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Otolith Sustainable Seafood will have a representative available at this weekend's Bryn Mawr Farmers' Market to introduce CSS and distribute to CSS 2009 Summer Salmon shareholders in your area. CSS 2009 Fall Harvest Program is defined at

"I had a terrific time answering questions for local informed seafood consumers at the 9/12 Bryn Mawr farmers' market. There will be a sign up sheet this time to include your email address and indicate if you would like to receive future CSS availability notification or would like Otolith to pursue a local market for the purpose of a purveyor of Otolith's sustainable seafood in your area. Everyone is always welcome to email for questions or concerns; responses may be made public on Otolith's website blog-spot or replied directly", Amanda B.

Otolith Sustainable seafood thanks Wimer's Organics CSA and Bud Wimer for his support and assisting me to get the word out about Otolith's CSS. His website for seasonal, organic and local produce is

CSS 2009 Fall Harvest Program includes halibut, rockfish and Pacific cod. This CSS is open through Oct 12th for registration. If you wish to see the seasonal best sustainable fish distributed for the CSS 2009 Summer Salmon Program, please come check us out at the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market this Saturday, 10AM-2Pm. Download CSS Enrollment form at or come read my blogs at

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