Carmine's Creole Moves To Bryn Mawr....and other SAC Table Hopping

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CARMINE'S IS IN BRYN MAWR...BUT, IT IS NO LONGER A BYOB!!!!!The plus side is they will now have JAZZ and how great is that?!!

Table Talk | Carmine's makes another move, to Bryn Mawr
By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist

New Orleans native John Mims has spent the last few days wading through a sea of people at his newly relocated Carmine's Creole Cafe & Blues, now open at 818 W. Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr (610-520- 9100).

Then again, he used to wade through a sea of people in each of Carmine's two previous incarnations: a former deli in Havertown (1999 through early 2004) and a former house in Narberth (from early 2004 through late '06). But these were small venues, seating about 40.

The bar has been raised in Bryn Mawr. Literally. Mims has a liquor license at his 70-seater. Bands have a small spot in the window and play each night (Tuesdays through Sundays). Carol Moog was there last weekend, and is due there tomorrow and Saturday.

Mims' Creole menu is still shaking out, but most entrees are about the same as they were in Narberth ($18 to $22); there's also a bar menu.

This of course, is GREAT news for Bryn Mawr, which is suddenly abuzz with new restaurant flavors- A Vietnamese Restaurant opened in Bryn Mawr called Ha Long Bay, 816 W. Lancaster Ave.,Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 610-525-8883.

According to, it's a hit. According to Michael Klein in an article from September, 2006 Phi Lam, who owns Beijing Inn at 812 Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr, won't have to travel far to his new restaurant: He is behind Ha Long Bay at 816 Lancaster Ave. (610-525-8883). It's a moderate-priced Vietnamese BYOB, open daily for lunch and dinner. Fortunately for Ha Long Bay, people are lining up around the block to get in. Maybe Mr. Lam will take the hint and do something about Beijing Inn, because quite frankly, it is always empty and the food is gross.

Then again, most of us are spolied when it comes to excellent Chinese food because the bar is set so high by our darling and beloved Betty Foo at HuNan Restaurant in ARDMORE!

Have you been to HuNan lately???? Yum, yum, yum!!!!

In other Delectable Dining News, the rumor that Wayne and Main Line favorite, Mayuree Café appears to be true: they have a new location!!!!

As per our reliable sources,as well as Main Line Restaurant Guide says:

Wayne’s Mayuree Cafe, home of the greatest thai red curry sauce this side of Bangkok, is set to close as of 1/15/07, apparently kicked out so that the mediocre Great American Pub can expand. What a sad day for Wayne.

The good news, however, is that they will be moving to a spot in the Devon Lanes building, hopefully opening around April. This obviously will not generate nearly as much traffic as the Wayne location, but hopefully they will do well enough to stick around. I’d hate to think I could never have that red curry again.

Wayne is now apparently experiencing a Restaurant Regression. Wayne is now one big pub except for perennial, albeit noisy favorite Teresa’s Cafe.

If you don't like burgers, pizza or beer, or loud bars, you are pretty much S.O.L. in Wayne now...bummer.

Now to really add fuel to the fire, we're going to ask if anyone has dined at Fellini in Berwyn/Paoli, totally seperate from the Ardmore Fellini?? Go. It is so much better than the Ardmore Fellini. The Ardmore Fellini continues to pack them in because people must be accustomed to abuse and games. Seriously, the games with the wait, not sharing mountain of food it would take a sane human being a week to eat and so on - it is so passé.

The Fellini owned by Frankie in Berwyn/Paoli is great, and Frankie the owner is a familiar face- Frank ("Frankie") Chiavaroli, who is also a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and owned Frankie's Seafood Italiano in Philadelphia...Main Line Restaurant Guide's write up can be found here.

We want to wind up with a note about Main Line Restaurant Guide - it is pretty cool, even if they have not written up Hu Nan - check it out :

Ok, it's lunch time and we're hungry....can't beat Bella Italia for a slice!!! YUM!!!!

Maybe if the retail/commercial rents were more reasonable in Ardmore, and the township were more reasonable, Ardmore would have a restaurant renaissance, eh? But apparently we can pay via taxpayer dollars for procey outside retail consultants, not see any discernible progress, and that's o.k.???

Good thing there's things like First Friday...and oh, us of course!

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