Radnor Has Many Saints and Many Sinners in The Mess Soup

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You know this new sense of openness at Radnor meetings is great, and long overdue and no one, even the most casual of observers disputes this.

However, I feel there is one little thing that is being overlooked in the public frenzy to clean house: not only is ONE commissioner and ONE township manager NOT in this alone, are they they? I have seen through media accounts, people like Christina Perrone and a select other few putting it out there for years without anyone else coming forward, true or not? In a nutshell, there are many saints and many sinners, so try not not confuse one group for the other, nor should draw and quarter only one or two perceived sinners, while letting others skate on by, OK?

The meetings this past Monday in Radnor were illuminating and very interesting from start to finish - I watched them here with this link and this link, and all recent meetings can be found on YouTube on the Jhainessr Channel.

The media coverage has been seemingly endless - John Nagle has most of them conveniently listed HERE on Round Radnor, and then there are these links:

WPVI:Board demands Radnor manager resignThursday, March 05, 2009 | 11:41 PM

This week's Letters To The Editor in Main Line Media News

Blake resigns amid Bashore investigation
Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 8:30 PM CDT

Radnor board votes to suspend township manager; request his resignation
Published: Friday, March 6, 2009 2:09 PM CST

Then there is Tom Murray's editorial this week, and well it spoke to me when he said:

Like many people, I have a tendency to boil down things to winners and losers.

It's a pretty simple way of doing things sometimes, and like many others, I find myself feeling better when I think I have such an understanding of a person, place or thing and I can label them the winner or loser....But there are times when you look at something and realize that you can't figure out who the winners and losers are. You know your philosophy is sound and there has to be one or the other, but you struggle to connect all the dots.

That's how I'm feeling right now as I sit down and try and figure out the mess that's going on in Radnor Township....With the risk of sounding harsh, there appears to be a lot of losers in the recent affairs of Radnor Township.

The two Daves come to mind - Bashore and Blake, as well as past and some present members of the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners.

As for the winners, that too is a little confusing.

Resident Christina Perrone seems to be one of the winners, if for no other reason that she took advantage of the new Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law and logged countless hours filling out forms and getting critical information about how money was spent in the township.

But as I started to dig a little deeper, or connect the dots as we say in the conspiracy business, I'm not ready to declare winners and losers.

What happen over the past two weeks in Radnor Township has helped us sell a few extra newspapers and has been great theater on local cable television and at the township building, but the entire story has not been fully told.

The Delaware County District Attorney has been contacted and until all the facts are in, everyone can only guess as to what has been going on in the township since Bashore took over as township manager in 2001.

What we do know for sure, however, is that Bashore is a few days away from being fired by the township, Blake is no longer the solicitor of the township, and some commissioners are getting their ducks in order and are preparing for the blame game.

Well, I love it when Tom calls it in plain speaking, and here are my two cents on top of his two cents:

To those who bill Osborne as a Saint, is that actually revisionist history? Has he been wronged in this mess and did he call for action on some of this a couple years ago? Yes, but let's get real, didn't it take the tenacity and dedication of citizens like Christina Perrone combined with the strong convictions of Board President Tom Masterson and Board Vice President John Fisher to maybe get Radnor here into the open, and glaring "sunshine"? And didn't Christina Perrone go it alone or almost alone for a long time? Now many are laying this whole mess at the feet of past Board President Hank Mahoney alone and is that right? I mean come on now, did he not have a Vice President all these years? What is Ms. Paolino's role? As she interrupts and speaks over her fellow commissioners and the public on the meeting tapes I saw from this past Monday's meeting, I was intrigued by the convenient forgetfulness followed by meeting minutes that showed she was in attendance? So what was her role? Reformer or a little CYA? And at the most recent meeting, wasn't another commissioner missing? Hervada? And really, no matter what the reasoning, should ANY commissioners have missed ANY of these meetings? And as for others on the board at the time of this along with the former Radnor BOC President and Vice President - were the "I'm sorrys" and the resounding Mea Culpa Chorus enough? Let's do the count, there are only THREE of the SEVEN Radnor Commissioners who can really say they played no part, right? And that would be Higgins, Fisher, and Masterson, correct?

There are many saints and sinners in this Radnor. I hope Radnor residents don't run one or two sinners up the flagpole while others retreat, don't you?

Now I fully expect as it has become almost a tradition, that some will have a snit fit because their name was mentioned on a blog, as has been the case in the past. So to those people I issue a challenge: don't waste your energy running around trying to quash the rights of people to have a public opinion, acknowledge your part in this and if you really want to be seen as reformers, then guess what? Lead by example. Do the right thing. And that “do the right thing” applies equally to all parties concerned. Some of you have made good starts by all publicly viewable accounts, some have tried to have no recall, while some have avoided this altogether. Come together and get it right....otherwise I will begin to wonder if I am watching YouTube replays of a lot of the Lower Merion meetings.

The ultimate comment? In politically antiquated Radnor, they should let go of the notion that this is about one political party over the other because it is NOT about petty party warfare. This is about the people of Radnor, the taxpayers of Radnor, and what secrets and lack of sunshine and political horse trading has caused a very beautiful place in our area, hear? There needs to be balance between the Republicans and Democrats for the betterment of an entire township.

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