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The Save Ardmore Coalition has taken a stand - fighting the misappropriation of public funds and challenging the Board of Commissioners to consider the issues of out of scale development in Ardmore and its consequences.

We published a 2015 Voter’s Guide so you know where the candidates stand on issues important to us.

Today is the beginning of our fall fundraising drive and we need your help.

We need contributions for the legal fees that we are incurring to stop the misuse of tax dollars. Our lawsuit is expensive.

Our goal this November is 100 x $100. We need 100 members to contribute $100 each or pay it forward for two, four or more members. Or pay what can by going to our PayPal link:

We also need volunteers; we can't do it alone:

We need people to make phone calls to get the word out about the Save Ardmore Coalition.

Critical things are at stake:

After the Township Comprehensive Plan is passed, there will be changes made to the zoning code that will have long lasting impact.

Did you know that increasing the density of our neighborhoods is pushing long time residents out of their apartments and homes?

We are changing the terms of debate in this Township. We are introducing a perspective that is fresh and challenging.

The Save Ardmore Coalition matters. Our membership is growing and influence spreading. I’m excited about the future. Be a part of this great movement.

If you haven’t already made a contribution, you can use our PayPal link at or by mail to

Save Ardmore Coalition
PO Box 453
Ardmore, PA 19003

With your support, we will continue to make a difference in Ardmore and Lower Merion Township. Contact me for your availability to be a part of our planning committee.


Philip Browndeis
Save Ardmore Coalition

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