Oh Look...Nail Salon on Nail Salon...In Bryn Mawr

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bm bm

You know what I love about hooplah over zoning? Bryn Mawr went thru the wringer... on new zoning so...you know they wouldn't be the salon district like Ardmore? Wellllll...salon on salon w/ Jude Plum 2 doors down LOL?? This is progress??

This is representative of the oh so fabulous filled vacancies? Remember all the "we won't be like Ardmore with all those salons"? And then there are new businesses with stop work orders, so what they think they don't need permits I guess? (Hadn't seen one of those posted in LMT in a loooong time) stop

Meanwhile, neighbors are reporting issues with Omar's Hookah Haven Heaven but what's a township to do when this sort of establishment seems betwixt and between every code? As in hookah bars in PA, like many states fall into the category of not having one, ergo a loophole? I think the largest issue I am hearing with Omar's is noise related to the after hours of it all, along with the BYOB and wondering if all is kosher in the age department?

And what's up with Kelly's? To expand or not to expand? To deck or not to deck and what are the neighbors' rights? Is that the question? I dunno.

This is just what I hear when I am in Bryn Mawr....of course everyone wonders how that filthy dirty Bejing Inn stays open....and the graffiti between them and the building next door is not so fabulous and the restaurant the owner of Bejing Inn also own? Ha Long Bay? Also looks like it could use a good scrubbing...thank heavens for Verdad and MilkBoy on that side of the street! Anyway it seems no matter what anyone says that Bryn Mawr has a few of the same issues as Ardmore...and a Taj Mahal library in progress to boot!

Ya know what they say? Lower Merion is a First Class Township...and it offers the best choices in mani-pedis around!




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