D.A. Risa Sez Sokoloff No "Spenser For Hire"?

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Sooooo....remember a while, a long while ago there was this guy going postal on camera on local TV? The guy was a deputy constable in Montgomery County? Well it was this guy named Sokoloff, and his wife Julie ran and was elected constable of Lower Merion around a few years ago, and wasn't he then appointed deputy after she got in or something?

...well here's an update:

Ex-Montco constable scrutinized
Steven David Sokoloff is seeking a private investigator's license.
By Kathleen Brady Shea
Inquirer Staff Writer

Despite support from two lawmakers, an ousted Lower Merion Township deputy constable hit a hurdle yesterday in his attempt to obtain a private investigator's license.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman filed a petition naming Steven David Sokoloff, 57, of Ardmore, as a person who "lacks the good character, integrity, honesty and competence required for a private investigator license."

Sokoloff's attorney, Mark S. Pearlstein, said his client is being unfairly targeted.

"First, they decide they don't want him to make a living as a constable, and now they don't want him to make a living as a private investigator," Pearlstein said.

Ferman said her main reason for objecting to Sokoloff's license is that he does not meet the criteria for law enforcement experience. Secondarily, she said, he lacks the appropriate character. "He behaves a lot like a bully; I don't want to see a bully with a badge."

Ferman's petition details multiple complaints about Sokoloff, which culminated in an agreement that he resign in October in exchange for not being prosecuted for "official oppression."

Sokoloff first attracted the attention of authorities on Sept. 12 when he handcuffed Dennis Crilly, the sales manager of a Norristown car dealership, in front of customers for failure to pay a $150 parking ticket.

Although Crilly said that he did not own the business and that the ticket was issued to a customer, Sokoloff refused to release him, court records said, adding that Sokoloff also ignored a call from a county detective, who said the warrant was defective......He said Crilly, the brother-in-law of Castor's campaign manager, could have paid a fine and challenged it in court. Instead, he "dared" Sokoloff to arrest him, Pearlstein said, adding that Sokoloff ultimately agreed to resign rather than "fight City Hall."

So....being curious, just had to google a little:

press release:

..."Julie Sokoloff is running for Constable in Lower Merion. Julie is no stranger to politics. She currently serves as Secretary to the Democratic Committee of Lower Merion & Narberth, ran Connie Williams’ 2000 race for State Representative and was Ed Rendell’s scheduler throughout the Primary and General Election campaigns.... "

And apparently, after Constable Julie Sokoloff was elected, she appointed her hubby, Steven David Sokoloff as Junior Constable or Deputy Constable or something, correct?

Anyway, in October 2007, Constable Steve (can we call him Constable Steve?)got into a bit of a pickle as reported here on policeworld.net:

Big trouble in Montgomery County /
Here's a link to the News Video


I believe that this gentleman is the Deputy / Spouse of Constable Julie Sokoloff who serves on the PCCD training board.

Constable Loses Power After Ticket Flap
Walt Hunter NARBETH, Pa. (CBS 3) ¯ A deputy constable in Montgomery County was temporarily stripped of his powers after he was caught on tape handcuffing a local businessman over a $10 parking ticket.

The bizarre incident played out in front of customers and employees at Sport Chrysler Dealership in Norristown.

The general sales manager, Dennis Crilly, was placed in handcuffs over a $10 parking ticket that was not even his.

Deputy Constable Steven Sokoloff told Crilly he owed $150 for an unpaid $10 parking ticket in Narberth last May and that he was going to jail.

The only problem was that Crilly never got a parking ticket last May in Narberth, or anywhere else. The ticket had been issued to a customer who happened to purchase her car months earlier at the dealership.....District Attorney Bruce Castor has launched a criminal investigation into the incident.

Sokoloff responded to word of the investigation saying, "The district attorney is running for office. He never worked so hard as he's working now that he's running for office."

Well, ouch, darn it....ouch...so apparently, this Sokoloff dude resigned at some point after this? And now he wants to be Spenser For Hire or Magnum PI? But you know what? There is some other stuff out there that may be the same guy, because the e-mail address tracks and well this is out there on the web for net detectives to find, right?

Elected Officials:

....Constable Lower Merion Township
Julie Sokoloff Ardmore, PA 19003

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Reply to:
Date: 2008-06-29, 10:01PM EDT

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All in all rather benign until you come across this little thing, this little thing, this little thing, this thing and just wonder if it's all related?

And then ask yourselves this: should PA Constable jobs be continued to be given out much like political lollipops for good behavior?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
DA attacks ex-deputy constable’s character
Ferman wants Sokoloff’s request for private investigator license denied amid ‘improper conduct’
By CARL HESSLER Jr., For The Times Herald

NORRISTOWN — A former Lower Merion deputy constable who resigned last year amid allegations of improper conduct “lacks the good character, integrity and honesty” required to be a private investigator, prosecutors maintained in court papers.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman asked a judge on Monday to deny Steven David Sokoloff’s application for a private investigator license.

“Denial of Sokoloff’s petition for a private investigator license is necessary to protect the dignity of the commonwealth and the citizens at large,” Ferman wrote in a court document.

Sokoloff, 57, of Athens Avenue, filed a petition on June 5 for a private investigator license on behalf of Private Detectives Inc. Sokoloff is listed in court documents as the president, secretary and treasurer of Private Detectives Inc., which was incorporated on April 16, 2008.

Ferman argued Sokoloff’s application is defective because it doesn’t comply with legal requirements that he show proof he was previously employed as a detective, as a member of the U.S. government’s investigative service, a sheriff or as a police officer.

“Since Sokoloff’s only experience is as a deputy constable and constables and deputy constables lack the investigative powers of detectives and police, Sokoloff is not qualified for a private investigator license,” Ferman maintained.....Sokoloff acted as a deputy constable in Lower Merion from Jan. 5, 2004 until Oct. 18, 2007, when he resigned in exchange for prosecutors agreeing not to pursue potential criminal charges of official oppression against him for his alleged improper arrest of a West Norriton businessman in connection with an unpaid parking ticket.

So let's not make this some Hatfield vs. McCoy political party thing, eh? Can it be said where there is smoke there is fire? Seriously, what is up with this dude? Is this a person who has guns then?

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