Underpass Height Signs Exist For a Reason

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Main Line Times > News/Truck into bridge ties up traffic in Ardmore
Published: Wednesday, October 03, 2012

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A number of accidents have created traffic issues in Lower Merion Tuesday afternoon. A truck is stuck under the Anderson Ave train bridge. The moving truck was traveling north when it became llodged under the railroad bridge about 1:30 PM. Officials are trying to figure to remove it as part of an I beam is lodged in the box. Officials are planning to close the road completely once a tow truck is in place.

Township officials just notified that Anderson Ave Ardmore between Lancaster Ave and Coulter Ave is closed. Expect Traffic congestion.

D'oh. How much money did Lower Merion Township spend recently on the rehab here? And note that as is the case with the rest of these bridges, the height is MARKED. There have been a bunch of truck hits into railroad overpass bridges in Radnor Twp recently too. So why is it these truck drivers can't pay attention? Don't they know how large their trucks are? There is some damage here judging from the photo. And driving by today you can indeed see where the truck banged into the underpass.

This is not unusual. Doug Muth, SAC webmaster commented with regard to the bridge "For those of you playing along from home, here's the current score: Anderson Ave Bridge: 3 Trucks: 0"

Here are recent articles on Radnor Patch from just August and September with regard to trucks vs. underpass in Radnor:

Truck Stuck Under N. Wayne Ave. Bridge Friday

The truck almost made it out.
By Sam Strike
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September 21, 2012

Another Truck Destroyed by Radnor Overpass

On Tuesday morning a truck tried unsuccessfully to pass under the bridge at on King of Prussia Road.

By Sam Strike
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September 19, 2012

Truck Stuck Closes Conestoga Road Tuesday Morning

Conestoga Road is closed at Brookside Ave. and Parke's Run Lane after a truck gets stuck under a Radnor Trail overpass. The driver was flown to the hospital via PennSTAR.
By Sam Strike
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August 14, 2012

Second Truck Gets Stuck in Radnor Tuesday

A moving truck gets stuck under the King of Prussia Road train overpass hours after the same thing happened nearby.
By Sam Strike
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August 14, 2012

All of these underpass locations are marked. So is it the trucks think there is more room than there is or they don't really know how tall their trucks are?

These hits snarl traffic and they all have to be checked out to ensure there is no structural damage to the underpasses.

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