Will Blue Dog Democrats block Gov. Rendell's-Rep. Dwight Evans' 16% increase in Personal Income Tax from 3.07% to 3.57%

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Spending reductions that don’t reduce essential services don’t seem to have been fully explored…yet.The Forgotten Taxpayer is encouraged by this very strong statement by western Democrat House member Nick Kotik. Gov.Rendell is not as popular in mid part and western parts of the state as in southeast.

“Rep. Nick Kotik of Coraopolis, the leader of the Blue Dog Dems, said Rendell has made 'overtures' to talk to the group about supporting his tax hike proposal.Kotik vowed not to be swayed by the long tradition of governors and legislative leaders buying tax votes with special grants known as WAMs and pet projects for lawmakers' districts.'Thirty pieces of silver isn't going to do it,' he said.”

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