Gerlach Votes to Defund GPO

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Last seen: 5 years 39 weeks ago
Joined: 2010-11-03 :50

When I got back from vacation, I found out that Jim Gerlach has joined the attack against my primary source of information about his goings on and the goings on of Congress in general.  That is the Government Printing Office.  They print the bills, Congressional Record etc. so you can understand what is really going on instead of what the talking heads tell you is going on.  That is where I have found that Gerlach talks like a moderate and acts like a right winger. 

Now Gerlach and his crew want to demolish GPO.  A handful of Republicans voted against this attack on free information but Gerlach was not among them.  Could it be that he and they don't like having a tracable record?  So much for open government.

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