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Joined: 2005-10-13 :14

"Bring them Home"

Sometimes one photograph is worth a 1000 words. Today we have a few of those photographs. Today our lives were disrupted again as President Bush came to town to "help". Who was he helping other then the Republican Party? Usually, we don't say much about this garbage, but today, today was enough. This year in suburbia, it is all local races. And in Lower Merion, none are particularly exciting. Maybe W was stopping in Radnor after to help the dinosaurs in power? Who knows?

All we do know is that these visits aren't for the everyday American, more like the top 2 percent who will venture outside their McMansions to fork over silly amounts of money that could feed and clothe the poor, the elderly, the homeless for a good while. With all this money wasted today, how many kids could get healthcare, or adults in need for that matter?

This area is probably going into a recession if it isn't here already, and at the end of today what will this presidential fly by cost the taxpayers locally and nationwide? What will war have cost all of us in the end? And we're not saying that because we aren't supportive of our military because we do support our men and women in the military. All we're thinking out loud is what most of this country is thinking about now: is it all worth it? Are all those American lives lost worth it? Should we still be there?

Politics as usual is boring. Good for these protestors who peacefully made their points. And a good percentage of the protestors were senior citizens some of us noticed. Senior citizens.

Well, for all those of the conspicuous consumption set, we hope the rubber chicken and photo op was worth it.

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