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Wow...the revolution against unwelcome development continues in yet another community in our region--we received an e-mail today that said in part:

Just wondered if you had seen anything on the movement in Delaware County to protest a big new development at the Franklin Mint site in Wawa. This is our old home area -- There are signs all over for an organization called Save Middletown. Their message is No City! They have a web site at

So naturally....we have gone and taken a, from, in their own words:

Save Middletown Township!

**E-mail to join our mailing list and keep apprised of any breaking news.***

The developer purchased the Franklin Mint Site fully understanding its zoning and the uses which are permitted under our laws. So what is it, exactly, that the developer knowingly purchased?

They own a site zoned for “Special Use and R1 Residential” which means that they can build any of the following:

- Office Buildings & Campus
- 1-acre residential lots (only ~20% of the site)
- Scientific Research Lab
- Light Manufacturing Facility
- Dairy Operation
- Outdoor and Indoor Recreation Facilities
- Conference Ctr. with Mtg Facilities for Associations & Organizations
- School (Nursery through Senior High)
- Day Care Center
- Communication Antennas

In addition this site consists of 20%-30% “Steep Slopes” which cannot be developed for anything.....It is important to note that ZERO retail use or high density residential is permitted on this site.

This web site is dedicated to preserving the essential character and ambience of Middletown Township as has been faced with the threat of a CITY being built within its borders. We invite all citizens of Middletown to post their thoughts here concerning this. We will keep this website current as the developer presents new plans and the Township council reacts to them. The Township council needs your help and support to uphold our zoning laws.

This site makes it easy to communicate with the Council and your neighbors by sending copies of your comments to them as well (E-mail or see )

Below is a summary of what had been proposed for the Franklin Mint Site. This proposal was defeated by your expressed concern to Township Council. Nice Job Everyone!!!

The plan for "Town Center" at the Franklin Mint site with a commercial shopping center larger than the Granite Run Mall, an office complex larger than the present Franklin Mint Building and 1300 townhouses, apartments, and a 300 room hotel and conference center would have been squeezed on an area not much different than the Granite Run Mall itself. Where the Granite Run Mall has 6,000 parking spaces, this city would have required almost 13,000 parking spaces to serve it properly. The total floor space proposed would have been equivalent to about three and one half Granite Run Malls on one site.

The formerly proposed concept plan is illegal as it does not conform to existing zoning law in Middletown Township. The Township Council had the power to stop this project immediately simply by telling the developer that this proposal was not in the best interest of the residents of Middletown. And thanks to a groundswell of community opposition to the CITY, Council has done just that!

The Township Council is composed of seven of our fellow residents who have been duly elected. They are thoughtful, well intentioned people who are experienced and sophisticated in evaluating developments. What do you want them to do? This website is your opportunity to make your thoughts and feelings known

The developer also intends to purchase (if he hasn’t already done so) the rest of the land from the Franklin Mint Site, north to rt. 452. If zoning laws are abandoned now, who is to stop the developer from using this expanse of land to build big box stores and tens of thousands of town houses?JANUARY 8th COUNCIL MTG.:
At the 1.08 Township meeting, Council approved funding for Tom Committa, a land planner, to prepare a “yield plan” for the Franklin Mint Site. A yield plan is an analysis of what sort of development can take place on a property given its zoning and taking into account environmental constraints such as steep slopes and wetlands. Council anticipates that a yield plan will take about a month to develop, at which time Council stated that they will have a “Town Meeting” where they will discuss the yield plan and solicit residents’ comments. Council declined to rule out a zoning change to retail and high density residential on this site.

Next Council Meeting:
February 26, 2007
Will the yield plan analysis be on the agenda?

Small donations are being accepted by the Wawa Farms Civic Association
161 Valley Rd., Media, PA 19063

Talented individuals are needed in the areas of PR, Marketing, Politics, Communications, and Engineering - We can use any skill that you have to offer!

Contact us for more information

Just Say No!
(A little more explicitly, please)

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