The Daily Salvo for November 20, 2014 - "Promises, Promises"

The Daily Salvo - 2 hours 56 min ago
The Daily Salvo for November 20, 2014 - "Promises, Promises"
The 1983 hit song "Promises, Promises" by Naked Eyes pretty much sums up the mindset of those of us who feel betrayed and misled by Obamacare. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

be thankful

Chester County Ramblings - 2 hours 58 min ago

It is that thankful time of year. Only I keep seeing people that are NOT particularly thankful and are just plain cranky.

I went to the Giant to pick up a couple things, and stopped by the customer service desk to see if I had enough points for my turkey. While I was there, a woman came up to the desk holding a newspaper. A Philadelphia Inquirer. She asked if she could just leave the money on the counter or if it had to be scanned. The older lady behind the customer service desk running the lottery machine said “We have to scan it.”

This woman with the paper basically went off about having to wait essentially another 60 seconds so her newspaper could be scanned. I and another person were somewhat incredulous watching this.

Yelling at people about scanning an item that they have no control over is just such a waste of energy. And it’s not their fault that they have to scan the newspapers.

The holidays are hard for a lot of people. But we should try to be nice, shouldn’t we?

I went from that odd scenario to learning that my friends Samantha and Gregory just had their second baby. He is a beautifully perfect little boy and I’m so happy for them! What an awesome Thanksgiving present!

I am really thankful that I am in the safe happy and loved place that I am today. A few short years ago my life could’ve turned out quite differently.

I remember Thanksgiving meals past where I was with a group of people who weren’t tremendously happy people. You actually feel quite sad for people like that during the holidays . It used to be fascinating to watch this bunch of people on the day of the year when we’re all supposed to be thankful and grateful and about family, and perhaps their greatest familial tradition was ripping into people who were not present to defend themselves and sometimes even ripping into people who were present.

None of us lead a perfect existence. I do not pretend that I do. But I am very grateful for what I have. And I am very grateful for the love that surrounds me. I guess it’s about deciding whether you’re going to look at life as a glass half-full , or a glass half-empty.

So I hope people hang onto the feeling of thankful as the holiday crazies literally begin to swirl all around us. And I really wish that people would be kinder to those who work in the stores. Whether it’s a small retail shop, or a grocery store, it doesn’t matter.

We all have bad days, but at this time of year especially we should be more mindful of how we treat others.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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hanging out

Chester County Ramblings - 6 hours 11 min ago

Yes….I love my squirrels. They crack me up.

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The Daily Numbers for Friday, Nov. 21

Heron's Nest - 10 hours 13 min ago
The Daily Numbers: 10, age of boy missing in Sharon Hill since last night.

15 years, how long a Chester church has been honoring police and firefighters with an early Thanksgiving dinner.

9 months in prison for an Aston woman who entered a plea deal in the middle of her trial on charges she ripped off $600,000 from the business where she was a trusted employee.

13, age of youth who allegedly received pornographic images from a 29-year-old teacher’s aide.

1.6 percent cost-of-living pay hike for elected Pa. officials and some judges.

191,000 dollars a year, the salary for our governor.

3,000 dollar hike for appellate judges.

209,329 for the Supreme Court chief justice.

2 dead, 2 wounded in shooting inside home in Tabernacle, in South Jersey.

7 feet of snow in Buffalo that is causing roofs to collapse. Now they are expected rain over the weekend and fear widespread flooding.

21 years, how long it’s been since the Philly Fed recorded the kind of growth it reported this week.

4 straight losses for the Flyers.

45.4 seconds left when the Wild netted the game winner.

37 shots stopped by Wild goaltender Darcy Kuemper.

27 saves for Ray Emery in goal for the Flyers.

72-65 win for Villanova hoops over feisty Bucknell squad.

16-game losing streak snapped by the Raiders, and they did it at the expense of Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.

12-0 record for Springfield as they tangle with 11-1 Great Valley for the District 1 AAA football crown.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Nice to see Eric Lindros back in the Wells Fargo Center last night as he was inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame, along with Legion of Doom linemate John LeClair.

I Don’t Get It: Another family tragedy, this time in South Jersey. No, we don’t have too many guns.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Lindros and LeClair, throwbacks to a time when the Flyers challenged for the Stanley Cup every year.

Quote Box: “I think it’s an easy case.”

John LeClair, arguing for why linemate Eric Lindros should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
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A new magazine in Chester - and the young people producing it

Heron's Nest - 10 hours 40 min ago
I got some new competition last night.

We took our live-stream Internet show, 'Live From the Newsroom,' to the campus of Widener University in Chester to meet some young journalists.

They are the driving force behind a brand new magazine focusing on Chester.

It's part of the Magazine Writing course offered at Widener by adjunct professor Sam Starnes.

The kids were terrific.

They did all the writing, editing, photos and layout involved with this slick new mag. I was impressed.

My thanks to Professor Starnes, and in particular to the three students who joined us last night, Khlalil Williams of Chester; Maria Klcecko of Aston, and Devon Fiore, who hails from Lancaster.

Williams was especially impressive as he talked about what he hopes to accomplish with the magazine, shining a light on a side of the city where he grew up that does not often garner headlines.

Williams talked about the city's thriving arts community and what he sees as a bright future. He penned a column in the mag dealing with his belief in the city.

Klecko featured one of the great secrets of the city. That would be the Chester Children's Chorus.

Fiore wrote of one of the city's true icons, Crozer-Chester Medical Center and a very special fertility program that is helping young couples have children.

If you missed the show, you can catch the replay here.

Journalism is in good hands with young people like this dynamite trio entering the field.

Thanks for a great night.
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Deer me - they're everywhere!

Heron's Nest - 10 hours 54 min ago
I've gotten pretty adept over the years at dodging my four-legged friends on my early-morning commute.

But this morning I saw something I have never seen before.

I know most of the trouble spots. Driving Providence Road from West Chester Pike to the Media Bypass can literally be like a slalom course many mornings, with deer seeming around every bend.

Thankfully there are a few tips I can offer. Your headlights are your best friend. When they hit the eyes of an animal - they can be seen far off in the distance.

Most important, remember this. If you see one deer dart across the road in front of you, by all means slow down or ever stop. Guaranteed there are several coming right behind the lead Bambi.

But none of that prepared me for what I saw this morning - on Bishop Avenue of all places.

I don't usually go down Bishop, from Baltimore Pike to Providence Road, but for some reason Oak Avenue, my normal route, was closed off by PECO trucks this a.m. So I had to circle back to Bishop. I was making my way down the hill and approaching the Media-Elwyn railroad tracks when what wanders out into the road? Yep, a full-grown deer, with a couple of pals in tow. They strolled across Bishop and ambled through a yard along the railroad tracks. Maybe they were headed for North Park nearby in Springfield. But I have never seen deer in this area of Upper Darby before.

If they were looking for the Bazaar of All Nations, they were a few years late.

Be careful out there.
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The return of Eric Lindros

Heron's Nest - 11 hours 16 min ago
I was just getting over the idea of playing second fiddle.

Last night it all came rushing back again.

That's what happens when you're married to the world's biggest Eric Lindros fan.

The Big E was back in town last night, along with his Flyers' Legion of Doom buddy John LeClair. They were inducted together into the Flyers Hall of Fame.

By every appearance - with the possible exception being the notable absence of Lindros' mother and father - the long, twisted tale of separation that led to one of the ugliest breakups in Philly sports history is just that - history.

Lindros spent the day doing interviews and TV spots, and then he and LeClair soaked up the adulation in an hour-long pre-game celebration.

Lindros suffered the same mythic fate as so many titans of lore, seemingly invincible, but with a fatal flaw.

Lindros possessed a rare combination of brute strength, finesse and skill, a mix rarely if ever seen in a superstar.

He was at times a bull in a china shop, and at others the deft, skilled passer who set up LeClair again and again as they tortured opponents.

But the bull in the china shop shared another tragic fate, a vulnerability to breaking.

Lindros became the early poster boy for the problem of concussion in sports.

The vision of him being laid out at mid-ice in a playoff game by Scott Stevens of the Devils haunts still.

Then there were the bitter accusations between Lindros, his parents, and the Flyers' organization, including the belief that his injuries had been mishandled.

Eventually he was banished to New York, of all places, to the Rangers.

But last night Lindros was back where he belonged.

So was my wife.

She never missed a minute of his games. And she has not watched a minute since he left. The bitterness was not carried just by the Lindros family.

I'm not sure my wife will ever forgive her one-time hero, the guy who Lindros so emulated, Bobby Clarke. She also has no great feelings for Flyers owner Ed Snider.

But she has remained true to Lindros.

Last night she was smiling as he watched her hero return to the building that was built largely on his shoulders.

Welcome back, Eric.
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mid november

Chester County Ramblings - Thu, 2014-11-20 20:54

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coffee klatch

Chester County Ramblings - Thu, 2014-11-20 20:51

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that racket called health insurance

Chester County Ramblings - Thu, 2014-11-20 20:47

Usually a post like this would end up on my breast cancer blog. But health insurance in the USA is a somewhat universal affliction.

I am one of those people who am not thrilled with Obamacare. I have always had health insurance and I still do not see the long term efficacy of the Affordable Care Act….unless of course everyone in Washington DC stops playing politics and things like reforming the actual insurance companies occurs. (A gal can dream, right?)

Thus far it has been more aggravation, increased costs, and abject confusion. And I am one of those people who has always had health insurance. So why do I feel punished by the Affordable Care Act more than helped?

Insurance companies must now publicly justify any unreasonable rate hikes, says the government. But that isn’t saying they can’t charge the unreasonable rate hikes does it? And it “keeps young adults covered”, and well while swell back in the insurance dark ages as a young working adult….I had and kept health insurance.

It ends denial and such on pre-existing conditions. Well o.k. if Obama says so…I still think the insurance companies have trap doors and escape hatches yet to be discovered.

The Affordable Care Act is a long and convoluted document which makes the Dodd-Frank Act (Wall Street reform in layman’s terms) seem like a light beach read(well maybe it is because how is that “reform” working out, anyway? )

This time last year (2013) my insurer (Aetna) said come this time this year (2014) all of their prior plans were going bye-bye, and we would have to choose one which was ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant. Well my holiday is over and my day of Obamariffic reckoning is here.

First I got the letter that I knew was coming but still left a pit in the bottom of my stomach: my current health insurance plan was being canceled. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor, so anything which messes with coverage at all makes me very nervous.

So after a few conversations with Aetna, I chose my plan today. I had to make sure all of my doctors and hospital system were in the plans I was looking at. Once again I had to apply. (You would think if you were an existing subscriber some basic data would automatically populate but no it doesn’t). So I got my little letter of acceptance. I stuck it with my certificate of prior coverage also issued by Aetna.

Now comes the kicker.

What kicker? Pay now, pay more now.

So my new insurance is considerably higher. It has no more dental, and won’t cover the basic annual eye exam and an annual pair of glasses. There is also a deductible hump to be covered. My shiny “gold” plan isn’t all bad, but I am not all comfortable, either.

What else? Oh super fun: I get to pay my current premium December 1st and my new plan premium December 15th. I guess it will be a Merry Christmas indeed….for the insurance company.


I get that I have to pay for the new plan premium, but couldn’t they do that on say December 31st? As it stands right now it’s like “honey guess what you are getting for Christmas? Double December insurance payments!!”

So exciting said NO one. EVER.

I keep waiting for health insurance to get less complicated and even out in price.  All it does is get more confusing, more layered, more expensive.

Health insurance is another thing ruined by politics.

Sorry for the rant.  I just think we deserve a level playing field and the Affordable Care Act without truly reforming insurance companies misses the mark somewhat, doesn’t it?

And  for more interesting reading check out the article in The Atlantic dated today November 20th. (CNBC too) Also an interesting read? The Forbes eBook on Obamacare, and a CNN online article from yesterday. The video is fascinating.

At the end of the day, do we next as Americans have to worry what impact the recent national elections will have on all of this hot mess called Obamacare??? And then where will we be? The ordinary human equivalent of a push me-pull you? What happens if the darn thing gets repealed? Somehow, I think that would create an even larger mess.

Who’s on first? Who the heck knows……





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Derp: Larry Ceisler Thinks Lynn Abraham is #PHL2015 Frontrunner

Keystone Politics - Thu, 2014-11-20 09:29
LOL. Has PoliticsPA ever been less essential?
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The Daily Numbers for Thursday, Nov. 20

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-11-20 08:26
The Daily Numbers: 90 pounds of pot delivered to a business address in Upper Darby. Police are investigating who sent it and who it was supposed to go to, because the business owner doesn’t know anything about it.

90,000 dollar streel value of the high-grade pot that was shipped from California.

18, age of man facing rape charge in connection with the rape of a 5-year-old girl. He also is alleged to have given the girl a sexually transmitted disease.

20, age of man in Upper Darby who faces charges for ripping off a delivery from the front porch of a neighborhood house. 2nd DUI charge for a woman who is facing trial in a fatal DUI incident.

2 deer hunts set for Ridley Creek State Park on Dec. 4 and 11.

20, age of Villanova student facing a sex assault charge connected to an incident that a woman reported happened last summer in Milwaukee, Wis.

2 more Dem names seeking to be next mayor of Philly. Those would be former D.A. Lynne Abraham, and Sen. Anthony Williams, D-8, who represents a part of Delco.

125 baggage handlers at Philadelphia International Airport who walked off job in 1-day protest this morning.

5.5 feet of snow that has paralyzed the Buffalo area.

8 deaths being blamed on the epic early snow storm.

110 million dollar deal to buy the Revel Casino in Atlantic City that looks like it has fallen through.

200,000 dollar fine against Valley Forge Casino for series of violations including allowing underage gamblers.

83, age of famed movie director Mike Nichols, who has died.

11 straight losses for the Sixers.

101-90 win for the Celtics, who raise their mark to 4-6.

2-0 loss for the Flyers, who got blanked by the Rangers’ backup goalie.

31 shots by Flyers that failed to find the net.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

The Sixers continue to be perfect - a perfect 0-11 that is. I Don’t Get It: Let me see if I understand this. You are facing trial for a DUI crash and police say you have been involved in another DUI event. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the kids at St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield, who are celebrating their connection to the visit next year by Pope Francis.

Quote Box: “I did it.”

- suspect in theft of items delivered to front porch of home in Upper Darby.
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No Child Pornos, Turns Out

Keystone Politics - Thu, 2014-11-20 08:22
Still pretty gross. Why would a grown man send another grown man a picture of a little boy looking into a little girl’s underpants? Y’all are so weird. Can we see who got CC’d on...
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The Philly Mayoral Race So Far

Keystone Politics - Thu, 2014-11-20 07:49
Education activists: Anybody but Williams Planning activists: Anybody but Clarke Budding conflict over whether to back Ken Trujillo or Terry Gillen as the non-stupid alternative to the two big jawns....
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Chester has a new magazine!

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-11-20 07:28
The city of Chester has something new to read - besides of course its daily dose of the Daily Times.

The city has a new magazine, aptly named Chester, the work of students at Widener University.

They are taking the wraps off the glossy new mag this afternoon. Tonight, we will be on the Widener campus to do our live-stream Internet show, 'Live From the Newsroom,' and we'll meet the people behind this new literary effort.

Before tonight's show, the Chester community will celebrate the debut issue of the mag, which is both an online and print publication about the city produced by Widener University students, during a public reception at Widener University’s Freedom Hall at 4 p.m.

Stories in the magazine include a photo essay about the city, profiles of the Chester Children’s Chorus, the Laran Bronze Inc. foundry, a fertility doctor at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Phatso’s Bakery and other Chester eateries, and a story about the city’s plans for a cultural corridor.

All of the stories were planned, reported, written, edited and illustrated by five Widener communication studies majors: Jason Bishop of Delran, N.J.; Devon Fiore of Lancaster, Pa.; Brittany Kade of Quakertown, Pa.; Maria Klecko of Aston, Pa. (double majoring in English); and Khalil Williams of Chester, Pa.

The students were all enrolled in Magazine Journalism, a spring 2014 class taught by Sam Starnes, editor of Widener Magazine, marketing writer for the university, and adjunct professor of the Magazine Journalism course.

Williams, who was born and raised in Chester, said the experience of working on the magazine gave him a new perspective on his home town. “I feel that Chester has the potential to grow, because there are people who are passionate and interested in seeing the city be better,” he wrote in a column for the magazine. “Between the opportunities that this city has to what’s available now, I feel that it can be full of life again.”

The project earned the support of Chester Mayor John Linder, who led the students on a tour of the city at the beginning of the project. Linder said Chester magazine can serve as a valuable marketing tool to attract businesses and investment in the city.

“The Widener students did an excellent job bringing to life some of outstanding businesses, organizations and culture that Chester has to offer,” Linder said. “We are excited about the future of the city, and this magazine helps us tell that story. This is a great example of the growth of Chester’s public private partnerships with our prestigious anchor institutions, such as Widener University.”

Over the summer, Autumn Heisler, a senior English and creative writing major, edited the copy for the magazine. Nathalie Franzini-Hidalgo, a senior communication studies and psychology major who studied graphic design with senior lecturer Tim Scepansky, designed the magazine under the guidance of Melanie Franz, a senior graphic designer at Widener.

The university awarded the class a $1,000 Schmutz Student Engagement Mini Grant to produce the magazine. The grant is distributed annually to support undergraduate student-led projects that focus on Ches­ter and are developed in collaboration with a Chester community partner to address the city’s needs. John F. Schmutz, Esquire, donor of the grant, serves on Widener’s Board of Trustees and is a retired senior vice president and general counsel for E. I. DuPont Nemours and Company.

The magazine is being printed in limited numbers, but it can also be viewed online at

Klecko, Williams, Fiore, and Starnes will join us for tonight's show.

Join the conversation tonight at 7.
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A classic Ray Didinger-Daily Times story

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-11-20 06:54
I was in the presence of greatness yesterday.

There are not many people in this business I respect more than Ray Didinger.

First, I'm a die-hard Eagles fan. I can admit that as soon as the Eagles game is over I turn on "Eagles Post-Game Live" on Comcast SportsNet. I don't do that to hear Michael Barkann, although I admire the way he runs the show. I don't do it to hear former Gov. Ed Rendell, the voice of the fans. I don't do it to hear the insight of Brian Westbrook, a fairly adroit former player.

I do it to hear Ray Didinger break down the game.

No one knows more about the Eagles, or football in general.

I was a guest speaker at the monthly luncheon of the Delaware County Press Club. Actually I was second fiddle. I'm sure most of the people in the packed room came to hear Ray.

As I mentioned in the blog yesterday, Ray and I have one thing in common. We're both Daily Times veterans. That's right, Ray started what would be a Hall of Fame career at the Daily Times.

Yesterday he kicked off his comments with a great anecdote about his year at the Daily Times that kickstarted a career that would take him to the Evening Bulletin, Daily News, NFL Films and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ray, just out of Temple, actually was hired by Art Mayhew for an opening on the news side. That didn't dull his dream of being a sports writer, so he would cover high school football games on the weekends.

As Ray explained it, he was covering some of the lesser games of the weekend for a few weeks when he thought he would push his luck and seek a bit more high-profile game.

He approached then sports editor Ed Gebhart (who still pens a Sunday column for the Daily Times) and asked if he might not be assigned a Ridley game, one of the best teams in the county.

Gebhart peered up and in his best crusty editor's voice intoned, "You're not ready for Ridley."

Some four decades later, after he entered the sports writer's wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he got home to a stack of congratulatory mail. The first letter he saw caught his attention because it had a Chester postmark.

Inside the card was this quote: "OK, I guess you're ready for Ridley."

It was from Ed Gebhart.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Ray.

The Daily Times is immensely proud of one of our finest alums.

CLICK HERE to get a piece of Ray's analysis of last week's Eagles fiasco vs. the Packers.
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Shire moving Chesterbrook headquarters to Boston – 500 employees expected to leave Tredyffrin

Sadly, we learned this morning in Joe DiStefano’s Philadelphia Inquirer column that one of Tredyffrin Township’s largest employers is moving the company headquarters from Chesterbrook to Boston. In the Fall of 2012, Shire announced a decision to build a new large office complex on Trammel Crow property at the intersection of Rt. 29 and Yellow […]
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The Daily Salvo for November 19, 2014 - "Political Suicide"

The Daily Salvo - Wed, 2014-11-19 13:13
The Daily Salvo for November 19, 2014 - "Political Suicide"
Any Republican running for President that supports assisted-suicide is committing political-suicide. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

The Daily Salvo for November 18, 2014 - "Energizer Real Estate Bunny"

The Daily Salvo - Wed, 2014-11-19 13:05
The Daily Salvo for November 18, 2014 - "Energizer Real Estate Bunny"
Diane Cardano is the Energizer Bunny of the real estate world…she just keeps going and going. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

Lame Duck Corbett Trying to Sabotage Real Medicaid Expansion

Keystone Politics - Wed, 2014-11-19 11:01
Tom Wolf thumped Tom Corbett on Election Day running on, among other things, real Medicaid expansion. But apparently Corbett didn’t get the message the voters sent him, because he’s...
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