BOO to Bloomberg over Eminent U.S. Senators Specter and Leahy A.S.A.P!

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Apparently NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a page from FORMER NY Mayor Ed Koch (see ) Koch is a Democrat and Michael Bloomberg is a Republican.

Anyway NY1 reports that Bloomberg SUPPORTS eminent domain. We bet that will comment on something rotten in the Big Apple...

NY1: Politics
Mayor Takes On The Fight Over Eminent Domain

Excerpt: Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking on the fight over eminent domain to make sure local governments continue to have the right to seize private property for private developments if the projects benefit the public. NY1’s Sandra Endo filed this report.

Mayor Bloomberg is racking up some frequent flyer miles in the battle over taking people's property for private development projects he says would be for the public good.

...The mayor's been to the nation's capital twice in as many weeks, meeting privately with lawmakers to make the case local governments shouldn't lose the right to determine when eminent domain is legitimate in the interest of the public.

Eminent domain lawyer Michael Rikon has represented hundreds of clients under threat of getting their property possessed, and says the interpretation of who private development projects benefit is sometimes clouded.

“The basic bottom line is that some individual is going to make a lot of money and not necessarily improve the city,” said Rikon.

The debate is heated, since there are many shades of gray as to what defines a project that would benefit the public enough to require taking private property, which are people homes and businesses.

“It’s not necessarily the case that the fact that a private interests developing property means that there is no public value. The question is adequate compensation and adequate process for the people who are dispossessed,” said David Birdsell of Baruch College. “And those are very, very difficult questions to try to guarantee in a very fraught environment.” "

story here:

The New York Post reports that yesterday Bloomberg met with Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)

Hmmm. We say FLOOD Senator Leahy with phone calls and e-mails from the little guy and gal fighting eminent domain:

Washington Office
493 Russell Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

We also suggest if you haven't reached out to our own Senator Arlen Specter, do so A.S.A.P. :

Washington DC Office
711 Hart Building
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: 202-224-4254

Philadelphia Office
600 Arch Street
Suite 9400
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 215-597-7200
Fax: 215-597-0406

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