Philadelphia City Council District 1 Joe Grace Independent Democrat

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Core Issues: City’s Bankrupt Budget, Bankrupt City Pensions, abused DROP program and the Philadelphia City Councilmanic District 1



Independent Democrat Joe Grace for City Council 1st Councilmanic District Joe Grace has shown he can be a team player without compromising core values.



Mark Squilla Man of the machine? WHYY’s Dave Davies March 9, 2011



Union Organizer Jeff Hornstein  is on leave from his job with Service Employees International Union organizing janitors and, there is no reason to think he would not do what a Union Organizer would be expected to do. Jeff Hornstein would not likely deviate from direction that got Philadelphia into the fiscal mess it is today.



There is no reason to think either Mark Squilla or Jeff Hornstien will address the Titanic budget issues, including pension obligations, facing Philadelphia in a fiscally responsible manner. City Council, also, approves the $3.2 Billion dollar Philadelphia School District which gives it some leverage over the performance of the District which has so many violent and failing schools. Philadelphia needs, at least, one knowledgeable, experienced, fiscally common sense Council Person who is willing to look at the numbers and act rationally, rather than politically. That Independent Democrat is Joe Grace


For those interested in supporting Joe Grace, Thursday, April 28th 6:00pm-8:00pm The Home of Susan Burt-Collins 230 Merion Rd. Merion Station, PA 19066 Suggested Contributions Sponsor: $500 Supporter: $250 w Friend: $100Students and Young Professionals: $50


OR    Please join Representative Kevin Boyle • Representative Tim Briggs Donna Cooper • Phil Goldsmith • Joseph M. Hoeffel III Loree D. Jones • Abbe Fletman, Esq. • Mary Isenhour Gregory Harvey, Esq. • Robert J. Levant, Esq. Herman Mattleman, Esq. • Marciene S. Mattleman Dan Muroff • Stephanie Naidoff Marlene Olshan and Mindy Posoff • Brian Sims Eric Weinberg at a cocktail reception honoring JOE GRACE 1ST DISTRICT CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE with special guest Honorable Edward G. Rendell Friday, April 29th 5:30pm-7:30pm The Pyramid Club 1735 Market Street, 52nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103 Sponsor: $2,600 • Host: $1,000 Supporter: $500 • Guest: $250 To RSVP email Contribute online at Checks made payable to Committee to Elect Joe Grace 3170 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134 Paid for by the Committee to Elect Joe Grace

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independent of any candidate, campaign or organization


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I can’t support Joe Grace because he ran around the state getting unconstitutional local lost/stolen gun laws passed by cities and townships.

As I posted before, if the General Assembly passed such a law in a constitutional manner, I could live with a lost/stolen gun law.

Thus, if Grace were to win and swear his oath to “support, obey and defend” the constitutions of PA and the U.S., I have no faith in him doing so - not that any of his opponents would either.

Philly has an unconstitutional lost/stolen gun law on the books that is not enforced (because it is unconstitutional) and unless I hear Grace campaign that he will seek to repeal that and all unconstitutional Philly laws (the unconstitutional “stop and frisks” without reasonable suspicion and based on racial profiling by the Philly PD also need to go), I can’t support him.


Brotherhood of Thieves ~ As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

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