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Oh my! The texts and voice mails and e-mails are POURING in. DOUG CLELAND HAS ANNOUNCED HIS RETIREMENT! Apparently he is a done duck as of January 31st. Don't mean to be un-Christian but this is the best news I have heard out of Lower Merion in a long time. One question: what will Liz Rogan do without her boss?

Don't believe me? It is on Main Line Media News already

Lower Merion Township Manager Douglas Cleland announces retirement

Published: Tuesday, September 03, 2013
By Cheryl Allison

Hmmmm first Pat Ryan (the assistant township manager who was an extraordinarily nice woman), then Jane Dellheim, now Doug Cleland? Wonder who will be next?

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Has anyone asked Radnor's Township Manager (Robert Zienkowski) if he knows any folks he'd recommend to Lower Merion Township's Search Committee to consider for the opening created by Douglas Cleland's departure?    

Zienkowski might have a more realistic perspective on salary levels and retirement packages for the position of Township Manager than has been demonstrated by Mr. Cleland and many members of the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners who have approved his salary and retirement benefits over many years, thereby making the Lower Merion Township Manager's salary, alone, higher than the Mayor of Philadelphia's and the Governor of PA's.

Radnor Township manager asks to opt out of retirement plan

By Linda Stein

"In a proposal, which the Board of Commissioners tabled Monday night, Zienkowski offered to leave the municipal non-uniformed employees’ pension plan as of Jan. 1, 2014. If approved by the commissioners, the township would give Zienkowski $7,500 in a one-time payment and would also return to him the money that he’s contributed to the fund since his hiring in 2010. Money contributed by the state and township on his behalf would remain in the fund. The change would save the township $34,000 a year. Long term savings would be $473,853, according to township records. Zienkowski will be eligible for retirement in 2022.

Zienkowski, whose annual salary is $182,000, said that he wanted to help the township with its ongoing underfunded retirement plan, as outlined in information provided by the Citizens’ Audit Review & Financial Advisory Committee (CARFAC).

“Changes have to be made,” said Zienkowski. “And to me, it starts at the top, shifting the burden to me and not to the township.”

Zienkowski said that currently the township administration is negotiating with the Radnor Association of Township Employees because the contract will be up at the end of 2012. That union represents about 50 employees.

Zienkowski said that it would be helpful to offer a defined contribution plan for retirements, rather than the defined benefit plan now in force."

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