***Burglary ALERT For Lower Merion!!!!***

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Be smart. When you go out - lock your doors - lock your windows - use your alarm system if you have one - and like the police say if someone weird is in your 'hood, don't be shy let the police know!!!

ONLINE EXTRA: Burglary wave hits Lower Merion
By Richard Ilgenfritz

Investigators say a rash of burglaries that have been taking place throughout Lower Merion Township this summer may have been committed by one individual, police say.

Within just the last week, reports have been coming into Lower Merion police regarding several burglaries and attempted burglaries throughout the township. In Gladwyne June 29, someone attempted to force open a door on Waterford Court. Police believe a barking dog likely scared the intruder off.

Another homeowner several blocks away on Stony Way wasn’t so lucky. On the same day of the attempted burglary on Waterford Court, according to a police report, someone forced open a door of a home and stole about $15,000 worth of jewelry.

Three days later, two more attempted burglaries took place in Merion and Villanova. An alarm system at the house on Mustin Lane in Villanova likely kept the suspects out of the house. Four deadbolt locks kept an intruder from entering a house on Heath Road in Merion but not before the suspect left pry marks on the door.

“Since June we’ve had a rash of burglaries – about seven in the month of June,” Lower Merion police Supt. Joseph Daly said this week.

According to Daly, the burglaries stopped for a short time in early July. Then, another 11 were reported over the past few weeks.

“They appear to be the same person,” Daly said. “The only thing we know right now is that apparently he is a white male.”

Investigators say there has been no set pattern regarding where or when the suspect is striking.

“He’s running from Bala Cynwyd to Bryn Mawr and Villanova.

According to Daly, there are some common sense things that residents could do that might help.

“Even if you are only going out of your home for a short time, if your home is equipped with an alarm system, set it,” Daly said.

Another important point, Daly says, is for residents to report suspicious people or activities in their neighborhoods.

“This individual has been seen three times and three times people failed to report it,” Daly said.

As a routine part of their investigation, Lower Merion police spend time asking neighbors if they’ve seen anyone or anything suspicious around the time of the burglary. That’s how police found out that neighbors saw someone at the properties right around the time the houses were burglarized.

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