Coalition for Youth - Transitions To High School Program

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This was distributed on ArdWood Civic's list:

Following up on a recent Student Survey of some 5,000 students in Main Line public and private schools,that showed a 15% increase in alcohol use from 8th to 9th grade in our community, the Coalition for Youth of Lower Merion and Narberth is sponsoring a forum for middle school parents about how to understand the social transition from middle school to high school. Through providing information and resources, we hope that parents will be able to better support their children through this new phase of adolescence, as well as have productive conversations with their teens about alcohol, drugs and other risky behaviors.
The Transition to High School forum will be held on Sunday, April 26, 3-5 pm at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.It is free and open to the public
This event will feature educators from local public and private schools and other professionals, who will speak on various social and emotional topics and lead discussions in small breakout groups. Among them will be District Judge Karen Zucker, a member of our Steering Committee.
This is the Coalition’s first endeavor that brings public and private school staff and parents together to discuss common community issues. Since students in high school, branch out to socialize with teens from other schools, we thought it was important to get parents from all the schools in the same room together.
In addition, high school students will be on hand to provide the youth perspective. They will take questions from parents about their experiences: “How much is drinking a part of the social scene?” “ When does the stress about college begin?”
These programs are very well run and informative.

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