Romantic Date Night with Couples Yoga in Philadelphia

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Date night in Philadelphia…with a Yogic Twist! If you’re this close to staying in and watching another Netflix DVD, then it may be time to mix it up. Get that 5th date feeling back with a spicy and soulful Yoga-licious night.

As you go through the motions together, you and your partner can expect a closer, more romantic and more soulful relationship than ever with each other through giggles, movement and massage.

  • Connect in a revitalizing, strengthening, energizing and uplifting way
  • Release stress and stiffness.
  • Explore playfulness, nurturing and buoyancy.
  • Learn how to guide, honor, encourage, support and receive support from each other
  • Yoga virgins, the stiff and inflexible are especially welcome.
  • Ideal for Birthdays, Celebrations, Anniversaries, Proposals and Romantic Date Nights

Beginner Couples Yoga Sessions. What about a Mini-Romantic retreat that is wallet-friendly? Couples Romantic Date Night with Partner Yoga and Thai Massage

Cost: $20 Per Person. Pre-Registration with payment required via Paypal.  You can also call 610-352-1177 and pay on the phone with a credit card.

Please specify the date you are registering for in your Paypal instructions

Time: Fridays,  8 – 9:30 pm. PRE-Registration Required.     No spots available for Aug 3rd,  Aug 10th and Aug 31st.  All other Fridays have openings in them.

Location: 3901 “B” Building Main Street, 2nd Floor (Hidden River). Manayunk, PA 19127.  Near Red OFFICE SPACE sign.

Partner Yoga for Beginners

Parking : Free parking is on Main St near CVS.  Metered Parking is in front of the building – free after 8pm.

Arrivals : Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts to settle in so we can start on time without disruptions.

What to Bring/Wear: Please wear clothes you can stretch in, a water bottle and a willing heart.

Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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Hmmm spam? Not spam? I can't decide.

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Their address is "16 E Lancaster Ave", so I'm gonna consider it "classifieds".

I wouldn't mind seeing more local businesses post here, myself.


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