Radnor Student Housing Issues?

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radnor Since it is pick your students a house season (nearly got run over by one this weekend), I thought maybe it would be nice to talk about this topic again? Anyway, during one of the recent Radnor Township Board of Commissioners, a lady from Callanan Avenue got up, once again, to beg for help with regard to the many student houses in her neighborhood. She had her affidavit with her. I watched as she got it put to her by township staff like she was in the wrong? All things considered, including this isn't her first visit to public participation on the very same topic, weren't they a little harsh? After all, it's NOT easy to get up an complain repeatedly on the same topic, is it?

When you live with student houses in close proximity it can be like living in a ring of hell, not always, but it is possible. Some students never bother you, some are just bothersome. (What Penn Street in the Haverford Township side of Bryn Mawr lives with comes to mind - and Old Railroad where isn't one case open?). Sometimes the student housing landlords say out of one side of their mouths that they are "invested" in the community, and out of the other side of their mouths are lining up their student tenants. (Holland Avenue in Ardmore section of Lower Merion comes to mind where in mid to late 2008 an illegal student house was "outed" and when the property owner was in front of zoning he spouted a remarkable amount of bunk and then the zoning hearing board eventually ruled against him. And is it true that this active, "caring" "invested" member of the Ardmore community has filed in Montgomery County Court so he can keep students in his illegal student house on Holland Ave? Should we look at case 2008-36077?)

In Lower Merion and Haverford Townships it seems that the townships are very proactive now with regard to student housing and it's regulation, but what about Radnor Township? What makes things different in Radnor Township? Or are things not so different? Who is responsible again for regulating these student housing and other rental properties? If neighbors have concerns why is the process so difficult? Why is the burden of proof seemingly on the 24/7 365day/year residents who are forced to sign an affidavit? Doesn't Radnor worry about the full time resident taxpayers getting picked on?

And speaking of the affidavit, should the necessity of that be outlined in Radnor's Ordinance? Here is the ordinance, where is the need requirement for an affidavit in the document? (I ask because I can't find it - so if you know - show me.)

And what is the follow-up on the part of Radnor Township staff over complaints or reports of violation? For example, have all outstanding filed affidavits from 2008 been responded to? I know it is 2009, but can someone answer the question?

And oh by the way, here is a great part of the ordinance to read:


And another one:

And this:

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