Making Education Affordable in Radnor

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The "Making Education Affordable" slate of Radnor School Board candidates have put out a nice piece of lit that takes a strong stand on controlling district spending and local property tax increases.  

They pledge that they will: take on NO new debt; only introduce programs that are fully funded and sustainable; protect our art, music, sports and language programs; put any request for a tax increase in excess of ACT 1 to a referendum of the voters.

Wow! That's a whole lot of promising… very, very specific, quantifiable, and measurable promises not often seen in Radnor School Board campaign material.   

But can they be trusted to make good on their promises? The past decades of Radnor Republican lead school boards have not followed these conservative principles.  Who are these candidates?  Democrats?  An Independent slate?

Nope, they are Republicans. Not that you could tell looking at the lit; the word Republican does not appear anywhere.

The trend this year in Radnor Township is for Republicans to cringe from the Republican label.

While it is understandable, but misguided, for the Radnor Republican candidates to avoid the "Republican Brand" in their campaign material, it is flat out wrong, and counterproductive, for the Radnor Republican Committee to do so. A political committee like the Radnor Republican Committee clearly has its own interests.  

Although a committee's interests mostly parallel those of its candidates, they are different in many significant ways. Candidates and campaigns have timelines that are measured in weeks or months rather than the decades, if not generations, of sustained effort that is needed for a political committee to be effective and growing. The Dems have the same problem.

Putting the party ID issue aside, it is a very strong and persuasive piece.  The issues raised by the "Making Education Affordable" slate are the real RTSD issues.  Pattie Booker is the leader of the slate and she is as reliable as she's operational; she knows how to lead and get stuff done.  Pattie Booker brings credibility and commitment to the slate's stunning set of promises.

On the other hand, the campaign material of the Radnor Democrats who are running for School Board is not impressive.  There are just too many weasel words and too little commitment to be persuasive.

However, I found the candidate endorsement letter below by Democratic 4th Ward Commissioner, Elaine Paul Schaefer, very interesting, but more for what she doesn't say than what she does.

Commissioner Schaefer says," As you know, five seats on our Radnor School Board are up for election, and it is vitally important that we all get out to vote in what is sure to be an extremely low-turnout election. additionly to encouraging (imploring!) you to vote, I would like to endorse and recommend three candidates who I know will do an excellent job and be outstanding representatives for our community."

That's odd.  The Commissioner correctly identifies the fact that there are five seats on Radnor School Board that are up for election.  Then she goes on to urge Dems to vote for  3 candidates. Why no recommendation for the Democratic incumbent, Eric Zajac? What's up with that?



A glowing endorsement from Elaine Paul Schaefer tells me all I know. Lisa Borowski, Kimm Doherty, and Sheila Palmer will not get my vote in the November 8th Radnor School Board election.

If  the backstabber Dem Commissioner Schaefer can't find it in herself to provide even pro forma support to endorsed Dem candidates,  I have to believe that "The Erics"  must be pretty terrific and deserve the voters serious consideration on Election Day.



UPDATE: Elaine Paul Schaefer points to the fact that Sheila G. Palmer served 2 terms as the Radnor Elementary School PTO president as a reason to vote for her.

It has been alleged that someone ripped off $40,000 from Radnor Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.  No money was recovered; no one was charged, though the school, PTO, police and Delaware County's DA’s office were aware of the allegations.

Something doesn't smelling right with the Radnor Elementary School PTO.

Sheila G. Palmer should issue a statement explaining what she knows, if anything, about these troubling allegations and the PTO's reported lack of cooperation with the investigators.

UPDATE: After reading the additional reporting on this matter I would hope that the incumbents on RTSB, Booker, Madden and Zajac would a issue a statement on this prior to Election Day.

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Epic blog post was epic.  Nice work!

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To think cost cutting is painless is a delusional thinking and when the complaining and drama start over the cuts, will the fiscal common sense candidate keep their promises or will they go "squish" screwing the common taxpayer once again. It is a common dynamic.

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