SAC to fight 'misappropriation of $10.5 million in public funds' in Harrisburg Monday

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Our Letter To The Editor was published in the Main Line Times earlier this week:

To the Editor:

Next week, the Save Ardmore Coalition will continue its fight in the Commonwealth Court to stop the misappropriation of $10.5 million in public funds. Lower Merion Township is attempting to divert this obscene amount of taxpayer dollars from the redevelopment of the Ardmore Train Station to instead build an eight story luxury apartment building on the Cricket Lot in Ardmore, PA.

Across the state, school districts are borrowing money to stay open and non-profits are cutting services during the state budget impasse. More than likely, our state sales and income taxes will increase to close the gap. Meanwhile, millionaire developer, Carl Dranoff, is going to court to demand that that the government provide him with taxpayer money for his luxury apartment project in one of the wealthiest townships in Pennsylvania. He does so with the support of Governor Wolf, the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority, and Lower Merion Township.

The Save Ardmore Coalition asserts that the $10.5 million is solely for the redevelopment of the Ardmore Train Station. No luxury residential development in the Lower Merion Township should be the beneficiary of these taxpayer dollars and to our knowledge no other developer in the Township has made the same demands.

The Township Comprehensive Plan approved by the Board of Commissioners recognizes that “many people only discover a lack of available affordable housing in their community when their children cannot afford to live in the same community in which they were raised.” It is shameless that while affordable rental apartments become scarce in the Lower Merion for moderate income residents, the Board of Commissioners supports the diversion of taxpayer dollars from the Ardmore Train Station to subsidize the construction of luxury apartments in the Township.


Philip Browndeis


Save Ardmore Coalition

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