On Superbowl Sunday, Tweet Good Wishes @ Ardmore Born Bernard Pierce

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Former Lower Merion Commissioner Ora Pierce was beloved by so many. Her legacy lives on and somewhere today up in heaven she is smiling because today her daughter Tammy's son Bernard plays in the Superbowl. Bernard is a running back for the Baltimore Ravens - there is even chatter he is Superbowl MVP material.

We were kind of surprised that there has not been that much media hype on a guy who hails from Lower Merion Township and Ardmore. We're thinking move over Kobe Bryant, truthfully.

It is nice to see Ardmore represented in the Superbowl, since he is a native son in the Super Bowl, if you are on Twitter, send Ora Pierce's grandson Bernard a big shout out - he is @BPierce_30

Just because Philadelphia media has a slight fixation on a certain quarterback, it doesn't mean we can't show the hometown guy a little pre-Super Bowl love. If you can use the following hashtags: #ardmore #ravens

Interesting to note that the New York Times has something on Ardmore's own today, but not the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Main Line Media News has shown the love and their latest is here:

From Ardmore to Super Bowl: residents show their love for Ravens'
Bernard Peirce

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2013

By Pete Bannan

West Spring Avenue neighbors turned out to support one of their own, Ardmore’s Bernard Pierce who plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Ricky Spady, Peirce’s uncle was heading to New Orleanes to watch his nephew play in Super Bowl 47.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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