Viking Pastries gets a Food Network "Save My Bakery" Makeover

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With all the nastiness in Lower Merion Township and the constant misery inflicted upon Ardmore by Lower Merion Township every time they say they want to "improve" something, once again something people and small business driven (or "organic") takes center stage. And as someone who grew up going to Viking Pastries I am so happy they have the center spotlight in a story that to me is holiday wonderful.

Main Line Times: Food Network giving Viking Pastries a makeover; big reveal Thursday Published: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Drive by Viking Pastries in Ardmore today and you just might see the contractors giving the bakery a facelift. Why? Because the bakery, located at 39 Cricket Avenue, is the subject of one of The Food Network's shows in an upcoming season

Image and video hosting by TinyPic At first when I saw this it was all via the Ardmore Initiative on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Because I live in Chester County now I thought they had done this for Viking Pastries, but they were just talking about it - much the way I would have if I was still living there. I kept seeing things pop up about #allaboutardmore #LowerMerion #Ardmore so I called up some of my friends and they told me the fabulous news: that Viking Pastries had applied to be on the Food Network/Cooking Channel Show Save My Bakery! This is a show I actually have seen and they did a makeover on an NJ bakery called DiBartolo Bakery in Collingswood NJ. The host is a pastry chef named Kerry Vincent. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Anyway, this is so awesome! Couldn't happen to nicer people! Viking Pastries is always generous with the community, so I hope you will remember that and visit them and other Main Street Ardmore businesses this holiday season (as in not just patronize the chain store over at Suburban Square.)




Viking Pastries of Ardmore to be featured in 'Save My Bakery' on Food Network Published: Friday, December 13, 2013 By Cheryl Allison

Main Line Media News Photos Filming was taking a little longer than expected, but groups of eager Ardmore residents kept arriving on Cricket Avenue, waiting for the “big reveal” of Viking Pastries’ new look. The bakery, which has operated in Ardmore for more than 50 years, will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Save My Bakery”... (photo at right of film crew filming is by Main Line Media New)

Now as long as Sarah Lockard doesn't hit them up for free food on Christmas Eve they should be good to go!

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This is all well and good. However it's the ingredients that count. I will continue to buy bakery products from Whole Foods till bakeries start posting that they are ONLY using natural ingredients. I'm not paying top dollar for Duncan Hines.

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Steve Joslin

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