Ardmore Transit Center Project Financial Summary

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dmuth's picture
Last seen: 11 weeks 2 days ago
Joined: 2005-09-12 :35

I got this note from Lower Merion Township:

A staff report of the overall expenses incurred from 2003 through 2011 for the proposed Ardmore Transit Center and Revitalization Project has been posted on the Township's website.

The report states that nearly $5.8 million has been spent to-date; of this amount, approximately $2.3 million is the responsibility of the Township. Approximately $2.5 million has been funded from grant reimbursements received and approximately $1 million is to be reimbursed to the Township by Dranoff Properties from the Project.

The staff report provides detailed background information, outlines categories of expenses, sources of revenues, Dranoff Expenses and a financial summary. All Ardmore Transit Center information can be accessed from the home page "Topical Issues" prompt on

Why couldn't they have just included the link in the email instead of derping out "go to our website and click your way through the menu system"? I don't know.  But for those who want the direct link to the Ardmore Transit Center Project page, here it is:


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bobguzzardi's picture
Last seen: 2 years 13 weeks ago
Joined: 2006-01-13 :07

Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money – an ongoing series

$5.8 million spent by Lower Merion Democrats and Bureaucratic Allies on professional consultants and how much better all our lives are.

Certainly, the well paid Lower Merion consultants, the wise and virtuous experts at Econsult, Hangley and Pennoni.

I am probably being cynical in thinking they are “connected to the elected” one way or the other

. Does this $5.8 spending not make your spirits soar like the Lancaster Ave Ardmore Realignment or the Anderson Ave Underpass Colored Lights and the really neat sign saying ARDMORE. Genius. I could never have thought of spending money like this.

The Democrats are on track to spend another $15,000,000 on expanding and upgrading bricks and mortar paper book "libraries" in the age of E-Books.

Would I be too cynical to think these are all Big Government Liberals who think elite experts can make all our lives better? Multimillionaire Democratic Financier Carl Dranoff is better off? Good to see Liberals funding the 1%.

Of course, this is not Lower Merion money, it is "grants" from ....the government and who finances the government? The exploited and Forgotten Taxpayer.

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