Rally for Ardmore: Saturday November 8th 2014, 3:30 to 4 PM

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Got another note from Sharon Eckstein that I'd like to pass on:

Thank you to all who attended the rally on November 1. We so appreciate your willingness to speak up and show your opposition to the proposed Cricket lot development. WE need your help if we are to protect our community from out-of-scale development and state financed private development. Here are 3 things we ask you to do:

ATTEND THE RALLY SATURDAY NOV. 8 3:30-4:00 PM - Our recent rally was a huge success- over 90 people attended despite the rain and the cold. We were joined by State Rep. reg Vitali and LM Commissioners Jenny Brown, Brian Gordon and Lew Gould. We received TV coverage from NBC and press coverage from the Main Line Times. WE know many people were unable to join us this past Saturday due to the inclement weather so we are meeting again this Saturday. Please come and bring your family and friends! Please attend if you were not there last week AND if you were there! Continued attention to this misguided project is critical if we are to succeed in opposing it.

LETTER TO PA OFFICE OF BUDGET - Attached is a letter to Mr. Charles Zogby, secretary of the PA office of the budget, requesting withdrawal of state RACP funding for this project. Please print out this letter, add your name and address to the top right corner, sign it and mail it to Mr. Zogby. Also, please mail me a copy of your signed letter. i will then present all signed letters to the LM Board of Commissioners and to Greg Vitali. My address: Sharon Eckstein 35 Simpson Rd Ardmore, PA 19003

SPEAK AT LM BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING WEDNESDAY NOV. 19th - Come to the November Meeting and speak out against the project during public comment/public privilege of the floor. The meeting is held at the LM Township building and starts at 7 PM.

Your voice does matter. Your actions make a difference. Thank you!

PA Budget Letter

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