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So I have friends who live around La Ronda in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood as it were. I got a little message today that La Ronda was sporting an ugly new accessory: orange construction fencing, really? Sad. Very sad. Last time I saw that was around Christmas when what once was a humble 19th century frame house was sacrificed for the development that has never happened, Allaire.

I hate orange construction fencing because on the Main Line it means something nasty is going to occur. It's never positive. Or at least not in my mind.

But what really had me wondering was why people said there were trucks and worker bees at La Ronda today? Was the stop work order lifted or something? If so, what's with the acitivity if you have a prior owner Arthur Kania who popped up like a gopher in a golf course in the 11th hour to claim salvage rights? Why now? Is it because Kania didn't want people to wonder if he marketed the historic mansion as a knock down? Or is it because this guy Benjamin Wohl wants to buy it? And what about that drama within the drama? Has Wohl been acknowledged by the mysterious owner? And if the mysterious owner's lawyer said in a public meeting they would entertain serious offers on La Ronda and this Wohl guy is here and present and interested, well, will his offer be entertained only to be turned down? Or will this drama become the battle to end all battle of lawyers layered in lawyers?

In the end will these movin' on up mysterious owners just built their tyvek and wallboard dream house and be despised for generations to come?

Darn interesting tale La Ronda. Private property rights of course are all mixed up in the deal, and even though I believe in property rights, I will never understand wanton destruction. Will we all now wake up and indeed make historic preservation proactive instead of reactive? Who knows, because when it comes to that, politics always get in the way on the Main Line.

And oh yes, saving the best for last, a little snippet off of Save La Ronda's Facebook Wall. I have blocked out the name of the person someone is cursing...while it indeed might be the owner, I have no the risk is on them, not me...

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