MUST We Discuss This Again?

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MUST we discuss this yet again? As a point of discussion, why does MUST keep getting discussed and might be reopened yet again over a project that now no one knows if it will ever even break ground? How are we supposed to embrace MUST if we have to keep tailoring one ordinance for what seems like one project? How do we know if MUST will even work if nothing gets built?
Main Line Life: Mahoney's plans are put on hold
By:Cheryl Allison 12/14/2006

There was a flurry of interest in Ardmore in recent days, when developer Tim Mahoney's proposed Cricket Club condominium project turned up on a planning commission agenda - especially because it was listed with a recommendation for denial.

But a hearing of the plans was tabled when Mahoney gave the township more time to review them. And for now, the project that some have seen as the linchpin for private development to revitalize the town remains on hold.

"I don't know how long it's going to take, or if it's ever going to happen," the Ardmore-based developer said in one response to questions about the project this week. But in a further conversation, he said he is "still optimistic" it will work. "We're spending a lot of time, and so is the township, to make this a win-win situation."

The Cricket Club project, located on Cricket Terrace and adjacent to Schauffele Plaza in the heart of Ardmore, has been seen as the model for development under the township's new MUST, or Mixed-Use Special Transit District zoning, adopted for an area around the Ardmore Train Station.

But even as the MUST ordinance was adopted and then amended, after repeated public debates, Mahoney was telling township officials it does not work for his project

...Mahoney said he has actually submitted two plans, one for a six-story building and one for seven stories, both with an additional penthouse level. He has asked the township to permit the penthouse to be set back only on the two primary frontages, Cricket Terrace and Schauffele Plaza, rather than on all sides. That would allow the unit to be larger and economically feasible, he said in the interview.

...Mahoney confirmed that he has met with some township commissioners and staff members to discuss limitations of MUST, but he said the talks have not been focused solely on his project...

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