A "First Class" Township Should Be Able To Fix Their Roads the Right Way....The FIRST Time

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Poor Commissioner Zelov is not going to like this post. But since he doesn't exactly respond to e-mails consistently expeditiously, this will be a gentle reminder to him that folks do pay attention to screwy things in his ward, and that they all can't be fluffed over.

Below are two photos. Of the storm drain at the corner of Haverford Station Road and Lancaster Avenue in Haverford where the TD Bank is. Photos number 1 is the storm drain as of this week - please note LOTS of school buses go over this. Second photo is from 2010 - SAME spot.

At that time I told both Scott Zelov and the Township that there was erosion underneath the road bed - like a sinkhole. They seemed to pretty much repair what we could see from the road and not much more.

It took weeks and weeks to get them to fix this last time. If some school bus or mini-van SUV mommy gets into this the wrong way and say drops an axle, the liability issues for Lower Merion Township will be enormous. After all, Lower Merion "improved" the road there by making the once illegal right hand turn and pass thru lane legal, and it sees a LOT of cars EVERY day.

They need to learn to fix things right the first time. Lower Merion is a First Class Township with no class roads.

Week of April 1, 2013:

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Same issue, same spot, 2010. Note holes in street like swiss cheese - everything underneath it was washed out:

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