Exhibits: The Administration and Board Decide on Plan 1

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It's now August, and the "committee" is getting closer and closer to deciding what plan they'll put forward to the public.

Fran Keaveney sends out a message to the School Board asking for availabilty August 26 or August 27 for a "redistricting sub-committee" meeting. Lisa Fair Pliskin affirms in her response that she's "attended most[meetings]".

Students Doe Exhibit 23

Looks like August 27th is the date. First, we have a document dated that same day which breaks down each 'tested' scenario by student ethnicity:

Students Doe Exhibit 73

We also have handwritten notes from the files of Linda Doucette-Ashman:

Students Doe Exhibit 22

Lastly, in David Ebby's Deposition, Pages 37-40, he recalls attending a meeting the Friday before the first public meeting - September 8 was the first meeting - in which Chris McGinley explains that Plan 1 was chosen over Scenario "4 or 4B" in part due to diversity:

Students Doe Exhibit 42

Next up: The Public Reacts.

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