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Ardmore Today

Lower Merion Township commissioners have approved an Ardmore Redevelopment Plan, which calls for the taking, by eminent domain, of private, successful, family-owned businesses, demolition of historic buildings, and construction of a 6-story parking garage and 6-to-8 story commercial development. This would destroy the character of the early-20th-century Ardmore business district.

The Save Ardmore Coalition is working within the system to make sure that our entire township is protected from eminent domain abuse, bad planning, historic structure demolition, and out-of-scale, unnecessary developer-driven projects. We want all Lower Merion township residents to know that not only historic Ardmore is threatened with demolition. Bryn Mawr, Wynnewood, and every town that has a transit station is vulnerable to a new piece of Pennsylvania law called TRID - Transit Revitalization Investment Districts. The purpose of SAC is to mobilize the citizens and businesses of Lower Merion, to restore community input to the redevelopment process.

Use This Site to Help Save Ardmore

1. Get up to speed. When it comes to community development, knowledge is power. We've boiled down the issues to make them clear. SAC members help you understand the redevelopment process, important laws, and where citizens views can help guide the outcome.

2. Look around the community. Get a feel for Ardmore's eclectic environs, which we could lose if we don't pay attention. Use our photo profile of the businesses targeted for "redevelopment," and see how we can preserve the local character AND improve the business climate.

3. Decide what's right for our towns. Compare the Township's big-bang redevelopment approach to SAC's proposals for smarter growth. Read what the Urban Land Institute recommends for Ardmore. And remember, it's not just Ardmore, every town near a public-transit line faces the same threat.

4. Take action. Save Ardmore Coalition needs you! Visit our Get Involved section to make a contribution, get on the e-mail list, and learn how you can take part in this grassroots effort to focus the Township on a smart plan for revitalizing our community.

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