Toomey Sestak a Clear Choice on Health Care Reform

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For your consideration:

I liked the line that determining Sen. Specter's position on an issue is like nailing jello to the wall. Joe Sestak makes a coherent case which I think Pat Toomey refutes while presenting his own positive plan bob guzzardi

For immediate release—August 20, 2009 from Toomey for Senate
Toomey-Sestak Health Policy Debate a Refreshing Change
From Specter’s Opportunism and Distortions
Rep. Sestak Still Must Explain Why He Would Sacrifice All Commonsense Health Care Reform if He Can’t Have a Government Dominated System
Allentown, PA – Yesterday, Rep. Joe Sestak and U.S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey had an informative exchange about the current health care proposals being debated in Washington.
Regarding the exchange, Mr. Toomey commented: “I think Joe Sestak and I would agree that having a candid debate about honest policy differences is a refreshing change from attempting to interact with Arlen Specter, whose position changes by the day. Pennsylvanians deserve the kind of straightforward and respectful dialogue about critical issues that Joe Sestak and I are prepared to give them.”
Mr. Toomey continued, “While I respect Joe Sestak’s commitment to his liberal principles, I’m afraid he was not fully responsive to the challenge we put to him yesterday. Pennsylvanians deserve to know whether Rep. Sestak will sacrifice genuine health care reform in favor of a government-run health care program that will inevitably force people off their current insurance plans in order to appeal to the radical Netroots-wing of the Democratic Party.”
In a campaign email yesterday, Rep. Sestak refused to address his comments on MSNBC where he said, “It’s going to be hard for me to vote for a bill that doesn’t have the public health option in it.”
According to his statement, Rep. Sestak would consider rejecting any health care reform in favor of a massive government-run health care program. But instead of explaining his insistence on a government-run health care program, Sestak ducked the question yesterday in a campaign email. If Sestak is truly the kind of leader he claims to be, he will clarify his comments and tell Pennsylvanians whether he will join Pat Toomey in supporting bipartisan, commonsense proposals like medical malpractice reform, fair tax treatment for individuals buying private insurance, and allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. All of these proposals would go a long way toward bringing down health care costs, without bankrupting the country.
Rep. Sestak also glossed over the reality that the government-run health care program he favors will indeed kick millions of people off their private insurance for the simple reason that a government option will create a huge incentive for employers to drop their current, private plans. The non-partisan Lewin Group recently published a report demonstrating that the health plan Rep. Sestak supports will shift 88 million people from employee based private insurance to the new government plan.
“It is refreshing to have this kind of serious discussion with Rep. Sestak,” Mr. Toomey concluded, “after months of listening to Arlen Specter adopt every position under the sun. Pennsylvanians deserve a thoughtful policy debate, but Senator Specter’s rampant political opportunism makes that kind of like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. I look forward to Rep. Sestak’s clarifications in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully, a thoughtful discussion will help move the health care debate in the direction of positive reforms.”
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