2015 Voter's Guide: Ward 13 (Brian McGuire)

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1. What is one thing you would like to see changed in Lower Merion Township? Please explain how you will work to effectuate that change.

Brian McGuire: Passage of a storm water authority so the township can more effectively and equitably improve our storm water management capacity, focusing on improving water quality and utilizing more natural best practices. I have been one of the leading advocates on the board for this and look forward to acting upon the recommendations of the task force we appointed earlier in the year.

2. Does Lower Merion Township have any responsibility to maintain, protect or create affordable housing? What do you propose should be done to foster housing diversity in Ardmore and other parts of the township?

Brian McGuire: Yes. There is a lot that we can do on a number of fronts. I think we should include more far reaching recommendations in the comprehensive plan and look toward our zoning and land use codes to make affordable housing a more integral part of private residential development plans in the future.

3. What are your thoughts about the use of state taxpayer monies for private development?

Brian McGuire: Taxpayer money should only be used for improvements that benefit the general public, including business district revitalization and economic development. Public private partnerships can be an appropriate means to achieve public goals.

4. Many Township residents are experiencing forced densification of their neighborhoods. What are your thoughts about increased density in the Township? Do you see the need for greater density in certain neighborhoods? Please explain fully.

Brian McGuire: In general, increased density is not a goal I would share. I believe, however, that it makes sense from a planning perspective for appropriately formed and scaled apartments and mixed use developments to be focused on areas near our train stations and within our local business districts.

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