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Last seen: 5 years 36 weeks ago
Joined: 2010-11-03 :50

You know, it is interesting to see local Republican officials back home touting their dedication to the environment.  Gerlach got kudos for touting a tax credit for land preservation and showing up at the  John Heinz center to press legislation to protect the Delaware River Basin.

However, it is hard to square what Gerlach says he wants to do with what he is actually doing, voting to weak the protections against air and water pollution.  For example, Gerlach voted for a bill to make it easier to spray pesticides in water, Gerlach voted against an amendment to keep protections against water pollution in the 2012 Water and Energy Appropriations bill.  He also voted for a bill which will stop the federal government from keeping water clean if state authorities fail to do so.  So if Corbett doesn’t do anything about Frackers, well, we’re just out of luck.  He is even against energy saving light bulbs (yes, because in this economy that is a real big issue!)

It is easy for Gerlach to show up supporting land trust legislation, even though we are going to cut trillions of dollars from the budget.  It is easy for Gerlach to show up at the Heinz Center saying that he supports a clean Delaware River.  He knows the House will never pass this legislation.  He knows it won’t even be brought up for a vote.   This stuff does make for good press releases though with a more moderate constituency, which the press, who isn’t watching how he votes, just eats up.  I prefer tea-baggers who at least let you know where they stand instead of a guy trying to fool me into pretending he is something he is not.

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