Will Someone Please Tell Ken Davis To Shut Up?

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Why is Ken Davis So Mean? Why Can't Ken Davis Shut Up? Why does Ken Davis hate most of Gladwyne, especially River Road? I have friends down on the river whom I think are pretty darn cool. Let's face it Mr. Davis, isn't it true you not only hate bloggers and those who "opine" (nice big lawyerly word you used), you hate anyone that simply doesn't agree with what you decree is to be, right? So that would still make me selfish for disagreeing with you on eminent domain, correct? So that would make me selfish for liking the idea of trails, but being genuinely worried about the safety aspect of running part of a trail between the Surekill and Norfolk Southern Lines among other saftey issues that no one, NO ONE seems to be talking about?

What is it about aging political lions when they seem to resort to becoming ankle biters and embarrassing themselves? Well congrats former commissioner, now former Montco GOP head, you have formally crossed a line that is intolerable and unfair, as well as embarrassing yourself by sounding like a petty and peurile ousted dictator, didn't you?
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Who are YOU in the grand scale of things to call anyone selfish? Who are you to complain about anyone opining (nice big lawyerly word you are using, by the way)? And yes, you accepted a politically motivated award called the the Emerald Necklace didn't you? (In my mind a group of boy scouts who helped clean up the trail in/near Bala should have gotten the award, shouldn't they have?)

And when you accepted your award, weren't you a little teensy bit ungracious at that time? Did you or did you not take a jab or two at Commissioner Jenny Brown for doing her job which is to NOT further political agendas but advocate to her best efforts for her constituency, which happens to be your former constituency?

So because people aren't falling at your feet and because people in Gladwyne are genuinely concerned with not only the cost of this trail in tough economic times, but have VERY VALID safety concerns, you have to go postal on a bunch of Average Joes from River Road? What is your problem? Is this like eminent domain for private gain when you pointed your finger at me once upon a time and said you were going to get it through in Ardmore "at all costs"? (And you can't deny this happened at a Jim Gerlach town hall meeting at Harcum because you said it in front of others)

Well you lost eminent domain, and your petty tyrant's tirade in the local papers this week means I hope you lose this one too.

These trails aren't all about you, something you choose to forget conveniently. I used to feel almost sorry for you, you know that? My bad, you are just a nasty ankle biter. Shame on you, Ken Davis, shame on you.

To everyone else, to follow is an excerpt of the World According To Ken, which along with a countering Op Ed piece from some of the people Mr. Davis refers to as "selfish". I have permission from Main Line Life newspaper to republish these items:

Do trail in LM correct To the Editor:

few weeks ago, I was honored by my former colleagues on the Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners for my work, in and out office, on behalf of open space preservation. From the acquisition of the entire Rolling Hill Park for passive recreational use, to the current effort to create a Schuylkill River West Trail, I have taken on the hard challenges on behalf of all the residents of our Township. Despite opposition from a very small minority, I persevered, and achieved success in these efforts. Now the Township faces another challenge to the development of a new trail, this one in my former Gladwyne ward, along River Road, between Hollow and Waverly Roads.

Next Monday evening, the Township's consultant will present the findings of his feasibility study with respect to the proposed West Trail, along the Schuylkill River, from City Avenue westward to the West Conshohocken Borough line at Four Falls. Not surprisingly, there is a strong consensus for such a trail from City Avenue through Flat Rock Park. However, some of the residents along River Road in Gladwyne have continued to express their opposition to such a trail. Why? Because they don't want it. They will cite safety, logistics and everything else they can conjure up. But the real reason is that they just plain don't want it, or anybody using the road that they seem to believe belongs to them.....And, now, they oppose this trail...a trail that will allow people free and unfettered passage along the River for the whole length of its passage through Lower Merion.

The residents of River Road will talk about the railroad lines that run through the area, and opine that the railroads will never allow such a trail because the property belongs to the railroads, and because it is unsafe to have such a trail there. However, the residents of River Road routinely trespass on railroad property, parking their trucks, campers, boats, houseboats and trailers within inches of the railroad tracks themselves. So they are not against using this area as long as they can use it for themselves, and no one else. .....This is a time for the commissioners to do what the commissioners did some years ago with Rolling Hill Park – and that is to do something for everyone's benefit, not just a selfish few.

Kenneth E. Davis
Lower Merion

Let's all sing the Ken song, shall we? Me, me, me, me, me, me, me!

(And saving the best for the last:)
Posted on Thu, Oct 9, 2008
LM board needs open mind when it comes to open space
By Karen Aydt & Susan Opengart

We are writing in response to your article “Davis’ Efforts to Preserve Open Space Earn Him an Emerald Necklace.” We join the Board of Commissioners in recognizing Mr. Davis’s public service; however, his efforts to push a 12-foot wide multi-use continuous trail through Lower Merion along the River, despite obvious obstacles, do not serve the interests of township residents.

We write as members of the Emerald Necklace Committee which Mr. Davis chaired. On several occasions we have walked with numerous township residents along the proposed continuous multi-use Schuylkill Expressway Trail (SET) that would connect from Philadelphia to Valley Forge on the Lower Merion side of the river. One portion of this trail is absolutely perfect, the Cynwyd trail. This trail uses the concept of Rails to Trails, as it will reinvigorate the historic area of Bala Cynwyd and provide great pleasure to the people in our township. Everyone in our township is working diligently to enable this success.

We seek to provide information that will be helpful to anyone who has not actually walked the other portion of the proposed multi-use trail that would begin at Green Lane Bridge in Belmont Hills up to Four Falls Corporate Center in West Conshohocken.

Certain sections of the trail are unrealistic and undesirable. In some areas, the proposed trail is just feet away from passing freight trains and in other areas just feet away from the Schuylkill Expressway. At the same time, these areas have severe terrain and steep incline. The noise from the Expressway is deafening in large stretches of the proposed trail. We have seen debris flying off of the Expressway onto the proposed route, and the volume of existing debris (hub caps, tires, safety cones, bottles, cans, traffic signs, construction waste, trash) all along the proposed route is evidence that safety in this area is compromised. In one section, the concrete expressway retaining wall actually extends up to 15 feet high on one side with the River very close on the other side. Because of the Expressway and active train tracks, access points to the trail are very limited. It would be difficult for police, fire and ambulance personnel to respond in an emergency. So, the hazards from above include potential concussion from flying hub caps and hazards from below include flooding and passing freight trains, and there would be great difficulty reaching a trail user in need of assistance.

We are at a loss to understand Davis’s insistence on a continuous trail in these circumstances. His interest in the project seems to us to lack objectivity and even to evidence an agenda that disregards cost, logic, and viewpoints from stakeholder groups and citizens. In an awkward and, perhaps, revealing moment in one of the Emerald Necklace Committee meetings that were held, Davis declared that he would consider it a “personal failure” if the trail was not entirely continuous through the length of Lower Merion. The trail feasibility consultant has already advised that the trail will not be continuous through the length of Lower Merion because of difficult geography from Philadelphia to Righter’s Ferry Road requiring a “detour” over to the other side of the River to get around this obstacle. Moreover, this should not be about any one person’s success or failure. This is about Lower Merion Township and the wise allocation of scarce open space dollars and grants to realistic and desirable open space projects. This is about recognizing when a general concept is not a common sense reality.

We urge the commissioners to focus on practical, readily implementable open space projects. Examples are, the Cynwyd Trail that will have a bridge to go to the existing multi-use trail on the other side of the river. The new Linwood and Athens Park in Ardmore. And finally, we understand there is a need for township dog parks. We continue to hope that the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners, which has turned over significantly since 2005 when Davis retired, is in tune with both the problems with the SET “open space” concept and the needs of Township residents.

Karen Aydt and Susan Opengart, members, Emerald Necklace Committee

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