Dave Bashore To Go Full "Jerry Springer" in Radnor?

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bashore does full jerry springer
Honestly, this whole Bashore sing the "I was wronged song" is getting out of hand. He is turning Radnor Township into a three ring circus, and sorry, is he still the ringmaster?

As I hear it told his response document borders on the ridiculous, and what purpose does it serve? Will it clear his good name or just make him look like a bigger arse than he already looks like? So as the paper tells it (just opened the website), among others he's going after John Osborne - what, we didn't know already they can't stand each other?

It is going to be the FULL Jerry Springer Show on Monday in Radnor (April 13th).

Special Meeting to Consider the Adoption of a Final Resolution of Removal of the Township Manager
Event Date:
April 13th, 2009 at 6:00 PM until end

What kind of man is Dave Bashore? Has he no pride? If you wanted to save your "good name" would you basically stoop to schoolyard B.S. like this? Is this was his attorneys are advising him to do? Point fingers like the kid caught literally with his hand in the cookie jar? Isn't his "humiliation" of his own doing to an extent? Was he forced to do what he was caught doing or did he just do it? Bashore can't have it both ways.

Man, what nonsense. And Radnor residents/taxpayers, bet this is costing you big money in the end. After all is this all a prelude to Bashore wanting Radnor to fund his retirement package? After all, when this is over, will he ever be a manager of a township anywhere unless it's in South Dakota or Idaho? But still I wonder why it is Radnor residents have to pay for these mistakes? And what of some of those commissioners who were around during most or all of this? They are suddenly silent, will there be accountability? Or will there still be a sense of selective political recall and unexplained meeting absences?

So if Home Rule Charter says "The Board shall provide such severance pay as it deems appropriate. The decision of the Board shall be final" give Bashore typical several of a couple weeks to a couple months and call it a day. After all, his wife is employed, right? They basically got a free house when they moved here, right? He got all those bonuses all these years, right?

Wahhhh, wahhhh, wahhhh. Bashore sounds like a BIG BABY below, and whomever his attorneys are should not be letting their client whine in public so much, should they?

Bashore maintains innocence; Says board humiliated him, twisted documents
Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2009
By Sam Strike

Suspended Radnor Township manager Dave Bashore maintains that he had the power to dole out lump sum bonuses to himself and his employees throughout his tenure, but says that it was an "error of judgment" not to expressly inform boards about the payments or the policies behind them.

In a 19-page document submitted to the township April 6 and obtained by Main Line Suburban Life, Bashore responds to all of the charges leveled against him by the township's Board of Commissioners. Bashore told Main Line Suburban Life that he also plans on making an oral statement at a special meeting scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m.

In the response document Bashore also states that he neither falsified records nor misrepresented his pay to the board, as it avers, but said about the latter that he was guilty of failing to realize how certain documents "would be twisted and used against me."

The Board of Commissioners could have allowed Bashore "to leave in a dignified manner, with my reputation and career intact," he writes. Rather, he says, the board humiliated him and "left me no choice as to how I go about defending my actions."

One of those ways he is defending his actions includes his claim that township treasurer John Osborne declared that he was "at war" with Bashore and had attempted to intimidate him on multiple occasions.

At the Dec. 15, 2008, board meeting the suspended manager says he did not accurately answer a question to him about bonuses because of anxiety, frustration, anger and fear he felt because of Osborne, who he said had been personally attacking him for a number of years.

Bashore states that when he said that no bonuses were paid in 2008, he "choked."...Osborne, contacted Tuesday, said it was not appropriate for him to comment on anything in Bashore's document.

In a March 5 meeting the Board of Commissioners in a resolution accused Bashore of misrepresenting his compensation to them, altering business records and failing to disclose annual lump sum bonus payments to himself.

"We thought it was important to provide the factual basis...[of] why we are where we are," said Tom Masterson, president of the board. "This is not a pleasant place to be for any of us, but it's the result of facts."

One fact, according to Sixth Ward commissioner Masterson, is that Bashore "misrepresented" his total compensation multiple times on paper and in person.

For example, the public was given a page named "Exhibit D" - a document marked "confidential" and entitled "2008 Compensation Package, Dave Bashore, Township Manager."

According to the township, it was from December 2008 and lists Bashore's base pay, deferred compensation, longevity pay and home loan forgiveness. It shows that in 2008 Bashore used only 11 of his 25 vacation days, two of his five personal days, and none of his 15 sick days. It lists the pay raises he received every year - averaging 3.81 percent annually since 2001.

But there is no mention of a $15,000 bonus....According to the Home Rule Charter, "The Board shall provide such severance pay as it deems appropriate. The decision of the Board shall be final."

The township's special labor counsel Neil A. Morris wrote in an e-mail last week that the township "is not going to pay anything voluntarily until a complete forensic audit is performed at the township. At that time, it will consider all of its options."

The Board of Commissioners has been interviewing auditors and will select one shortly, according to Morris, an attorney with the Philadelphia firm Archer & Greiner, P.C.

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JohnN's picture
Last seen: 8 years 12 weeks ago
Joined: 2007-11-10 :54

Well, I for one am looking forward to hearing Bashore's side of this. As painful as it may be, we need to do this so that we can move on and take some corrective actions. If we avoid this step we end up with folks taking "sides" and never looking at the real causes of the current mess. And then we will get to repeat the same "show" at a future date.

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carla's picture
Last seen: 3 years 10 weeks ago
Joined: 2008-01-03 :36

To hear his side is one thing, the Jerry Springer of it all is something else altogether. The article seems to suggest he is hyper-focusing on John Osborne? Is Osborne your SOLE problem? Is Osborne the root of all evil, or just some people's evil? I think this is not going to be painful except for the fact it will create yet another 3 ring circus. If Bashore doesn't explain it all, it will be up to the citizenry to get up and tell what they know, won't it? But will that happen?
L'homme est né libre, et partout il est dans les fers/Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains.–Jean Jacques Rosseau. The Social Contract, 1762

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"Well behaved women rarely make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

politeia's picture
Last seen: 3 years 9 weeks ago
Joined: 2008-07-30 :00

I have stated before Delco D.A. Green should investigate every government "official" who could possibly be related to this. That includes all commissioners (past and present), but especially those who covered-up Bashore's pay package, Osborne, former township solicitor Blake, Bashore and whomever else had knowledge or even an inkling of this.

Bashore has a right to do what he is doing. The facts as presented paint an ugly picture of him, but I am curious to hear what he has to say.

If Bashore is not able to properly defend against the reasons he was fired, then he really is the fool he already appears to be.

However, even if Bashore can't properly defend himself, I want to hear what he has to say anyway because I think there are still great concerns in Radnor over commissioners purposely covering up facts regarding Bashore's pay over the years when the public had a right to know, and who knows what other skeletons may be in the closet.

Let's not forget about a lack of transparency by the township and commissioners in the past that helped create this entire mess.

When townships and commissioners cover stuff up, it has a way of coming back and biting them.


Brotherhood of Thieves

~ As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

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chips's picture
Last seen: 4 years 47 weeks ago
Joined: 2009-02-20 :45

Love the cartoon.

You nailed the empty swagger that defines John Osborne, just as you got the coy, yet cowering, image Bashore is so earnestly, and ever so recently, is promoting of himself.

Bravo Carla.

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