Another Door Closes: Good-Bye Delaware Market House....

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DSC_0015Ok, so I went to Delaware Market House in Gladwyne today one last's closing Saturday...after decades of service to our area...for slide show of the market and other things in the Village of Gladwyne click HERE

When I was a kid, the Delaware Market House was patronized as much as the ACME or Superfresh. Maybe it had morphed into some perception of elitism, but back in the day it was, yes available to get you your rack of lamb all prettied up or that filet dressed for a party and YES they did deliver, but it was also just another local market - like another cool place the Ithan Market on Connestoga Road (still there!)- of course when I was little there will still a lot of other independent grocers, butchers, and even the creepy milkman (sorry, he was totally creepy in his silver truck as he drove around).

Anyway. It's a shame. End of an era, to be sure. (While I was there I did pick up some final items - spices and such...)

Main Liners say goodbye to Gladwyne Market
Published: Friday, March 20, 2009
By Richard Ilgenfritz


The Delaware Market, a beloved business that has served residents of Gladwyne and beyond for years, is closing its doors Saturday due to the economic decline.

“It’s a big loss in the community,” said Kim Alvarez of Havertown, who owns the store with her husband, Edgar Alvarez. “This is a small community.”

She has been working at the store as the chef since 2000. In 2004 when the former owner decided to sell the store she and her husband decided to purchase it. At the same time, Edgar was a chef in Center City .

When asked what she would miss most about the store, Kim Alverez said, “Everything, its part of our lives.”

Delaware Market has a long history in Gladwyne. For as long as anyone can remember, a market has been at the corner of Youngs Ford and Righters Mill roads in the center of town.

“I think since the early 1900’s there’s been a store here,” Kim Alvarez said.

According to the book the First 300: the Amazing and Rich History of Lower Merion , in 1895 the sited housed John Breen’s General Store.

Posted on Fri, Mar. 20, 2009
Gladwyne gourmet-to-go market is going away
By Kathy Boccella
Inquirer Staff Writer

Even among the wealthy, a $25 bottle of olive oil seems like too much of a luxury in these jittery, bonus-deprived days.

Which is why the Delaware Market House - a gourmet grocery in Gladwyne that has catered to the formerly free-spending inhabitants of one of the ritziest zip codes in the country for 40 years - is closing tomorrow.

"People are watching their finances, and when they're looking to make cuts, gourmet food is the first to go," said a puffy-eyed Kim Alvarez, 39, who owns the store with her husband, Edgar, 42. "They think, Do I really need that rotisserie chicken for $7.99 or can I pick one up at Costco?"

Costco might be cheaper, but Market House customers rhapsodize over the quality of the shrimp and filets mignons, the friendliness of the staff who carry your bags to your car, the convenience of calling Mike the delivery guy and asking him to bring over a quart of strawberries, which he does even if you're not home, because he has your security code. That, as they say, is priceless.

Except when it costs too much, which, sigh, it apparently does when the portfolio is plunging and the private-school bill is waiting to be paid.

Apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the rich really are no different from you and me: They're broke, too.

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