Di Brunos Comes To Ardmore!

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DiBrunos Opening

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DiBruno Brothers Wows Ardmore With Grand Opening Celebration
March 31 marked the long anticipated grand opening celebration of DiBruno Brothers in the Ardmore Farmers Market in Suburban Square.
By Carla Zambelli

March 31 marked the grand opening reception for Philadelphia-based DiBruno Brothers in the Ardmore Farmers Market in Suburban Square.

DiBruno's began in 1939, when brothers Danny and Joe DiBruno opened a small market on 9th Street in the heart of the Italian Market in South Philadelphia. There is still no place like the original DiBruno's. It’s a true slice of foodie heaven.

I grew up going to DiBruno's with my family.....When you walked into the long and very narrow store that was DiBruno's on 9th Street, it was a feast for the eyes and other senses, with cheeses and cured meats suspended from the ceilings, shelves lining the walls (covering floor to ceiling) with all sorts of foods and coffees. Large oak barrels lined up like soldiers filled with olives, pepperoncini, and other pickled things in brine whose spicy, salty aromas wafted up to you in the store....The Ardmore Market is a very clean and well lit modern space, yet DiBruno's, as they have with their other stores, has maintained the feeling of the Italian Market. They spared no expense and treated all of the guests to the delectable treats that made them famous, in addition to samplings from their catering menu.

Shockingly enough, the only Lower Merion official at this was Commissioner Cheryl Gelber. And that is truthfully fine, yet for all the prattling on this township does about supporting the business community, it seems if there is not a hard hat and tax payer funded ribbon-cutting ceremony involved, ya just don't see them...

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Bravissimo DiBruno Brothers!

And yep, if LMT government is blowing our tax dollars for things that may or may not be needed - but most certainly do not generate revenue but rather cost taxpayers money, most commissioners show up with hardhat, shovel and a big grin.

A free market, entrepreneurial business opening that benefits the local economy - commissioners are no-shows, and I prefer it that way because we certainly don't need local government turning businesses off to Lower Merion, as they no doubt would with their busy-body nature and desire to regulate, tax or place fees on everything that moves.


Brotherhood of Thieves ~ As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

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I had every intention of going but JP's baseball game was never cancelled (should have been). Then I had to rush over to a Planning Commission Meeting where a builder is trying to stuff 5lbs. of potatos in a 10lb. sack (three houses on 2.5 small lots.) in my sisters neighborhood. I will be there this weekend for my own gratification!

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That's going to be super great!

But does anyone know what happened to the cheese shop?

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