Gov Elect Corbett's Budget, the Forgotten Taxpayer versus the Unions

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In my view, Democratic Governor Ed Rendell did the right thing. The State anticipates revenues of about $23 billion. 2010-2011 budget, expiring June 30, 2011, was about $28 BILLION and there is an anticipated revenue shortfall of $63 million for this budget. So, Gov. Elect Corbett, who has promised, along with substantial number of House members not to raise taxes, will face this shortfall. By not extending the union contracts, it gives Gov Elect Corbett an ability to negotiate with unions to reduce cost of labor. I expect layoffs. Had Gov. Rendell extended these contracts, it would have handcuffed Gov elect Corbett, in my view. The Forgotten Taxpayer expects the Gov. elect to keep his no new taxes pledge and thinks  the unions need to recognize fiscal reality.

Rendell's decision not to extend state employee unions' contracts sets up showdown with incoming Gov. Corbett

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