480) of 2012 was a vote to increase debt by $2.3 billion

Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations

    Act 69 of 2013  Glenn Grell voted YEA for more debt; every Democrat voted YEA for more debt. 

A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer

The House Vote 1 July 2013 on Capital Budget Act 69 of 2013(SB1002) was a vote to increase debt by $1.75 billion dollars.

Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations


  Pennsylvania Debt “Today, Pennsylvanians owe $121 billion in state and local government debt.  This equates to more than $9,400 for every person, and almost $38,000 for the average family of four in the commonwealth—an increase of $10,300 since 2002. “READ MORE Pennsylvania Debt Commonwealth Foundation 21 March 2012

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The Difference between Tom Corbett and Me — Special Education Funding for Charter School and Cyber Charter School Funding- To Veto or Not To Veto

Mon, 2014-04-28 12:10

I will veto: Tom Corbett will not.

HB 2138 sponsored by Republican Representative Bernie O’Neill, a Bucks County Union Financed Republican and SB 1316 Republican Senator Pat Browne of Lehigh County, a Pileggi Ally and career hack. These bills are driven by the government teachers’ unions, PSEA and AFT.

  It is an outrage that Republican leadership is attempting to cut Special Education funding to Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools: in particular, to reduce funding for Special Education Students. I will not only not reduce funding to Charter Schools and Cyber Charter schools but I will do my best to increase funding.

This issue demonstrates the tremendous difference between Republican (?) Governor Corbett and me. This legislation in the House and Senate right now sponsored by the Governor’s Republican leadership that would cut funding for Special Education Students in half for any student attending a Pennsylvania Charter School.  All that money will be funneled into the already bloated local school districts reserve fund – currently at a combined $3.5 BILLION dollars.  I will veto these bills.  Governor Corbett will not.

I will not placate the demands of the powerful teachers unions and destroy the only public school choice options for every student in Pennsylvania.  And I certainly will not give in to the demands of the teachers union on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society – our 200,000 Special Education students.

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Common Core Rick Santorum versus Tom Corbett

Wed, 2014-04-23 09:55

Tom Corbett’s Department of Education is implementing Common Core, a very expensive program nationalizing education.

While I am no fan of the opportunistic, self-absorbed Rick Santorum, I can’t say he is stupid. When he is right, I have to say he is right. Here Rick Santorum articulates, cogently and clearly, what is wrong with Common Core. READ MORE Townhall 21 April 2014 

  Statist education is inconsistent with education for a free people. Nationalizing education eliminates diversity of ideas and perspectives. E Pluribus Unum.



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TempleU – Billionaire Private Corporation Financed by Millions of The Forgotten Taxpayer Money

Tue, 2014-04-22 09:38

TempleU   TempleU’s new Science and Technology Building

Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Billionaires?  What sense does that make?

Temple University’s annual budget is $3.1 Billion Dollars

In order to pay for the Pension Spike, I propose to eliminate  to eliminate Welfare to Wealthy including $139, 917,000 that The Forgotten Taxpayer is forced to give to TempleU.

Giving millions to billionaire private corporations which are both tax-exempt and legally non-profit seems without merit or even against common sense.

Very glitzy and glamorous billionaire, TempleU, is it not? Whoopi Goldberg is an invited guest.

Does TempleU look like it needs more taxpayer  money?

The president’s salary alone is $450,000 and total compensation includes benefits. It is difficult to see why struggling taxpayers should be forced to finance the salary of the 1%.  The non-profit and tax-exempt TempleU hospital is paying some breathtaking salaries, too.

“[TempleU] is trying to build its football program into a nationally known brand and there are even plans to build a new on-campus football stadium.”  Exactly why is The Forgotten Taxpayer financing football?

Giving millions to billionaire private, tax-exempt corporations,  very profitable non-profits technically and legally non-profits, seems without merit or even against common sense.


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Penn State’s Billions – Welfare to the Wealthy

Mon, 2014-04-14 12:55

Penn State’s “For the Future” exceeds goal, raises $2.158 billion in private support Since its launch January 1, 2007,Penn State becomes one of 12 public U.S. universities to exceed a $2 billion campaign goal   READ MORE Penn State News April 12, 2014

Every year the Republican General Assembly transfers about 1/4 billion dollars of taxpayer money to Penn State, a private corporation with tax-exempt and non-profit privileges and an annual budget of $4.2 billion dollars a year and an endowment of more than $2 Bbillion.


Penn State is one of five politically favored private corporations with both tax-exempt and non-profit status. Does sending millions of dollars to billionaires make sense to you?

It infuriates this Forgotten Taxpayer.  Government dependency is corrosive whether to individuals or to billionaire private corporations. 

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Not This Republican — The Power To Tax and the Power To Destroy Part 2

Thu, 2014-04-10 10:16
  Republicans join the call for tax on Marcellus drillers

Not this Republican. The Republican Governor and Republican General Assembly targeted Marcellus Shale with the deceptively named “Impact Fee”.

Marcellus Shale is non-union.

When an initiative is led by Union financedProgressive” Tom Murt, you know it is a union idea. Republican (?) Tom Murt is allied and funded by BucksCo Union Republican (?) Gene DiGirolamo. 

“The Power to tax involves the power to destroy”. When one business is singled out, then any business can be targeted and no business is safe from the General Assembly’s avarice. More power to the General Assembly means fewer resources for individual citizens to pursue happiness in the way they choose. Giving more money and more power to the General Assembly is not a good idea. That’s an understatement.

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Common Core – Unity Is Not Uniformity

Thu, 2014-04-10 09:23

  I will not impose Common Core on Pa. schools.  The reasons to oppose Common Core are too numerous to enumerate here. I am opposed and as chief executive, I intend to expand school choice by expanding Education Improvement Tax Credits and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credits and to reduce obstacles to building charter schools and cyber schools. Personnel is policy and Gov. Corbett has appointed a Sec. of Education and has empowered the Pa. Dept of Education to impose this very expensive mandate.

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Pennsylvania’s Budget and the Power To Tax and To Destroy Part 1

Thu, 2014-04-10 09:21

The power to tax involves the power to destroy. I want to be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. It is feasible to reduce spending. I will not sign any budget that spends more than revenue. I will not sign any budget or any Appropriations Act that spends more, in nominal terms, than preceding year. 

 Perhaps the most important thing taxpayers should know is that the state has been spending more than it collects in revenue for six straight years. Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget would make that a seventh year. “Commonwealth Foundation 24 February 2014  and Auditor General DePasquale warns of municipal tax increases and bankruptcies

Acts 10A to 14A spend 1/2 Bbillion dollars on five politically favored multi-billion private corporations that already have the benefit of being tax-exempt. This is corporate cronyism or Welfare to the Wealthy. The Forgotten Taxpayer cannot afford this and these universities are costing the taxpayer too much.

Almost $1.2 Bbillion in subsidies and tax credits to politically connected, multi-millionaire corporations can be eliminated. Lower taxes for all.

  No increase in capital budget which increase debt, which is deferred taxation, by billions. In the last three years, the Republican Governor with a complicit Republican General Assembly voted to increase debt by $6.3 Bbillion

Mega Multi-billion Comcast received $30 million in cash subsidy and $4.5 billion in job creation tax credits. The business aristocracy does well.

There are many more cuts that I am sure can be made. The Governor has a line item veto. Article IV Section 16.

I want to be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. I am able and willing to veto bills that spend more than revenue, to end corporate cronyism. I am able and more than willing to say “NO” to more spending.

We trust citizens to vote. Why would we not trust the same citizens to spend their money as they think best and to send their kids to the schools they think meet their kids’ needs?

I think this is a message that will appeal to Kennedy Democrats. 

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Guns and PICS – Redundant, Expensive and Republican

Sun, 2014-04-06 08:13

Kim Stolfer makes salient points that Pennsylvania’s background check system (PICS –Pennsylvania Instant Check System) for purchase of firearms in Pennsylvania is redundant, expensive, less reliable than the national instant system (NICS). This system was, and continues to be, imposed by Republicans Governor and a Republican General Assembly.

One wonders why the Republican Administration and the Republican General Assembly maintains an expensive, inefficient and duplicative system.

May I ask what vendor has the contract for PICS?


Pennsylvania Constitution Article I Section 21 

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

This language is contained in the Pennasylvania Constitution of 1776. The original 1776 Constitutional provision was modified in the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1790 and the words have not changed since 1790.

Guns should not be in hands of felons or mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves or others. We do not need more laws. The police and the Courts need to enforce the many gun laws we do have.

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