Urgent! Contact State Senator Daylin Leach. And get your email out to the Senator tonight.

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We lost the first round of our fight in Commonwealth Court, but it’s not over until we say it’s over.

Today I received some good news. I have been told by a reliable source that Governor Wolf might reconsider the RACP funding for the Dranoff Project if he is absolutely certain that our State Representative and Senator support rescission of the funding. State Representative Greg Vitali has always opposed state funding, but State Senator Daylin Leach has not publicly stated his position. Please contact State Senator Daylin Leach to let him know that Governor Wolf should reverse course and cancel the RACP grant to millionaire developer, Carl Dranoff. It is shameless that while school district across the state are forced to borrow money and non-profits are closing because of the loss of funding, the State is financing the construction of a luxury apartment building in Lower Merion Township.

You can call his office at 610.768.4200 and email him at senatorleach@pasenate.com.

Please send him the following email:

Subject Line: Tell Governor Wolf to rescind the RACP funding for the Cricket Lot Project

Dear Senator Leach,

It is unacceptable to me that the State is providing $10.5 million to millionaire developer, Carl Dranoff to build a luxury apartment building in Lower Merion Township, while school districts across the state are forced to borrow money and non-profits are closing during the state budget impasse. I am one of the many residents of Lower Merion Township who have long opposed this project and supported the lawsuit by the Save Ardmore Coalition. The taxpayers should not fund the construction of a luxury apartment building on the Cricket Lot in the wealthiest township in Pennsylvania. Please contact Governor Wolf and ask him to immediately rescind the RACP funding for this project.

Thank you for all your support and assistance.


Philip Browndeis
Save Ardmore Coalition

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