Ardmore! Ugly Carwash / Gas Station Alert! 4/17/08!

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2008-04-17 7:15 pm
2008-04-17 9:35 pm

(and other fun stuff. Don't be a slacker attend this meeting!)

from regarding the CVS on Lancaster and the Exxon Station at Woodside and Montgomery

Zoning Hearing Board
Date: 4/17/2008 7:15 PM Location: Township Administration Bldg - 2nd Floor Board Room
75 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003-2323

Appeal No. 4090

Applicant: 200 W. Montgomery Ave. Ardmore, LLC
Property: 116 W Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003
(Election District #4). R 7 Residence District

This is a continuation of a hearing from 2-7-08. The applicant proposes to remove two fueling islands, and a rear portion of the gas service station building, eliminate all service bays and convert to a gas/retail convenience store and construct a one-bay rear car wash within the building near the railroad bridge and seeks the following relief: 1) A special exception under §155-99 B to expand the nonconforming service station/retail use by not more that 25%, or alternatively, a variance from §155-99 C to change the nonconforming service station/retail use to a gas/retail convenience store and accessory car wash use, 2) A variance from §155-114 D(1) to allow paving and parking in the front yard setback, and 3) A variance from §155-114 D(2) to allow paving, parking, queuing, and a driveway within the required buffer and provide a buffer area less than 20' wide.

Appeal No. 4129

Applicant: CVS/Signature Sign, Inc
Property: 1226 Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
(Election District #10). C 2 Commercial District

The applicants are appealing the decision of the Zoning Officer denying a sign permit to replace an existing freestanding sign with a freestanding sign containing an electronic message center display. The applicants seek a determination that the sign can be replaced as a matter of right; or alternatively, they seek a variance from §155-93 K to permit the new sign with electronically controlled copy changes.

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