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political giggle on a rainy day

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2014-10-22 17:43

Please follow this link and check out Remy/Reason’s political parody video ( a take off of a Taylor Swift song). Also note this is actually what a parody is ….

IJReview: The Only Cure for Obama’s Really Low Approval Rating is Perfectly Captured by a Taylor Swift Parody

The folks over at Reason just put their own spin on one of the summer’s biggest singles. And it comes on the heels of the latest Gallup poll—one in which President Obama’s 41.5% job approval rating the past quarter ranks among the lowest of his tenure.

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The Daily Salvo for October 20, 2014 - "Rock(y) Bottom Values"

The Daily Salvo - Wed, 2014-10-22 17:01
The Daily Salvo for October 20, 2014 - "Rock(y) Bottom Values"
Gender is not a human choice, but rather a gift from God. As such, masculinity and femininity must be embraced, not erased. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:00 More in News & Politics

The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, Oct. 22

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-10-22 08:22
The Daily Numbers: 11 months, age of tot saved from drowning in a bathtub by 2 first responders in Ridley.

1 suspect shot by police after a holdup and chase that started in Clifton Heights and ended in Upper Darby last night.

5,000 dollar reward now being offered for information on the suspects who held up the Chickie’s and Pete’s in Upper Darby Sunday.

16,400 dollars, along with 283 bucks from the manager, along with her handbag and a wedding ring valued at $5,000.

15, age of student alleged to have engaged in sex with a Garnet Valley teacher. The teacher has now resigned his post while facing charges.

19, age of former lacrosse start at the Haverford School who yesterday admitted his role as a ringleader in a Maine Line pot ring.

2 possible sightings of Eric Frein, the man wanted in fatal ambush shooting of a state trooper. Schools in the Poconos were closed in the area of the search yesterday.

2 million dollars in new funding delivered to Fair Acres by Gov. Tom Corbett this week.

30,000 dollars raised for Navy SEAL Foundation by McKee Builders.

17, age of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was honored with the Liberty Medal last night in Philly.

1 million prize won by a Temple nurse in a contest to come up with a new flavor of potato chip. Her winner? Wasabi Ginger.

5 football coaches at Sayreville High in New Jersey suspended in a hazing flap.

19. age of Main Line teen charged in a fatal heroin overdose of a friend.

5 years in prison for former Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius in the shooting death of his girlfriend in South Africa.

1 American being held in North Korea freed; 2 others remain in captivity.

93, age of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee who died yesterday.

31 states where unemployment fell last month.

7-1 win for the Giants in Game 1 over the Royals in K.C. last night.

2 run homer in 1st inning for former Phil Hunter Pence.

4-0 loss for the Flyers on the road in Chicago last night.

32 saves for Blackhawks’ goalie Antii Raanta filling in for starter Corey Crawford.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Yes, it stung last night for Phillies fans to watch as Hunter Pence homered in the 1st inning as the Giants smoked the Royals in Game 1 of the World Series.

I Don’t Get It: The NRA now can sue local municipalities over local gun control laws. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Woodly firefighters Cory McCans and Jamal Page. Their quick actions are being credited with saving the life of a 10-month old toddler who fell into a bathtub.

Quote Box: “I really can’t put it into words, just thank you so much.”

- John Carbonaro, father of the tot.
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#PAGov: Post-Gazette Spotlights the Methane Pollution Issue

Keystone Politics - Wed, 2014-10-22 08:16
The excellent Greg Victor at the Post-Gazette reprinted some of my methane post from the other day in his Cutting Edge column: Center-left environmentalist opinion in this state has generally taken...
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A salute to Ben Bradlee

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-10-22 07:52
Every day I get phone calls from irate readers who challenge some of the material that appears in the newspaper or our website.

They insist we've been unfair, that we have an ax to grind or hold some other bias against them, or that we just flat-out got our facts wrong.

I almost almost reply the same way: We stand by our story.

Those who feel victimized by our reporting vow to sue, inevitably adding their opinion of the newspaper. "Rag" is usually their word of choice. One aggrieved reader once told me the only reason he still got the newspaper was for hygiene facilities after he went to the bathroom, if you get my drift.

The people who work for me need to know that I stand behind their work.

The truth is I'm a pretty small fish in this business.

Ben Bradlee was not.

Bradlee was the iconic editor of the Washington Post who led their investigation of the Watergate break-in, which eventually brought down a president, and raised journalism to a new level.

A lot of people didn't believe the Post's reporting on the "third-rate burglary" that led to the office of President Richard Nixon.

Even people in this business had their doubts. It didn't really make any sense. Nixon was pretty much assured re-election. Why would he do it? But Bradlee and the Post persevered.

Ben Bradlee died yesterday at the age of 93. He was suffering from dementia.

Anyone who works in this business, or appreciates the role of a free press, is in his debt.

It is said that the Watergate story, in particular the way the Post covered it, spurred a lot of people to go into journalism. I was one of them.

I've never had the kind of pressure applied here that Bradlee faced as the powers that be put the squeeze on the Post to back off their Watergate coverage.

Bradlee never flinched.

Every time I get a nasty phone call, I think of Bradlee and the turmoil he faced in chasing that story. I know how easy it would have been for him - and the paper - to cave and pull the plug on Watergate.

This likely would not be the same country if they had.

And journalism - as troubled as it is these days - would have been forever diminished.

Thanks, Ben Bradlee.

You can put a -30- on that story now.
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The answer to your Crossword questions

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-10-22 07:34
A long time ago, the man who hired me to work at this newspaper gave me a sage bit of advice.

"Never mess around with the comics or puzzles."

The truth is he didn't use the word 'mess.' I've sanitized it a bit, the word that is, not the message.

I think back at that bit of advice every time we tinker with the content of the print edition.

If you haven't noticed, we recently rolled out a fairly distinctive new redesign.

I have talked to scores of readers who wanted to weigh in on the change.

A couple of themes have developed. Many readers - especially young ones - like the design. They think it's better organized and a quicker read, something they need what with the manic pace we all live our lives in this technology turbo-charged world of information we swim in these days.

Our older, loyal, longtime readers have been pretty consistent in thinking that the type is too light and too difficult to read.

That is not, however, the item that has drawn the most scorn in our readers' reviews our our new look.

I took great care to note that we "saved" all of our regular features, including our popular comics and all our puzzles.

There are very few readers of the newspaper who are as devoted and loyal as those wordsmiths who every day - and Sunday - cross wits with our Crossword Puzzle.

For the last two Sundays, we have let them down.

Not because we didn't include the Sunday Crossword. It's been right there. But the answer to the previous week's puzzle has been nowhere to be found.

Readers let me know it - loud and often. They needed that answer like I need coffee in the morning.

I am happy to announce that we have retrieved the errant answer and it appears on P. 38 of today's print edition.

And we will anchor it starting this Sunday so that those readers who are so inclined are not left scratching their head wondering where the answers are.

What's a four-letter word for editor?

Uh, never mind.
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A blast from the past for Phils' fans

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-10-22 07:03
It didn't take a long for a little salt to be poured into Phillies fans wounds as they hunkered down to watch the World Series.

Yes, that was our old pal Hunter Pence blasting a two-run homer in the bottom of the first to propel the San Francisco Giants to an early lead in Game One of the Fall Class against the upstart Kansas City Royals.

The Giants never looked back as they rolled to an easy 7-1 win.

Looking back is just about all Phillies fans do these days. In particular they have to wonder what the team was doing when they gave up on Pence so quickly.

He lasted just a year with the Phils.

They haven't had an answer in right field since.
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GOPers Want You to Focus on the One Democrat in the 50+ GOPer Circle Jerk Scandal

Keystone Politics - Wed, 2014-10-22 07:00
Yes, Seamus McCaffrey is a Democrat, yes he was in on the circle jerk porno scandal, but I fear that the sideshow between Ron Castille and McCaffrey has been turned into a purposeful distraction to...
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The Daily Salvo for October 17, 2014 - "Big Boobs"

The Daily Salvo - Tue, 2014-10-21 15:29
The Daily Salvo for October 17, 2014 - "Big Boobs"
Whether it involves food, medicine or breast implants, product scarcity is often the sign of a population overrun by a bunch of big socialist boobs. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:00 More in News & Politics

from blue dress infamous to social activist

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2014-10-21 14:51

From blue dresses and White House scandals before there was the television show Scandal, to a line of failed (?) purses (see article in New York Magazine from a few years back), to social activist, Monica Lewinsky has spent years being an unfortunate household name stemming from poor choices made literally as a kid while a White House intern.

She opened up about the blue dress years and the aftermath of being a fallen star in the Clinton universe in the June 2014 edition of Vanity Fair. It was her article and it was fairly well written and interesting, I must admit.

Like millions of others at the time I remember thinking “What was she thinking and why can’t this politician keep his pants zipped?” (Face it, Clinton might look like the grand papa bear of Democrat politics today, but the man has had his issues with the ladies à la Pennsylvania’s own Ed Rendell, right?)

I don’t have the moral code that is able to justify cheating, or justify why a very bright young woman couldn’t stay away from a married man who happened to be the President of the United States, except I am guessing that was exactly why she couldn’t stay away.  However, after the first few weeks of hearing about her and that, I felt as if it was enough already.  There were after all, far bigger issues going on in the Clinton administration, weren’t there?

So now Monica is what? About 40 years old give or take? And she made a whopper of a mistake and has spent almost 20 years paying for it.

Yesterday she spoke in Philadelphia  on the subject of cyber bullying.

I have to give her props for stepping out onto the stage at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.  That took guts, all things considered. I am sure she was amply compensated for her time but her topic was of personal interest to me. Her topic was cyber bullying and that is also apparently now her personal cause.

I listened to the replays of her speech and could totally understand when she said “It feels like a punch in the gut.”  After all, cyber bullying = abuse.

That isn’t the first time I have heard a similar description applied to being cyber bullied. Of course those who perform the cyber bullying always blame their victims. Much like abusers who tell their victims it’s their own fault they had to beat them.

I make no bones about the fact that I have perverse admirers, otherwise known as cyber bullies. In part, when you become a writer or a blogger it sort of comes with the territory.  It shouldn’t, but it does. Only my main bully doesn’t bully me because I am some random blogger she doesn’t like, for her it’s personal. She used to know me, and used to be in my life.

It is odd to think about this late middle aged woman from several states away being so angry and so hateful because well she was someone very supportive of  me when a few years ago now, my ex abandoned me and his old dying dog quite literally and then a year or so after that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and isn’t that strange? How can someone go from being caring to being pathologically angry and hateful when there was no fighting or anything like that?  This person chose to leave my life so what was I supposed to do? It was her choice and I tried to respect it. It’s like she had this weird unrequited crush on me and I am being punished for ignoring that, and her. It’s truly bizarre.

It came as a shock when I realized I not only had cyber bullies, but they had been essentially stalking my life.  I am not a public figure. I am just an ordinary woman living my life.  Yes, I write, and I am not just a blogger given my published bylines here and there (albeit local and regional), but I am just a regular person. I write more about my recipes and gardening these days than anything else. I share my photography, as well. Apparently and ironically, it is very upsetting to people when you are happy. And apparently it’s all my fault they have to bully me because I am happy in my life and they are miserable and stuck. Bullies like other forms of abusers have a limited sense of personal accountability, have you noticed?

Since this cyber bullying and cyber stalking began shortly before my 50th birthday I have been fascinated by the people who have supported the efforts.  People I have never known or spoken to. And why do they cheer on negative and spurious activity that there are laws against? I guess because at some point in time I wrote something they didn’t agree with and isn’t that so bizarre coming from “adults”?

But as far as adults go, I have seen a lot of strange behavior. Especially recently.  Take for example parents of teenagers who not only support their teen’s scorched earth bullying behavior, but in essence bully other parents themselves and how crazy is that? People who are parents and who you know love their children but who can’t see right from wrong on their own?

People spend so much time hating and why put all that negativity out there? Its not so much a Zen or spiritual thought as it is  that I just don’t get people of any age who wake up with the intent to be mean or malicious. Life is a precious gift and having survived breast cancer I know full well we are all on borrowed time on this earth so why not try to be better human beings, not worse?

Cyber bullying is as pervasive and invasive as physical bullying.  And there is a certain disconnect from reality with it on the part of the bullies.   These bullies seem to think in their minds their behaviors are justified, and that they are invincible, which of course couldn’t be farther from the truth.   They also only have power if you allow them to have power because the truth of it is, bullies are cowards. They only accept their version of reality as the ultimate reality and get totally tweaked if you mess with their perception of how it should all be. With mine I marvel at how literally crazy and unbalanced they are and pity them at the same time.  This hatred is all they have to do all day, and that is truly and incredibly sad.

Cyber bullying is something, however, that not enough people take seriously even if it is illegal. So if Monica Lewinsky wishes to use her unfortunate celebrity to shine a light  down the dark rabbit hole of bullying, I am all for it. After all, bullying happens most often to the less obvious in this world: ordinary people both adult and kids.

Monica Lewinsky being a social activist will take some getting used to. Of course she was immediately trolled after doing this. In addition to the article excerpts below, follow this LINK and check out an interesting perspective in the Washington Post and another CNN article.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Lewinsky makes emotional plea to end cyberbullying

By Dan Merica, CNN updated 6:46 AM EDT, Tue October 21, 2014

(CNN) — Monica Lewinsky told an audience in Philadelphia on Monday that her new mission in life was to end cyberbullying. Her speech — and her goal — come as the former White House intern steps into the public eye after years of trying to live privately.

“Having survived myself, what I want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive, too,” she told the audience at Forbes’ 30 Under 30 summit. “I want to put my suffering to good use and give purpose to my past.”

Lewinsky, who as an intern in 1995 had an affair with President Bill Clinton, said she was “patient zero” of online harassment.

“There was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram back then,” she said. “But there were gossip, news and entertainment websites replete with comment sections and emails which could be forwarded. Of course, it was all done on the excruciatingly slow dial up. Yet around the world this story went. A viral phenomenon that, you could argue, was the first moment of truly ‘social media’.”

Forbes:  Monica Lewinsky Speaks: ‘It’s My Mission To End Cyberbullying’

Clare O’Connor Forbes Staff

Monica Lewinsky has broken a decade-long silence to announce her campaign to end cyberbullying and today’s toxic culture of internet shaming.

In her first ever public address, the former mistress of President Bill Clinton revealed her plan to launch a “cultural revolution” against the sort of online harassment she experienced firsthand in the late 1990s…..Lewinsky described her life since the 1998 sex scandal that resulted in Clinton’s impeachment by the House of Representative and subsequent acquittal by the Senate as one marred by a deep sense of shame and even suicidal thoughts….She intends to share her story with victims of cyberbullying and online harassment. There are many of them: almost 54% of young Facebook users describe being bullied or harassed online.

Forbes:Full Transcript: Monica Lewinsky Speaks Out On Ending Online Abuse

(Click on hyperlink above to go to the Forbes website and read the full transcript.)

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Daily Numbers for Tuesday, Oct. 21

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2014-10-21 07:49
The Daily Numbers: 16,400 dollars ripped off by 2 armed men who held up Chickie’s and Pete’s in Drexel Hill early Sunday. Police believe it was an inside job.

1 dog shot by police and a 2nd that had to be put down during a vicious attack in Upper Darby.

17 of November, when Concord Planning Commission will vote on the controversial plan to develop part of the beloved Beaver Valley tract.

230 acres of the 318-acre tract that is targeted for development.

5,500 signatures on a petition that opposed the initial plan to develop the entire tract, including 314 single-family homes.

160 houses in the revised plans.

124 acres that would be retained as open space.

3.2 miles of the 8 miles of hiking and biking trails on the tract that would be preserved.

2 million dollars in state funding for the Fair Acres Center, delivered yesterday by Gov. Tom Corbett.

10 Plant Tower demolition last Saturday at the former Sunoco Refinery that did not go as planned and has Lower Chi commissioner fuming. The demolition created a large plume of dust.

1 body found along Bishop Drive in Chester Heights.

19 million dollar profit for Delta Airlines Monroe Refinery in Trainer.

9 gas stations in western Delco sporting prices under $3 a gallon.

5 Sears stores that will close in Pa. None of them are in Delco. The King of Prussia store will be converted into a Primark retail store.

7 percent, all that separates Tom Corbett from Tom Wolf these days.

234 emails either sent of received by Justice Seamus McCaffery that have earned him a suspension from the state high court.

140 dollars a month, how much Philadelphia teachers would have to pay for their health care after the School Reform Commission axed their contract. A judge has now halted the move, at least temporarily.

41, age of Monica Lewinsky, who spoke to the Forbes Under 30 confab in Philly yesterday about the pitfalls of ‘shame’ and cyberbullying.

25 dollar fine now in place in Philly for possession of small amounts of pot, as opposed to criminal charges. 7 women slain in Indiana, it’s believed to be the work of a serial killer.

30-23 win for the Steelers over the Texans in Monday Night Football.

10 point deficit near the end of 1st half that the Steelers turned into an 11 point lead in just 1 minute.

2 key offensive linemen, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis, who are making progress as they look to return from injuries.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

The Eagles should be getting Mychal Kendricks back at linebacker on Sunday when they resume the season in the desert vs. Arizona. That’s good news.

I Don’t Get It: Monica Lewinsky. She was speaking out against cyber-bullying at the Forbes Under 30 conference.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Shane Victorino. The former Phillie paid a visit to the parents of ‘Bucket List Baby’ Shane Haley over the weekend. Class act.

Quote Box: “It is a gift we will treasure forever.”

- The Haley family, on the Phillies jersey with Shane stenciled on the back delivered by Victorino.
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Another reason to like Shane Victorino

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2014-10-21 07:07
I always liked Shane Victorino.

And that was before the Phillies won a World Series in 2008.

Victorino donated a ton of money to build a playground in Philly. He went out of his way to become part of the Philadelphia community.

He has not forgotten us, even after he was dispatched by the Phils and wound up with the Boston Red Sox.

Last weekend Victorino was back in the area, paying a visit to a local family and paying homage to another person named Shane. Shane Michael Haley was born On Oct. 9. He died a few hours later. His parents, Jenna Gassew and Daniel Haley Jr., of Upper Darby, had created a Facebook page called 'Prayers for Shane' after they learned their unborn son suffered from a rare illness that made left it little chance of surviving outside the womb. They created a 'bucket list' of their favorite places they wanted to visit while Shane was still developing in his mother's stomach.

Victorino visted the family during a luncheon they held at Casey's Restaurant & Saloon in Drexel Hill on Saturday. He gave them a Phillies jersey with 'Shane' stenciled on the back.

Victorino has always been a class act. His actions in thinking of Jenna and Dan in the wake of the death of their newborn only make that even more apparent.

It's enough to make Phillies fans mimic a fairly famous movie and make a pitch to the Phillies organization: Come back, Shane.
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Judging the judges: It's ugly stuff

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2014-10-21 06:49
In my Daily Numbers column that I compile each day, I have an item I refer to as "I don't get it."

I guess at this point you could include the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in that category.

Last night the high court suspended Justice Seamus McCaffery for his role in the ugly porn email scandal that is roiling Harrisburg and much of state government.

McCaffery already has apologized for sending or receiving 234 emails with sexually explicit content. He called it a "lapse of judgment."

Ya think?

Maybe McCaffery thought he was still presiding over Eagles Court. Yes, this is the same Judge McCaffery who gained quite the local and national acclaim by lording over the court set up in the basement of Veterans Stadium to deal with drunken Eagles fans.

In the meantime, there is a virulent political overtone that hangs over this story.

First, a lot of people believe all of this is a political witch hunt being pushed aggressively by Attorney General Kathleen Kane. She uncovered the cache of racy emails during the course of her investigation of how then-Attorney General - now Governor - Tom Corbett handled the Jerry Sandusky investigation.

It already has cost several state officials their jobs.

McCaffery believes the case against him is just the latest in his high-profile disagreements with Chief Justice Ron Castille. Both are from Philadelphia. Both are former Marines. McCaffery is a Democrat, Castille a Republican.

McCaffery was quick to apologize for his conduct, but could not resist firing back at the person he believes is behind airing all this dirty laundry in public.

He made hsi feelings for Castille clear last week when he offered his apology. He was still at it last night, blasting Castille for a "vindictive pattern of attacks" against him.

His attorney, Dion Rassias, noted that "today's action should surprise no one, given Chief Justice Castille's relentless crusade to destroy his career and reputation."

A third justice, Michael Eakin, was drawn into this quagmire last week, accusing McCaffery of threatening him with another cache of emails tied to Eakin. Eakin says McCaffery wanted him to put pressure on Castille to back off his attacks, and alleged that McCaffery made it clear he would go public with the emails on Eakin if he did not help out. McCaffery vehemently denies making any such threat.

At this point, you almost have to stand back and remind yourself that these are the robed men who sit on the highest court in Pennsylvania.

What the hell are these guys thinking?

There are a couple of things that come to mind here. One, don't they understand the kind of perception this is going to deliver to the public. Dirty laundry has never been raunchier.

Second, there is the whole idea of doing this kind of stuff on state computers, and on the taxpayers' time. Sure, some of it was done on personal computers, but what does it say about these judges that they would even consider doing this at all.

And maybe most important, how are women who work in these offices and often appear before these judges supposed to feel knowing of their predilection for porn.

It's ugly stuff.

One more reason to proudly proclaim: Pennsylvania, Land of Giants.
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The Daily Numbers for Monday, Oct. 20

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2014-10-20 07:41
The Daily Numbers: 16,000 dollars believed ripped off from the Chickie’s & Pete’s in Drexel Hill yesterday morning.

2 armed, masked men being sought in the heist.

11-1 margin by which the Boeing union approved a new contract deal.

10,000 dollar ratification bonus included in the deal.

10 percent pay hike for union workers at the top of the pay scale.

9 percent Boeing contribution to a new 401K plan being instituted in 2017. That’s followed by 8, 7 and 4 percent in subsequent years.

12 percent kick-in for their health care for union members starting in 2016, up to 14 percent in 2019.

6 p.m. meeting tonight in Concord on proposed development of Beaver Valley tract.

23, age of suspect arrested in fatal stabbing in Upper Darby bar.

5 mile chase from the Wawa at 84th and Bartram near the airport to Lansdowne, where theft suspect crashed his car.

6 people killed in fire in home outside Pittsburgh.

48 health care workers cleared in Dallas after they were monitored for possible Ebola contamination.

6-1 mark for the Cowboys, 1 game better than idle Eagles.

7 straight games to start the season that DeMarco Murray has rushed for 100 yards. That’s new NFL record.

128 yards and 1 TD on 28 carries for Murray as the Cowboys beat the Giants, 31-21.

5-1 mark for the Cardinals, who are next for the Eagles.

24-13 win for Bruce Arians over the Raiders.

253 yards and 2 TDs passing for Carson Palmer.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

A crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon and no Eagles game to worry about. Who else spent the day outside instead of camped in front of the TV?

I Don’t Get It: One of the suspects who held up the Chickie’s & Pete’s in Drexel Hill was wearing a sweatshirt with the eatery’s logo on it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the Goodwill program in Upper Darby School District, which is providing a great opportunity to disadvantaged young people.

Quote Box: “Bar none, I think it’s the best.”

- Local 1069 United Aerospace Workers Union President Chris Owens.
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Change comes to the 163rd state legislative district

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2014-10-20 07:08
Something almost beyond belief will happen next January.

Someone not named Micozzie will represent the people of the 163rd legislative district.

Nick Micozzie has served in Harrisburg for more than three decades. Before that he was an Upper Darby councilman.

I use my print column this week to salute this public servant, and remind people of what we will miss as Micozzie steps away to start a richly deserved retirement.

The absence of people like Micozzie, Sen. Ted Erickson and Mario Civera means a loss of clout for Delaware County. And that translates into money.

Don't believe it? Just ask the folks in Upper Darby. They were ready to storm the school board meeting and run them out of town on a rail because of staff cuts and curriculum changes that endangered their beloved art and music programs.

It was Micozzie, along with Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164, who found the money to avert the cuts.

No one knew the system - how it worked and where the money was - better than Micozzie.

He will be impossible to replace.
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A little frost on the pumpkin - and the windshield

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2014-10-20 06:56
Brace yourself.

Here's a word I haven't thought of in awhile. Actually, not quite long enough.


Yes, as in ice scraper.

That was a fairly substantial frost on my windshield that greeted me this morning. Instead of trying to figure out where I put the scraper. I just juiced the windshield. Of course, most of that froze on contact. But after a couple more squirts, I was good to go. But not before firing up the heater and the defrost.

My temperature gauge on my odometer was registering 31 degrees this morning when I left the house. Of course, that's early.

Right now just before 7 a.m. it's 41 degrees. We're only going to hit 61 today.

Frost on the pumpkin? Yeah, fall has arrived.

Which of course mans winter is right behind.


Call me in April.
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Cowboys go a game up on Eagles

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2014-10-20 06:40
Don't look now but the Eagles are suddenly looking up at the Cowboys.

Courtesy of their bye week, the Birds did nothing but watch yesterday as they fell a game behind the surging Cowboys, who pounded the Giants behind the record-setting effort of running back DeMarco Murray.

All he did is become the first running back in NFL history to rush for at least 100 yards in each of his team's first seven games.

Murray rumbled for 128 yards and a TD in the Cowboys' 31-21 win over the Giants. The win propels the 'Boys to 6-1, while the Eagles remained at 5-1.

The schedule now turns decidedly tougher for the Eagles. They get back in business with the late 4 o'clock game next Sunday in the desert against former Temple coach Bruce Arians' Arizona Cardinals. They now sport the same 5-1 mark as the Eagles after they beat the hapless Raiders 24-13 on Sunday.

This Cowboys team looks like they might be for real, in large part because they are banking on Murray, as opposed to putting the game in the hands of Tony Romo, who managed to create crucial turnovers in so many of those opportunities, including a game last year against the Eagles when an interception foiled what looked like a winning drive for the Cowboys.

Better make plans to have the Thanksgiving turkey a little early this year. Mark this one on the calendar. The Eagles will be in Dallas for the annual holiday treat on Nov. 27.
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on sunday

Chester County Ramblings - Sun, 2014-10-19 14:26

Ah yes, Sunday. The day of the week when everything is supposed to be calm and relaxing and peaceful.

Except during election season. Then Sundays are for political robo-calls. As in the long annoying ones you can’t disconnect your telephone line from. They just keep playing until the brain washing via telephone is over.

We got one of those calls earlier today. I tried to hang up and disconnect it three times. It is one of those calls that even talks to answering machines and won’t disconnect no matter what until every last pre-recorded bit of stupidity has been spouted.

The call was something about Corbett. I don’t really care which party was doing the calling, we are on political call overload! They occur all during the week, people should at least get Sundays off! Actually, why can’t we opt-out of political robo-calls permanently if we choose?!

And don’t even get me started on the attack mailers from both political parties! My mailbox is filled daily with the oversized glossy offerings from the political Hatfields and McCoys.

Enough already. It is a political turn off. This inundation of political negativity is not an enticement to get out and vote, in fact it causes the opposite reaction.

I called the number back that called us. It was a Google voice number for someone named Kathleen Bowman and the Malvern Victory Center. There is a person with the same name who works for the PA GOP

The number making these robo-calls is 484-320-7498

And again, I don’t care which party is making the calls, they are ALL an intrusion.

Feel free to post robo-call numbers contacting you in the comments. Maybe it’s time for. Some #political #robo-call #shaming.

Thanks for stopping by! It’s a beautiful day and feels like fall for real today!

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