Eminent Domain: Will It Stay or Will it Go Now?

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Tonight at the Board of Commissioners Meeting it was fun, fun, fun. Our membership was brilliant, albeit spirited....but after a certain point, can you blame us? This is a heated issue, and a frustrating process at times. And well, not everyone is receptive to our perspectives. (Yes, what a shock. Can you believe it?) Eminent Domain is not the premier resort we wish to visit. Eminent Domain is not a vacation destination.

At tonight's meeting , the President of The Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners had a prepared statement. He made us stay up late to hear it. He said basically that eminent domain was a “last resort”. He talked about pending state and federal legislation. He was subdued, succinct.

If it’s a last resort, why threaten, intimate or allude to it? EVER???!!!

If it’s a last resort, why is it defended or discussed as a concept ?

If laws are going to prohibit eminent domain for private gain and bogus blight designations, why not kill it now?

Eminent Domain is not a resort people want to visit. Our businesses deserve better, our residents deserve better, and our government is capable of better.

Which brings us to the silver lining in this chapter of As Ardmore Turns: The Fantastic Five.

Who you ask? The five new commissioners to the board in Lower Merion: Rosenzweig, Gordon, Rogers, Brown, and Zelov.

Why you ask? Quite simply because they give every citizen hope for a better future. They are doing their level best to KEEP THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES!

Got your attention?

Ok. In a nutshell: tonight they put forth a motion to be voted upon in 30 days to kill eminent domain for private gain.

Our thoughts? They’re getting there. Just as long as they understand our businesses wish to stay RIGHT where they are. They have earned that right.

What else? Repeal the blight designation. The blight designation needs to die the ignoble death it deserves along with eminent domain.

Then we’re talkin’.....really talkin’

Thank you Fantastic Five for Five Super Efforts this evening. Our message to the seasoned commissioners on the fence over this issue? Vote along with the Fantastic Five. Be the people we know you are truly capable of being. Don’t let ego continue to rule reason and common sense. Besides, sitting on a fence hurts your butt. Put yourselves in our shoes. Remember the small business person. Then it’s easy to say no to eminent domain for private gain and bogus blight.

Everyone else? Stay tuned.

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