Tomorrow is D-Day For Puppy Mill Bill PA HB 2525

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Bravo to Stu Bykofsky today. Everything he says about Art Hershey is true. AND if you contact Art Hershey, you will be lucky if you get an acknowledgement of contact. I did on my second attempt at writing him, but only probably because I e-mailed him my editorial column from Main Line Life.

I predict, as is the way with Harrisburg, that unless there is an uproar and a REALLY big scene in Harrisburg tomorrow, this bill will get passed, but will be almost useless due to being weighed down with a history making number of stupid amendments.

Nevertheless, I urge people to take action. Call Art Hershey today:
District Office
Rt. 10 & 41
P.O. Box 69
3157 Limestone Road, Suite 2
Cochranville, PA 19330
Phone: 610-593-6565
Fax: 610-593-7041
Hours: M-F 9:00 - 4:30

Capitol Office
Building: Matthew J. Ryan Office Bldg.
Room Number: 214
PO Box 202013
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2013
Phone: 717-783-6435
Fax: 717-705-1868

Here's Stu:

Stu Bykofsky: Fight puppy-mill horrors: Tell your rep to back HB 2525
By Stu Bykofsky
Philadelphia Daily News
Daily News Columnist

RETURNING from summer recess today, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives can make once-in-a-generation changes to the Keystone State's outmoded Dog Law - if they show the loyalty to dogs that dogs have always shown to us.

House Bill 2525 will be taken up today and tomorrow, supported by more than 100 humane and fair-minded representatives of the 203 total in the House, along with Gov. Rendell. It is opposed by a gaggle of heartless maggots who lick the hands of callous pet-profiteers: the commercial kennel breeders who have turned our state into the Puppy Mill Capital of the East. To breeders, innocent puppies are just a cash crop, like peas, carrots or potatoes.....HB 2525 isn't revolutionary. I wish it were. All it does is establish minimal health-and-welfare standards that will drag Pennsylvania's 650 commercial breeding kennels from the Dark Ages into the . . . Middle Ages. HB 2525 doesn't require that dogs get filet, a personal trainer and a swimming pool.

....Space doesn't allow me to recount all the horrors of the puppy mills. Check these Web sites:, or

Chester County is horse country, and the leading opponent of the proposed law is a Chester County horse's ass named Art Hershey. In trying to stifle the bill, Rep. Hershey larded HB 2525 with 20 of the 52 amendments that "improve" the bill the way barnacles make a ship sail faster. Hershey's transparent scheme is to kill the bill by delay....The cruelty-enabling Hershey offered amendments to cripple standards for heat, cooling and lighting. My favorite amendment coming down Hershey's highway is A08348, which adds "dishwasher" to the list of prohibited ways to house a dog. Yes, dishwasher. Taxpayers pay him more than $75,000 to dream up crap like that?

Another Hershey kiss of cruelty is Amendment A08366, which says that potable water should be offered as necessary, instead of continuously. Hershey's stinking hypocrisy is revealed on his own Web site,

Hypocrite Hershey, who didn't return my calls, isn't the only Harrisburg villain, he's just the most prodigious and vicious.

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