The Daily Salvo for July 25, 2014 - "The Pro-Life Democrat Paradox"

The Daily Salvo - 7 hours 51 min ago
The Daily Salvo for July 25, 2014 - "The Pro-Life Democrat Paradox"
The term "pro-life Democrat" is a self-serving oxymoron used by millions of self-righteous American voters who are aiding and abetting a culture of death. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

Et Tu, Senators Wagner, Eichelberger and Folmer: $27 BBILLION New Debt Authorized in 3 Acts

The Liberty Blog - 8 hours 44 min ago

 Et tu, Senators Wagner, Eichelberger and Folmer? Republican Senate UNANIMOUSLY voted YEA to authorizing $27,451,323,000 , (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing. ? These three borrowing Acts are not good news for the taxpayer: they authorize $27,451,323,000 that is about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars in new borrowing.  Debt is deferred Taxation. The Forgotten Taxpayer is disheartened and afraid.

Debt is deferred taxation. More debt means higher taxes in the future.

Tom Corbett signed into law three bills that increased Pennsylvania Debt by 27,451,323,000 , (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars)

Republican leadership in House and Senate, voting like Democrats, are complicit enablers in increasing authorization of the debt burden imposed on Pennsylvania taxpayers.

    $27,451,323,000 , (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing

Act 127 of 2014 authorizes $6,515,565,000 Road and Bridge Debt

Act 129 of 2014 authorizes $19,154,285,000 Road and Bridge Debt

Act 128 of 2014 authorizes $1,781,373,000 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Budget.

House Republican Leadership, including Mike Turzai, and Senate Republican Leadership and EVERY SENATOR voted YEA to authorizing $27,451,323,000, (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing. These three borrowing Acts are not good news for the taxpayer: they authorize $27,451,323,000 that is about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars in new borrowing.  Debt is deferred Taxation. The Forgotten Taxpayer is disheartened and afraid. Republicans voted with Democrats to increase debt. How are we to believe the sound and fury of Mike Turzai when he, and Republican leadership, voted to authorize $27,451,323,000, (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing?


  Who will take the lead?

“Debt payments from the General Fund Budget exceed $1 billion per year; nearly triple what it was 12 years ago.” Republicans voted with Democrats to increase debt. How are we to believe the sound and fury of Mike Turzai when he, and Republican leadership, voted to authorize $27,451,323,000, (about $27 and ½ Bbillion dollars) in new borrowing?  Commonwealth Foundation 23 July 2014 House Majority Leader Moves to Reduce Debt Burden  ??? This seems odd in light of Majority Leader Turzai’s led the Republican House to vote to authorize $27,451,323,000  new debt. Republican leadership is not leading in reducing Pennsylvania debt even though they are well aware of the problem. Why Not? Who are they afraid of?


     Why is the General Assembly authorizing more debt as Pennsylvania’s municipal bond rating is lowered?

Moody’s Investors Services downgrades Pennsylvania’s bond rating

Downgrade Detrimental to Taxpayers JULY 22, 2014  Bob Dick and Nate Benefield

Increasing Debt on Millennials does not seem the way to influence voters to support you. Consider this. The Electorate is diverse and complicated but Millennials don’t want to be, and cannot be, dependent on parents forever. It is humiliating and debilitating not to have a productive job and not to be compensated for your efforts to contribute to society

How Republicans Can Win Millennial Voters   More Debt won’t persuade them.



        Liberty Index 2014 Three Debt Votes

 A YEA vote is a vote against economic LIBERTY and against The Forgotten Taxpayer.

Act 127 of 2014 HB 2244 “A Supplement to the act of December 8, 1982 known as the Highway-Railroad and Highway Bridge Capital Budget Act for 1982-1983, itemizing additional State and local bridge projects.“

Fiscal Note Act 127 of 2014 Senate Appropriations Committee: $6,515,565,000 Road and Bridge Debt Authorized

House vote Act 127 of 2014 2 July 200 YEA to authorize more debt 2 NAY and 1 LVE


Act 129 of 2014 SB 1344 “ An Act providing for the highway capital budget project itemization for the fiscal year 2014-2015 to be financed from current revenue or by the incurring of debt “

 Fiscal Note Act 129 of 2014  House Committee on Appropriations: $19,154,285,000 Road and Bridge Debt Authorized

House vote Act 129 of 2014 2 July 202 YEA to authorize more debt 1 LVE


Does this mean than money from the Gas and Fuel Tax, Act 89 of 2013 which, if I read the Fiscal Note from the House Committee on Appropriations taxes and spends $7,307,000,000 to $7,584,000,000 over five years. See page 9 chart of Fiscal NoteAct89 of 2013  of the House Committee on Appropriations

The money raised by Act 89 of 2013 gas and fuel tax can be used to borrow money and, in effect, leverage gas and fuel taxes to generate more spending and debt. Debt is deferred taxation so that, in effect, Act 89 of 2013 will cost even more than the Act 89 of 2013 would indicate. Do I understand this all correctly?

Further, given the $7.3 to $7.5 Bbillion raised by Act 89 of 2013 gas and fuel tax was to fix the crumbling roads and bridges falling down, why is Capital spending and capital borrowing needed?


Separately:   Capital Budget RACP authorizing debt for Capital Projects


If the full authorization of $1,295,000,000 was incurred and bonds were sold at an interest rate of 3,25% the total estimated debt service would be $1,781,373,000 or $89,069,000 each year for twenty years

Act 128 of 2014 HB 2355  Fiscal Note Act 128 of2014  Committee on Appropriations $1,781, 373,000,000 Debt Authorized

“Act providing for the capital budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015; itemizing redevelopment assistance capital projects to be constructed or acquired or assisted by the Department of Community and Economic Development, together with their estimated financial costs; authorizing the incurring of debt without the approval of the electors for the purpose of financing the projects to be constructed, acquired or assisted by the Department of Community and Economic Development; and making appropriations.”

House Vote Act 128 of 2014 2 July 2014  172 voted YEA to authorize more debt; 27 voted NAY to authorizing  and 2 were LVE

9 Democrats voted NAY 18 Republicans  voted NAY

For list of Capital Budget submissions and grants, see Governor’s Department of Budget Office Redeve Redevelopment Assistance Capital Budget

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Why Is This Guy Still Allowed to Buy Alcohol in Pennsylvania?

Keystone Politics - 14 hours 4 min ago
This asshole got arrested for drunkenly ramming his car into an SUV with a pregnant woman and kids inside. This is his second DUI. Why should he still be allowed to buy alcohol in Pennsylvania?...
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The Daily Numbers for Friday, July 25

Heron's Nest - 15 hours 9 min ago
The Daily Numbers: 1 person shot and killed in exchange of gunfire inside Wellness Center at Mercy Fitzgerald Medical Center Thursday.

2 others wounded, including a doctor and the gunman.

2:21 p.m., when the first call came in for the shooting.

53, age of caseworker who was killed in the gunfire.

49, age of the suspect, who is in critical condition. The doctor, who is believed to have returned fire to stop the shooter, suffered a graze wound.

3 gunshots suffered by the shooter.

2 gunshot to the face suffered by the caseworker who died of her injuries.

3 different occasion when the suspect was committed to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

3 arrests for illegal possession of firearms that go back to the 1990s.

25 years, how long Silverman has been practicing medicine.

213 beds at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.

186,000 patients served there every year. 2 hours, how long the facility was in a lockdown as hundreds of law enforcement personnel swarmed the facility.

I Don’t Get It: It’s pretty clear this is an instance of a person having a gun who had no business possessing one, with deadly results. Today’s Upper: Kudos to Dr. Lee Silverman, who returned fire and likely prevented further tragedy. Quote Box: “Without a doubt, I believe the doctor saves lives."

- Yeadon Police Chief Don Molineaux
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The smoking guns of Mercy Fitzgerald

Heron's Nest - 15 hours 58 min ago
The door to my office is almost always open.

If it's closed, a buzz usually spreads through the newsroom. That's because the closed door often is a sign of bad news. It was again yesterday, but not for the reason you might think.

I was actually on a conference call along with our regional editorial board with Gov. Tom Corbett, who is in the midst of a statewide tour to push his quest to have the Legislature take up pension reform.

But toward the end of the call, a knock on the door interrupted me. Now, normally my staff does not deign to open that door when it is closed and they know I'm inside.

It better be pretty important.

It was.

Associate Editor Joe Hart handed me a note that indicated reports of shots being fired at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby Borough. We had two staffers, a reporter and photographer, en route.

The next couple of hours are a blew.

A few hours later - and after one of the worst nights of sleep I've had in a long time, including a recurring nightmare I just can't seem to shake - several things stand out to me.

First and foremost, please a life was lost in the Wellness Center across from Fitz yesterday. Let's not lose sight of that. Theresa Hunt, 53, a caseworker at the facility, was shot and killed. We mourn for her.

We also mourn for one more instance of gun violence. Only this time it hit home, right here in Delaware County.

I don't think there is much argument that this involves one more situation involving a person who clearly should not have had a gun.

The suspected shooter, Richard Plotts, from Upper Darby, is believed to have had serious mental issues as well as a long list of problems with the law.

It will make those who struggle with gun control issues in this country simply that much more exasperated.

But there is another angle you will no doubt hear about this story, one that is often pointed out by gun advocates.

When the gunfire broke out inside the Wellness Center, Plotts was stopped in large part because Dr. Lee Silverman returned fire on him with his own gun, according to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan.

The two then struggled and spilled out into the hallway, where other staffers helped subdue the suspect.

We do not as yet know what touched off the altercation or what Plotts' motives were. We know gunshots were exchanged.

Hunt was killed. Silverman suffered a graze wound to the head, and returned fire, critically wounding Plotts.

We don't know if Plotts had any intention of shooting others in the facility.

Thankfully, we didn't find out, due to the actions of Dr. Silverman. Interestingly enough, the hospital apparently has a policy against employees - other than security or police - carrying firearms.

Yeadon chief Donald Molineaux did not hesitate to hail the doctor's actions.

He "without a doubt saved lives," the chief said. "Withouth that firearm, this guy could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition.

Don't think for a minute this scenario is not going to be repeated again and again by those who insist that the answer to stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

I don't expect that argument to end anytime soon.

Call it the smoking guns of Mercy Fitzgerald, the day when the gun crisis in this nation once again hit home.
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The Daily Salvo for July 24, 2014 - "Settle for More"

The Daily Salvo - Thu, 2014-07-24 15:57
The Daily Salvo for July 24, 2014 - "Settle for More"
Why settle for less on the sale of your home when you can make "settlement for more" with Diane Cardano of Cardano Realtors. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

linden hall has a savior finally?

Chester County Ramblings - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:20

I have written about Linden Hall on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer a few times the past couple of years.

Linden Hall has been rotting month by month, and becoming more and more vine covered. In recent months driving by , I have noticed more broken panes of glass.

According to it was also know as “Wayne Tavern”. Although this location has some historic importance, I can’t find much about it.

On I found one mention a while ago :

…at the end of #352, and again on the north side, stands the General Wayne Tavern, now a private residence. In 1777 Washington’s troops camped near the General Wayne.

So anyway….there was a Planning Commission meeting in East Whiteland last evening and Linden Hall was on the agenda:

5. Subdivision and Land Development: The Benson Companies, LLC, renovation of Linden Hall and the development of 60 townhouses on two parcels on the north side of Rt. 30 opposite the intersection of Rt. 352 in a VMX – Village Mixed Use Zoning District.

The site is 8.7 acres I am told. I don’t know if all of the land is usable, so I am not sure if 60 townhouse development is incredibly dense for the site, or moderate. It would be nice to get an online peek at the plans, but I don’t know if that will happen. And East Whiteland neither records nor televises meetings.

Previously I saw the property being marketed as things like “Linden Hall Shopping Center” which made me shudder because how many bad strip malls and mish-mosh shopping centers is needed along there, right? (But given what is up the road a bit, I guess everyone is lucky the site never became another run-down trailer park.)

There has been a Linden Hall Development LLC registered in PA since 2000 (Entity Number:2936326 , Entity Creation Date: 4/14/2000), and I found that mentioned in archived East Whiteland meeting notes from 2010.

I think if a developer is offering to restore and do an adaptive reuse of the actual Linden Hall it is far better a choice than what was once contemplated. Reference please the article from the Daily Local circa 2001:

E. Whiteland OKs exception to moratorium By Pateen Corcoran
POSTED: 05/28/01, 12:00 AM EDT | 0 COMMENTS

Though some questioned the waiver, a proposal to start the planning process for 50,100 square feet of commercial space on Route 30, known as the Linden Hall development, was unanimously approved.

Officials have defended their decision to allow the developer to submit a new plan despite the building moratorium since a similar proposal had been given final approval before the moratorium was enacted.

“The moratorium allows exceptions to previously approved subdivisions,” said Supervisor Virginia McMichael. “This project falls under that.”

“In the moratorium ordinance there’s a provision for this exception,” said Township Manager Terry Woodman.

Residents, however, questioned the exception.

“Everybody’s much concerned that they allowed the exception to the moratorium,” said resident Renee Mott…..Originally approved at the site was about 60,000 square feet of commercial space to include a Super Fresh supermarket.

“We’ve had an approval for over a year for a shopping center and a couple of shops,” said Linden Hall attorney Wendy McLean.

The proposed development will be located on about nine acres on the north side of Route 30, opposite Route 352.

The new plan proposes smaller shops, while eliminating the supermarket. A Class One historical building on the site is proposed to be used for offices, said McLean…..The sudden death of the project’s developer caused a delay. “It took the family quite a while to figure out what to do,” said McLean. “In the meantime the supermarket backed out and we haven’t been able to get another supermarket interested.”….Davis and McMichael voted to approve the waiver. Chairwoman Michele Vaughn was absent.

(Yes, the same Michelle Vaughn who just finished her time as head of the Chesco Dems.)

Linden Hall has been on and off East Whiteland Township agendas over the years and as time has passed it has fallen into more and more disrepair. So with cautious optimism I am pleased to report that Benson Companies apparently presented what were described to me as “very nice sketch plans.” It appears to be a much better use of the property that planners are hopeful will clean up that particular area, which quite frankly looks like crap.

Discussed in conjunction with the plan were proposed crosswalks to be installed across Lancaster Avenue (Lincoln Highway, Route 30- take your pick) and Route 352. Traffic improvements there I am sure would be welcome, and hopefully that might deter drivers playing beat the light as well as running that light.

As for the actual adaptive reuse of Linden Hall on the site, my sources tell me the developer will actually make the historic structure his new offices (he is currently on Phoenixville Pike). Apparently (and welcome news as well), Benson Companies has been working with East Whiteland’s Historic Commission to keep the historic look of the structure, while modernizing and adding onto the back.

I had heard of Benson Companies before because of a development they are doing on Strafford Avenue near the farmers market in Wayne, PA. That development is the old Chef Tells/Villa Strafford site, which has been another somewhat concerning and contentious development site for a few years. The contention there started several developers ago on that site in 2011. I had no idea until recently that this was the developer that ended up with this site as that location has been a case of whose on first the past few years. However, in all fairness, I have heard that this development site is finally not as contentious.

Fingers crossed on this one. I am glad someone wants to save this old structure. After all, you don’t hear news like this very often when development news occurs, do you ?

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Audit of DEP Finds Shocking Evidence of Republican Environmental Policy

Keystone Politics - Thu, 2014-07-24 10:11
The 146-page report, prepared by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, was sweeping in its criticism of the Department of Environmental Protection’s handling of gas-well inspections, and its...
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PA Legislators Accept Free Vacations with Ethics Committee Approval

Keystone Politics - Thu, 2014-07-24 10:03
Over the weekend, the AP released a report detailing privately funded trips which were taken by members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation on the dime of special interests groups.  The...
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The Daily Numbers for Thursday, July 24

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-07-24 08:07
The Daily Numbers: 29, age of McDonald’s worker in Radnor who now faces charges of selling crack cocaine from the parking lot.

11, age of youth who walked into Upper Darby Police substation to show authorities injuries he allegedly received from his mom, who is charged with beating him with her fists and a belt.

27 lacerations on the boy’s body.

45 members of the Chester Cheetahs track club who are headed to a national Junior Olympic competition in Iowa.

1.8 percent uptick in ridership on SEPTA’s regional rail lines.

36.7 million trips taken on the rail system in fiscal year 2013.

330 million riders on SEPTA’s trains, buses and trolleys

2.1 percent decline in ridership overall.

13 million dollar profit for Delta Air Lines’ Monroe Energy in the 2nd quarter.

889 million dollar profit for Delta in the quarter, fueled by the refinery.

600 registered nurses who continue to negotiate a new deal with Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

5.1 percent decline in home sales in Delco in 1st 6 months of 2014.

2,571 sales in that span here in Delco.

4,099 sales for Montco, 3,025 for Bucks and 2,713 for Chester County. All those are declines.

6 traffic judges in Philly acquitted on charges in a ticket-fixing case.

4 judges convicted of lying to authorities.

26 point dip for the stock market yesterday.

61 percent surge in revenue for Facebook in the quarter, up to $2.91 billion.

8 shutout innings from starter A.J. Burnett by the Phils, who fell 3-1 to the Giants.

2 straight nights Jonathan Papelbon has failed to get the job done.

7 hits for the Phils, who did not have Ryan Howard in the lineup.

4 straight losses for the Phils. They’ve now dropped 7 of last 8.

1 more day until start of Eagles Training Camp.

4 games to be missed by starting right tackle Lane Johnson, who got caught using a banned substance.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Jonathan Papelbon, who has been money in the bank all year, picked a very bad time to go in the tank. He suffered a 2nd straight meltdown last night, just as Ruben Amaro Jr. no doubt would like to move him for some prospects.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to those holding a fundraiser Saturday night for hit-run victim Christopher Brooks. He was badly injured, losing part of his right leg, and the fundraiser will help him acquire a prosthetic leg.

Quote Box: “He was essentially working at the McDonald’s and when not working on the crew and preparing food he was out in the rear parking lot selling crack cocaine.”

- Radnor Lt. Andy Block, on arrest of fast-food worker.
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A salute to Wawa No. 1

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-07-24 07:28
We used our editorial page today to note the passing of a Delco icon.

The very first Wawa convenience store, located on MacDade Boulevard in Ridley, will close its doors when a new 'Super Wawa' opens its doors a couple of blocks away.

Wawa has managed to do something unique in business, something in fact that I hope this newspaper and website also have attained.

They've become an intimate part of their customers' lives.

We don't go to the convenience store. We make Wawa runs.

It's really that simple.

Here's our editorial salute to a little piece of Delco history.
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It's time to vote for Best of Delco!

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-07-24 06:53
This is the day that a lot of Delco businesses wait patiently for each year.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Or at least your voting.

We kick off voting in our annual Best of Delco competition today.

Here's a story that runs down some of the new wrinkles in this year's competition, including one that I love that involves - what else? - selfies!

You can vote online here.

Paper ballots will be available at many local businesses and will appear in a special section that will be inserted in Friday's Daily Times.

Make sure your vote is counted!
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Nothing going right for Amaro, Phils

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2014-07-24 06:32
Things just don't get any easier for Ruben Amaro Jr.

He brought back lefty ace Cliff Lee for a cameo appearance before the trade deadline and he got shelled. Lee likely will get just one more start before next week's trade deadline.

One of the very few chips Amaro has in his arsenal that could bring the Phils the prospects they so desperately need is closer Jonathan Papelbon. Unfortunately, the closer picked an awful time to careen off the tracks. For the second straight night, Papelbon was part of a 9th inning meltdown that cost the Phils a game.

In the meantime, the Phils wasted a gem from A.J. Burnett, who shut out the Giants for eight innings.

Dennis Deitch has all the details as this gruesome Phillies season threatens to go completely off a cliff.

In the meantime, we used our 'Live From the Newsroom' show last night to preview Eagles Training Camp.

Beat writer Bob Grotz was joined by local sports talk radio host Billy Werndl, from WCHE 1520-AM out in West Chester.

Both Grotz and Werndl expect the Birds to be a playoff team, but not quite Super Bowl material.

My special thanks to longtime Eagles season ticker holder Bob Rostron of Media, who joined us and gave us some great insight from a fan's view as expectations are running off the charts on what is a much-anticipated season.

If you missed the show, you can catch the replay here.
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The Daily Salvo for July 23, 2014 - "Come and See"

The Daily Salvo - Wed, 2014-07-23 17:22
The Daily Salvo for July 23, 2014 - "Come and See"
In Biblical fashion, families of faith are coming to see the works, deeds and classical curriculum of the Regina Academies. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

The Daily Salvo for July 22, 2014 - "Unconditional Love"

The Daily Salvo - Wed, 2014-07-23 17:06
The Daily Salvo for July 22, 2014 - "Unconditional Love"
No matter the condition of the real estate market, Diane Cardano can sell your home for list price or higher in just 26 days or less. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

life is good

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2014-07-23 09:55

Life is good in a summer garden.

Morning is filled with the sounds of bird song . I can smell the garden phlox and roses as I water the rest of the plants. The garden is exploding with the colors of the end of mid- summer.

In the background I can hear my neighbor’s chickens clucking with some indignation of an inter-chicken family squabble.

A brave jack rabbit hops tentatively up a garden path.

A hummingbird along with a hummingbird moth flit from flower to flower in the main perennial bed.

I can now also hear in the background the hum of cicadas. To me, that is always the signal that another stage of the season called summer is about to begin.

The day started out with a heavy humid dampness, and is no doubt going to be somewhat of a scorcher before all is said and done and the sun is down. But these are the beautiful days we should cherish in the middle of winter and in our memories forever.

People often mock anyone who refers to life’s simple pleasures, but this is indeed one of them. To be able to sit in a porch chair and look at what you have created and what is growing is such a rare treat.

It may be an old cliché that people need to stop and smell the roses, but sometimes you just have to. With all the ugliness that exists in this world, there’s nothing more beautiful than a garden in bloom. I feel really sorry for people that are so miserable, mired down, and stuck that they can’t experience the simple goodness of things like this. Gardening truly is good for your soul.

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, July 23

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-07-23 07:48
The Daily Numbers: 15-30 years for 1 of 2 Chester brothers charged in the fatal shooting of a man in Darby Borough.

16,000-square-foot rail transfer box a company wants to build in Chester as part of its trash-burning expansion plans. The plan will not be voted on tonight by Chester City Council.

500,000 tons of municipal garbage Covanta wants to bring to Chester from New York City.

80 megawatts of electricity created from the trash burning.

0.2 general fund surplus for the county that led Standard & Poor’s to affirm its AA credit rating.

3rd DUI charge for a Philadelphia man after he was involved in a crash in Upper Darby.

34, age of Philly man charged in a road rage incident in Collingdale that police say escalated into a stabbing.

11 a.m., when a teen walking on Providence Road in Nether Providence reports a man tried to get her to get into his car.

2 hearings set Wednesday and Thursday on plans to construct pipeline to get oil being delivered by train to Eddystone to the Monroe Energy plant in Trainer.

7th death now being attributed to last summer’s deadly building collapse in Philly. A man who died several weeks later has filed suit.

0 flights from the U.S. to Tel Aviv yesterday after the FAA placed a 24-ban because of the fear of rockets near the airport.

61 point gain for the stock market despite international turmoil yesterday.

15 percent boost for Comcast revenue.

14 innings, how long it took for the Phils to fall to the Giants last night.

3rd blown save for Jonathan Papelbon, who surrendered a lead in the 9th to send the game to extra innings.

6-7 mark for the Phillies in extra inning game this year.

43-57 overall record for Phils, an ugly 14 games under .500

2 days until Eagles report to training camp

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Eagles Training Camp can’t get here soon enough.

I Don’t Get It: How does someone who already has 2 DUI convictions get back behind the wheel while impaired? I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Delco, which had its AA credit rating affirmed by Standard & Poor’s

Quote Box: “I just want to say sorry to his mom.”

- Jermaine Roberts, after being sentenced in fatal shooting of Darby Borough man.
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A pizza question for Delco history buffs

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-07-23 07:03
Today we have a question from a longtime reader.

I didn't know the answer so I thought I'd put it out there for our readers.

Pat Lane is trying to get some information on an old pizza shop in Chester. She believes it was on either Seventh and Morton or maybe Ninth and Morton in Chester back in the mid-'60s. It was called ReDavid's and may have had a bar attached.

Here's the kicker. Pat's mouth still waters for intoxicating mix of cheeses they used on their pies.

"To this day, I have never had a pizza as good as those from ReDavid," Par said.

I know how she feels. I'm a dedicated Grotto fan. Every time in Rehoboth (which is not nearly enough) I have to get my Grotto slice. Their pizza has a distinctive 'zing' to it from the combination of cheese they use. For some reason, it always tastes better at the beach. It doesn't seem as good in Wilmington or Newark.

Any how, can someone help Pat out? Post a comment and I will try to relay it to her.
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'Live From the Newsroom' previews Eagles training camp

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-07-23 06:45
You can stick a fork in the Phillies. Last night's 14th inning loss was almost too painful to watch.

Even Jonathan Papelbon, who has beeen Mr. Dependable this year, coughed up a lead in the 9th and the Phils eventually fell in 14.

Luckily, we bring relief to suffering Philly fans.

The Eagles report for training camp in just two days.

That's right, Year Two of the Chip Kelly Era is on the horizon.

To celebrate, we’ll have our Eagles beat writer Bob Grotz join us tonight to preview the Birds Training Camp. Also on our Birds panel will be local sports radio talk show host Billy Werndl, a longtime presence in Philly sports media who hosts Sports Talk of Chester Couty on WCHE-1520 AM in West Chester, as well as a longtime season ticket holder, Bob Ristron.

We'll also tell you which practices will be open to fans, and whether or not you need tickets. Longtime fans will want to get the details on a special open practice the team will hold at their old home on the Penn campus. That, of course would be Franklin Field.

In the meantime, if you have a question you'd like answered about the Birds, email it to me at and I'll put it to our Eagles authority, Bob Grotz.

Then tune in at 7 and take part in our live chat.
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a garden for all seasons

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2014-07-22 14:52

Since I began this particular garden, as part of the creation process what I have had as one of my goals is simple: to create a four-sided, four-season garden. I want to be able to look at a garden from every window, and I want a garden that has interest four seasons of the year.

Basically, creating a garden is a layering process, as well as trial and error. From daffodils in spring, to lush summer color, to the panorama of fall, and the garden in winter, it is about layering. There is nothing instant about a good garden. It takes years, and constantly evolves as you figure out what works, what doesn’t, what you like, what you don’t like.

I am getting to the point where I am four seasons. I research what I am looking to achieve and scope out the plants. The colors I choose are complimentary for the most part, and I will group and mass plantings for a more uniform and flowing effect.

This garden was in part inspired by the bones of the garden of the former owner of our home, the garden of my childhood, and gardens I have created for myself and others over the years.

The first garden I remember was the garden my father created in the walled in back yard of our then house in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia. I remember him planning it, and he laid out the curves of the brick patio and the flower beds with a string and a compass. It was like a secret garden come to life and he planted trees, shrubs, a John F. Kennedy white rose, annuals and perennials.

There was a shady side garden, and then the main part of the garden was quite sunny. The general idea of the garden my father planted still exists in parts today. I recently stumbled upon a realtor listing for our first home. It was kind of weird to look at the listing photos and see the house inside and out after all of these years, but it was also marvelous to see how these people loved the house over the years. Definitely a far cry from the home my parents sold in August, 1975, it still had the basic bones of my father’s original garden. I am guessing they really aren’t gardening folk because while the trees are still there, far less in the way of flowers and shrubs exist in that garden today. And it looks like an addition swallowed a good bit of the side yard and piazza. But it stopped being our garden decades ago.

The garden I remember will always be in my memory. And that garden of my early childhood fostered my love of gardening as an adult. As a child I helped my father plant that garden with his father. I know most kids don’t like to garden as it equals work, but I did. And watching what you plant grow and even bloom is still almost indescribably cool.

People have happy places in their life where they like to go. One of those places to me is my garden. My garden today has bits and pieces of every garden I have ever had or helped create. It also has where my creative side has taken me, and will continue to grow.

I learn from reading and talking to horticulturists and plants people, and also looking at the gardens of others for inspiration. Taunton’s Fine Gardening is one of my favorite resources. The magazine and the website are very helpful, as well as contain many beautiful things to look at.

I also found a web article on four season garden planning recently I found helpful. It is on a website called Gardening Know How. I do have quite a collection of gardening books I refer to, and among them are a few from Rodale which are basic and helpful. As a matter of fact, Rodale Institute has a pretty cool website. I also love the books written by garden writer Suzy Bales. She also has many gardening articles still available on Huffington Post . She also used to have a website.

As of this summer, my garden has become four-sided. As I keep planting it I strive now to make it four-season. I want to be able to look at something no matter what the season. Even the sparseness of winter should be beautiful.

What are your plans for your garden? What inspires you in your garden? Tell me in a comment!

Thanks for stopping by today. I am off to find more Caladryl Clear to put on the side of my arm to combat the reaction I am having to whatever stung me in the garden yesterday.

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