So Lower Merion Township, Will He Stay or Will He Go Now?

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So happy news today is Jenny Brown will seek re-election. Bruce Reed won't be pleased but is he ever?

But that is not really what this post is about.

This post is about a rumor flying around Lower Merion Township. Might as well just come out with it and see what happens, right?

Recently, it was announced that Assistant Township Manager Patricia Ryan was retiring this coming May 31st.

And over the course of the last few days the scuttlebutt has been very interesting and the ensuing speculation amusing.

So is he or isn't he?

Is Doug Cleland also contemplating retirement? Around January 2014?

It would somehow mean an odd amount of sense given the time frame of his last contract that was piggy and distinctly unpopular right? Isn't that bit of municipal pork-fest up in 2014?

Anyway, I just thought I would put it out many people are whispering about it, might as well ask flat out: Doug Cleland are you retiring? Seeking greener pastures? What is the dealio? If you retire can we hope some of those commissioners you are so kissy face with with also follow suit?

(I predict a lot of "no comments". Of course if he is retiring maybe residents should ask for a parking garage on the Bernicker lot or whatever that lot is on the other side of the townhip building? His view would no longer be blocked, right?)

File under rumor mill and also file under hope for Lower Merion.

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Well, it's not as if he can't afford to retire in luxury with what our tax dollars pay him.

Who knows, but I am watching a couple of situations with the township and regardless of outcome I will have a lot to say about them, and Cleland is ultimately responsible whether he stays or goes.

Why is Cleland so good at what he does? Because is very good at covering-up township incompetence - and the commissioners love this, as opposed to seeking accountability.

All is not well in Lower Merion (but we already know that) and the coming months should be interesting on several fronts.


Brotherhood of Thieves ~ As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

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