Philadelphia Anchor Wars: They No Longer REPORT The News, They ARE the News!

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Is there something in the water that causes TV anchor short circuiting in Philadelphia?

Alrighty, first there was the saga of Booker and Alycia Lane...from when they became a couple (he shoulda stuck with the other newsy Latina gal pal he had in NYC) to cop bashing to getting fired. (as in both of them, since apparently that radio station told Booker bye-bye too)

Then Larry Mendte got busted for hacking into Alycia Lane's e-mail. Now we have to add to that growing list of "which-reporter-is-in-trouble-now" the thuggish ego centric appearing Vince DiMentri at NBC10 (Hey! Youse from Philly? I'm from Philly.) vandalizing the car of Ms.Cute-as-a-Button (literally) Lori Delgado (I will be gald when she finally learns how to cook). I thought things were looking up when creepy former local bar fly Steve Levy finally retired and Monica-I-date-all-especially younger-in-tight-outfits-with-helmet-head-scaredos-Malpass settled her divorce and engagement ring issues, but I digress....

So below are some's all a bit ridiculous. Who was that completely quackers female reporter person who was accused of sending hate mail or whatever a few years ago? And then she went to the midwest as a reporter and then posed nude? Was that Sharon Reed? And then of course there was always a torrent of gossip when it came to weather midgie John Bolaris. Then we got lucky and Napolean went to NYC...then he came back and is saying snippy things and getting chided via letter to the editor in the paper?

Look, we all wish we could have their issues and make so much money, right? So why can't they stick to REPORTING the news instead of BECOMING the news? It's so tawdry and embarassing to this area - when you say you live in or near Philadelphia it's bad enough without adding the-tv reporters-need-anger-management- behavior from local yokel television personalities. And here we all thought the gerbil rumors of decades ago was the TV personality scandal to end all scandals? Who knew?

In all seriousness...there are tons of really great, really nice reporters in our area. Just give them the jobs of the problem children and call it a day...enough with the "Alycia Syndrome", right?

Posted on Sun, Jul. 20, 2008

I read, with great regret, what Fox 29 meteorologist John Bolaris said, regarding Larry Mendte: "I hope he gets what he deserves" ("Mendte could push either way," July 13).

Unfortunately, there is something self-righteous in our base nature that says, "If I had to weather the storms of my life (no pun intended to Bolaris), so should others." We all would do well to remember a story in the Bible about a king who forgave an enormous debt for one of his servants only to find out that, upon leaving the court, the servant had someone who owed him money thrown into prison. The enraged king had the servant tortured and imprisoned until he repaid his debt in full....Rev. Rick Campana
Cherry Hill

U.S. Attorney Formally Charges Larry Mendte

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia announced Monday that it has charged former CBS 3 anchor Larry Mendte with a felony count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization. The government's case against Mendte, 51, is set out in an "Information" – the formal charging document. The Information charges Mendte with one count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and thereby obtaining information in furtherance of a tortious act.

The Information says Mendte accessed the private e-mail accounts of former co-anchor Alycia Lane hundreds of times from from his Chestnut Hill home, his vacation home, KYW and another location and leaked information to a newspaper reporter.

"This case is no different than someone stealing your locked brief case with confidential, attorney client information, prying it open and helping themselves to the content," said acting United States Attorney Laurie Magid.

Delco Times:Zoren: Ruggles filling in while DeMentri remains an MIA

Vince DeMentri did not appear at either his regular Channel 10 or Channel 17 anchor desk last Monday, the day he was scheduled to return from vacation. This fuels speculation that DeMentri is on suspension from Channel 10 rather than being on vacation. People tend to return on time from vacations.

If DeMentri is on suspension, it's because he allegedly vandalized the car of Channel 10 colleague Lori Delgado, once his co-anchor on the 10 p.m. newscast NBC 10 produces for Channel 17. Delgado now sits with Terry Ruggles in the morning. Denise Nakano anchors with DeMentri on Channel 17.

Delgado's car was "keyed," meaning someone ran a key across the paint and scratched the finish, and broken into. Her purse and hair dryer were missing. DeMentri was investigated by Channel 10 for these acts. The Lower Merion police were also involved, but they have announced they are taking no action.

The incident follows quickly on the heels of Larry Mendte's dismissal from Channel 3 for allegedly tapping into the personal e-mail of his one-time co-anchor, Alycia Lane. Mendte was let go by Channel 3 after an internal investigation by its owner, CBS, discovered someone had installed software that would allow him or her to see keystrokes made by other computers, and therefore read e-mails written and sent on Channel 3 servers.

It makes one wonder about internal ambition....

Philadelphia Anchor Vince DeMentri Suspected of Vandalizing Fellow Anchor Lori Delgado's Car

News anchors aren't usually supposed to make news themselves, but it's been a little different in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, the recent incident involving NBC10 anchors Vince DeMentri and Lori Delgado is almost par for the course. Vince DeMentri's suspected vandalism against Lori Delgado's car comes on the heels of Philadelphia CBS-3 anchor Larry Mendte being investigated for reading fellow anchor Alycia Lane's e-mail. Vince DeMentri himself has also faced disciplinary charges at least twice for past actions. But Vince DeMentri's latest alleged incident involving Lori Delgado is out there even for him and Philadelphia news anchors as a whole.

Vince DeMentri was questioned on July 3, according to, for the suspected vandalism of Lori Delgado's vehicle. ....There is also speculation that a handbag and blow dryer was taken from the news room, an incident also looked into along with the vandalism. The property was found, but there is no word on how it relates to DeMentri or Delgado.

DeMentri has not been charged with a crime as of yet, as he is currently on vacation from work. But no comments have been made yet about whether DeMentri will return to work next week as scheduled.

However, the Lower Marion police have ended their investigation into the alleged incident. There was a rumor yesterday that DeMentri was going to turn himself in, but Lower Merion police spokeswoman Brenda Viola now says that the matter is a "nonissue," according to

Philly ex-TV anchor charged with e-mail snooping
By PATRICK WALTERS – 2 hours ago

A longtime television newscaster was charged Monday with illegally accessing the e-mail of his glamorous former co-anchor, who suspected details of her social life were being leaked to gossip columnists.

Federal prosecutors say fired KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte accessed Alycia Lane's e-mail accounts hundreds of times and leaked her personal information to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter. Lane's personal life had routinely become tabloid fodder and eventually led to her own dismissal from the station.

"The mere accessing and reading of privileged information is criminal," acting U.S. Attorney Laurie Magid said. "This case, however, went well beyond just reading someone's e-mail."....Mendte gained access to Lane's accounts for more than two years, prosecutors said. In a five-month span starting in January, Mendte accessed her accounts approximately 537 times, authorities said.....

Philebrity:Dept. Of Things We Are Above Posting About: Larry Mendte’s Seething Hatred Of Alycia Lane Fueled By 100,000 Clams Per Year

Let it never be said that Michael Klein doesn’t know how to completely bury a headline. Tucked away in an update about the ongoing Mendte-Lycious® scandal, it is revealed what really got Larry’s panties into such a twist about this Lane chickadee in the first place...We suspected as much all along, and it just goes to show, like we said before, how much this whole thing echoes Election: Village elder sees something he doesn’t like about himself in nubile young female, thoughts of professional jealousy ensue, elder eventually sabotages younger, only to have it double back on himself and lead to total and complete ruination...

Tattle: Alleged DeMentri vandalism a 'nonissue'
Philadelphia Daily News

LOWER MERION police have ended their investigation into an alleged incident that took place in the parking lot of NBC 10's Bala Cynwyd headquarters recently in which the station's 4 p.m. anchor Vince DeMentri is believed to have vandalized the car of reporter/anchor Lori Delgado, reports the People Paper's Dan Gross.

Yesterday, Brenda Viola, spokeswoman for Lower Merion police, told Gross she could not deny that there had been an investigation, but that the matter was "now a nonissue."

As Gross reported on yesterday, Lower Merion police told news crews gathered outside the police station in Ardmore that they should go home as there was no story......In May 2007, we reported that DeMentri was in the process of a divorce from wife and QVC host Pat James DeMentri.....The hot-headed newsman, who joined NBC 10 in 2003, was suspended for a week in 2006 after nearly coming to blows with meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

Ahhh, but what did the media have to pay for a police report? LOL...go home reporters, Lower Merion DOES have enough problems as it is....ROFL.....

Posted on Mon, Jul. 14, 2008
Dan Gross:

JUST TWO days after NBC 10's Vai Sikahema defeated Jose Canseco by technical knockout in their Atlantic City bout, Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing Promotions is already seeking a challenger for its next fight. John Wayne Bobbitt is coming to the area and is ready to fight any non-professional fighter who weighs less than 225 pounds...Interested challengers, who practically have their trash-talk already scripted for them, should apply by e-mail to word from NBC 10 on whether Vince DeMentri will be back on-air this afternoon. The 4 p.m. NBC 10 anchor was to return today from a vacation he'd requested prior to being pulled off air July 3 after being questioned by station management over an alleged incident of vandalism of colleague Lori Delgado's car. Meanwhile, sources tell us that Delgado's car, which was said to have been severely keyed, was a brand-new Lexus. Bummer. As for DeMentri's car, one of his neighbors at his Center City high-rise says that the Frankford-raised and able-bodied newsman routinely parks in a handicapped space there.....Monica Malpass looked Cougarific in a skin-tight red dress as she tore up the dance floor at the Philadelphia Style Hot List party Thursday night at the Crystal Tea Room. The 6ABC anchor and a younger companion worked it on the floor to the sounds of CTO's Big Walt and the Groove

Philadelphia WillDo:March 07, 2007
Monica Malpass Wears A Low-Cut Dress Unlike Any Other 45-Year-Old Anchor

Sharon Reed's days at NBC 10 numbered/
Reed has been missing from the air since the middle of last week, culminating with a trip for Reed and her attorney to a police station Friday.

When Naked Anchor's Attack!

Sharon Reed
Naked News

So while local TV stations keep hiring reporters with "issues", and they keep getting into trouble, are real skunks like Milton Street doing any jail time?

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