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Police Get Social Media Help To Track Down Assault Suspects

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2014-09-17 12:51
Facebook and Twitter have helped identify suspects accused of beating up two gay men on a Philadelphia sidewalk last week.
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Update: Burglar nabbed in Haverford

Main Line Times - Wed, 2014-09-17 11:27
Haverford police arrested a man who attempted to break into a home in the 1000 block of Alston Road Monday. A resident interrupted the intruder who was using a step ladder to attempt to gain entrance into the first floor window of the home about 11:30 a.m.  
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Ardmore firefighters extinguish mailbox fire

Main Line Times - Wed, 2014-09-17 11:00
Ardmore firefighters extinguished a mail box on fire in front of the Rite Aid in Ardmore West this morning shortly after 8:00AM. Postal authorities responded and removed the damaged mail. 
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pie plates

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2014-09-17 10:45

Yes I roll out my own piecrust. I don’t like a lot of the modern pie plates. I use vintage pie plates.

Yes, here again is my pitch for the vintage kitchen: The glass pie plates that were made by Pyrex and Anchor Hocking are terrific . I have a bunch that were probably produced in the 1950s and 60s. One was my grandmother’s.

My favorite of these pie plates are the deep dish variety – the edges are sort of ruffled and the pie plates have little handles. I also have the plain glass ones that are more shallow, and a couple of the Wear-Ever aluminum pie plates. And you can find them in different sizes too.

These pie plates are everywhere. Thrift shops, church sales, barn sales, your neighbor cleaning out their kitchen cupboards.

These pie plates are not expensive, and I think pies bake better in them. I know pies look better in them. You can easily put a pre-made roll out piecrust into one of these plates as well if you don’t make your own crust.

I tend to pick these up when I find them because a lot of times when I take pies to other people’s homes for dinner or holidays the pie plates don’t come back. I have been finding a lot of these pie plates at the Smithfield Barn in Downingtown. I also found one last year at Angel Fest at St. Paul’s in Exton which is coming soon! (See this link for further information)

Anyway, I am really not a 1950s housewife in disguise. It’s just that some of these vintage kitchen items are better made than what we have today. Besides, a little kitsch in your kitchen never hurt anyone!

Enjoy your day!

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vintage kitchen linens

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2014-09-17 10:16

One of the things I love to have in my kitchen are fun and sometimes funky linen kitchen towels. They aren’t for display, I use them.

I prefer the vintage kitchen towels because often the material is a better quality than you will find today and the price is right. I generally don’t go above five dollars a towel.

I find them at church sales, barn sales, garage sales, and so on. If they are stained or have holes I don’t bring them home, but you will often find these towels in miscellaneous linen piles. A lot of times they were purchased as souvenirs on trips or were hostess gifts which were never used.

They are fun and colorful!

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Director David Lynch captivates Bryn Mawr Film Institute crowd

Main Line Times - Wed, 2014-09-17 10:06
He was introduced as the “master of shadows and light” and the “preeminent modern film illusionist.”
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SEPTA debuts suicide prevention hotline signs at Montco transportation center

Main Line Times - Wed, 2014-09-17 09:28
NORRISTOWN -- As part of a coordinated effort to raise awareness and provide a lifeline to those contemplating suicide, Montgomery County, SEPTA and Montgomery County Emergency Services Inc. (MCES) came together at the Norristown Transportation Center’s regional rail terminal Sept.10 — World Suicide Prevention Day — to announce the placement of suicide prevention hotline placards at the station, and an initiative for a system wide rollout of suicide prevention signage. SEPTA police and rail workers will also carry cards with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number: 1-800-273-TALK.
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Clover Market returns to Ardmore Sunday, Sept. 28

Main Line Times - Wed, 2014-09-17 09:28
Fresh from a crowd-pleasing kickoff to a new fall season in Chestnut Hill, Clover Market will return to its hometown of Ardmore for the next market day, Sunday, Sept. 28.
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The Daily Numbers for Wednesday, Sept. 17

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-09-17 08:10
The Daily Numbers: 600 nurses who will strike against Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland on Sunday morning.

2 days, how long the nurses plan to stay out.

5 days, how long the hospital says it had to agree to in order to bring in adequate staff to run the facility. That means 3 additional days off the job for the union nurses.

400 community leaders who will be getting postcards from the union detailing their position.

2 million dollars, how much the union says Crozer will pay to bring in nurses, paying them a minimum of $55 an hour.

654, as in IBEW Local 654, which finds itself in the middle of a dustup in the 26th District state Senate race between Tom McGarrigle and John Kane.

25, age of Darby man who was acquitted of all charges connected to a shooting in which a 12-year-old girl was hit.

8,000 dollars in jewelry stolen from a store in Wilmington.

2 persons nabbed on drug charges in Upper Darby as part of an undercover police sting.

8 options being considered as Upper Darby looks to redraw its political districts.

7th grader who told authorities she was the victim of a luring in Ridley Park.

11,000 pounds of copper wire swiped from a Delaware power plant. 1 man is in custody in the heist.

31, age of Eric Frein, a survivalist with an ax to grind against cops, who is now wanted in the fatal shooting of 1 Pa. state trooper and wounding of a 2nd in an ambush attack outside their barracks.

14, age of student who police alleged was involved in a sexual relationship with a band teacher at Central Bucks High School South.

2 dollar a pack cigarette tax in Philly to help fund city schools that got OK by a House panel yesterday.

54 percent of Americans who are sporting ‘abdominal obesity, according to new study. That’ the pear shape noted by extra weight collecting around your middle.

3,000 American troops headed to Africa to help in the war against the spread of the Ebola virus.

4 patients at Children’s Hospital in Philly who have been diagnosed with the Enterovirus.

4 Atlantic City casinos that have now shut their doors. Trump Plaza closed yesterday.

100 point spike for the stock market yesterday.

17 losses for Phils starter A.J. Burnett.

5 runs on 8 hits surrendered by Burnett.

5-4 loss for the Phils last night out in San Diego.

3-1 loss for the Union to the Sounders in the Open Cup.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.Darren Sproles has been the Eagles MVP through 2 games.

I Don’t Get It: A group of well-dressed Preppy types is being sought by police in the brutal attack on a gay couple in Philly.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to surveillance video. Police say their phones are ringing off the hook with tips in connection with the attack.

Quote Box: “It is neither easy nor inexpensive to find nurses willing and able to travel into different hospital under stressful conditions and provide the level of care our community expects.”

- Grant Gegwich, spokesman for Crozer-Chester Medical Center, on bringing in outside nurses to staff the hospital in the event of a strike.
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coffee talk: gourmesso

Chester County Ramblings - Wed, 2014-09-17 08:02

So I am an Espresso maniac. I make it old school in the stove top pot, but I do love my Nespresso machine. I am a purist and I do not drink flavored coffees or espressos. The flavored coffees and espressos leave a metallic taste in my mouth. I like the straight bean varietals.

What I do not like about my Nespresso machine is how expensive the name brand Nespresso capsules are. So I have been trying different brand compatible capsules again. I have discovered yet another brand. It is called Gourmesso.

Gourmesso describes themselves as “Italian passion for coffee, combines with German Ingenuity”. At first that made me giggle as I had visions of an Alpha Romeo with a Mercedes Benz engine. However, I had their espresso yesterday for the first time and oh my, it’s not just good. It’s excellent.

The capsules arrive in little boxes and are vacuum packed in little foil packets, a few to each packet. Yesterday I had “Bolivia Pura Mezzo“. My first cup was a straight shot of espresso (pictured above). It was deep and rich and smooth and flavorful. It had that real espresso taste.

And the Gourmesso capsules fit the machine well. I had a second cup that was more my normal Café au lait or cappuccino style – I admit it I have a milk frother and warmer too- Nespresso Aeroccino Plus. (Normally I only have one cup of coffee, this coffee is good enough to tempt me to two!)

I haven’t decided what flavor I am trying this morning. You can order straight from their website www.gourmesso.com and their capsules are on Amazon.com as well. Their capsules start at around $0.45 per capsule. That is a much better deal than Nespresso brand capsules which start at $0.65 per capsule for the traditional capsules.

Ok well I am off to find coffee! Try Gourmesso and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

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The quest for fairness

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-09-17 07:13
I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince people that I - and the newspaper - really try to be fair in our coverage.

Not everyone buys it.

People charged with crimes always say we fail to get their side of the story. They insist the incident that got them in hot water - and which is almost always detailed in the affidavit police file in making an arrest - paints the situation in a false light.

Labor tiffs prove to be very difficult. I am sure the people at Crozer-Chester Medical Center think we are in bed with the union that is going to strike against them for two days on Sunday morning. They have not said much, instead preferring to do their talking at the bargaining table.

Then there's politics.

In Delaware County, there is always politics.

For as long as I can remember, the Republican Party in this county has believed we would like nothing more than to see them knocked off their lofty perch - and that we slant our coverage to do just that.

Meanwhile, we often don't make county Dems all that happy either. They believe we are beholden - if not in the pocket - of the powerful county GOP.

A lot of people in this state are watching the battle for the vacant 26th District state Senate seat created by the retirement of Republican Sen. Ted Erickson.

Aside from the governor's race (that is still a race isn't it? Someone please tell me it is since I'm on record as saying the embattled Mr. Corbett is going to win re-election) the 26th state Senate race might be the most high-profile race in the state. It's expected to set a record for spending for a state Senate race. Gee, what a surprise, in politics money talks.

On Tuesday, we ran a story on a bit of a dustup concerning a new campaign ad being aired by Republican candidate and County Council Chairman Tom McGarrigle, who is running against Democrat union leader John Kane. It features a local woman thanking McGarrigle for his work in helping save the local refinery business when it was teetering on the brink of collapse.

Full confession here: The ad features several front pages of the Daily Times proclaiming success in saving the refinery jobs.

The McGarrigle campaign issued a statement saying they believed the woman's husband was being harassed by union leaders, who are backing Kane.

That's when the serious finger-pointing began.

Kane denied any such pressure was put on Stephen Devenney for his wife's role in the McGarrigle ad.

We attempted to reach Devenney and his wife, but were unsuccessful.

It didn't take long after the story hit the street on Tuesday before I heard from Devenney. He didn't think we had been fair, that we had "jumped the gun" on the story since we hadn't talked to him and didn't have his side.

So I made the same offer I have made countless times since I assumed this job: Give me your side and I will run it.

Devenney's letter denying any harassment took place appears today.

We also followed up on the story with new comments from the two campaigns.

Yep, election season is heating up.

In Delaware County, politics is a contact sport.

I'll be the guy in the middle, trying - unsuccessfully according to my critics, to be fair to both sides.
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The Eagles provide a lifeline for embattled NFL

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2014-09-17 06:35
Roger Goodell and the NFL don't have a lot to be thankful for these days.

I'd like to offer them one.

The Philadelphia Eagles.

If there was ever a sports entity in need of a good story, it would be the almighty NFL. Who would have thought it?

Then again, when you handle a situation like the Ray Rice saga as poorly as the NFL has, it's not hard to figure out.

Then late last week the Adrian Peterson story blew up, with the guy many believe is the best back in the league facing charges of child abuse for beating his young son with a tree branch. Now there are questions about the scar a second son sports on his face.

Rice, of course, was the star of a surveillance video in which he is shown delivering a wicked left jab to his then-fiancee's face, knocking her cold.

For awhile there last week, you almost forgot that this league once was about sport, and games.

With the national spotlight focusing on them on Monday Night Football, the Eagles - at least for a few hours - put the spotlight on what is going on between the lines.

The Birds and Colts put on a great show, with the Eagles rallying for the second straight week from a double-digit deficit in the second half and snagging a huge win on a last-second kick.

Now we can go back to kicking around the NFL.

This morning we get news that the Vikings have had a change of heart. After announcing that they would play Peterson this Sunday after keeping him off the field last week, they apparently have had a change of heart. They have put their star running back on the shelf indefinitely until his legal issues are resolved. He must stay away from all football activities in the interim.

Coincidentally, the move comes just hours after a huge NFL advertiser, the beer barons at Anheuser-Busch, said they were disappointed at the way the league is handling its off-the-field issues.

The Vikings also heard from one of their local advertisers, Radisson Hotels, which indicated they were pulling their support. Roger Goodell and the NFL have always operated by a standard business mandate:

Money talks.

Now they're getting a view from the flip side of that coin.
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Circuit Court Upholds Trial Court Ruling in Blunt v. LMSD

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2014-09-16 21:09
The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals found "no direct or circumstantial evidence of racial discrimination" in Lower Merion's special-educ
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Lane Restriction on City Line Wednesday for Tree Removal

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2014-09-16 19:55
PennDOT says the work is scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., and that people should expect delays.
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Police Have Identified A Suspect in Trooper Shooting Ambush

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2014-09-16 18:27
Police will issue a warrant as they continue to search for the suspect, who killed one trooper and critically wounded another.
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How to Comment on Patch

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2014-09-16 18:18
Four simple steps to make sure you're heard loud and clear.
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The Daily Salvo for September 14, 2014 - "Flourishing with the Gospel"

The Daily Salvo - Tue, 2014-09-16 15:44
The Daily Salvo for September 14, 2014 - "Flourishing with the Gospel"
The Regina Academies are helping today's children flourish like an oak tree in the garden of temptation. From: The Daily Salvo Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:01 More in News & Politics

The Daily Salvo for September 12, 2014 - "Texas Hold 'em From Voting"

The Daily Salvo - Tue, 2014-09-16 15:35
The Daily Salvo for September 12, 2014 - "Texas Hold 'em From Voting"
Team Obama wants you to think that Republicans in the Longhorn State are playing a game of 'Texas Hold 'em From Voting' From: The Daily Salvo Views: 1 1 ratings Time: 01:00 More in News & Politics

#PAGov: A Tom Wolf Win Isn’t Enough. Democrats Need to Get Serious About the State Senate.

Keystone Politics - Tue, 2014-09-16 15:04
While the Governor’s race is all but decided, Wolf still has a giant problem: What does he do after Nov 4th when he wakes up and finds he is stuck with a Republican controlled State Senate? The...
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political turn-offs

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2014-09-16 15:01

All yes the season has arrived. Not fall, but the season where we open our mailboxes to far too many political mailers. There is no subtlety involved as it is an almost daily barrage from both parties. My position is, save a tree don’t flood my mailbox. I also am of the mindset that I prefer not to get my email inundated either.

Today we received a giant expensive multi–page glossy mailer mailer from the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee. For Manan Trivedi.

Now I have met Dr. Trivedi, and I found him to be a very nice person, but he’s not the person to represent me. I did not feel when I lived in Montgomery County that a man who was from Berks County could really represent my interests in Congress. I still feel that way as a Chester County resident.

I also want to rid myself early of all the glossy mailers that are going to clog up my mailbox and recycle bin. So since it is September and this is my first one I called up the campaign number listed on the glossy mailer. The lady who answered the phone at 484-329-7907 could not have been more pleasant. But some guy who must’ve been her supervisor decided he wanted to speak to me. I’m not going to publicly shame this person because everybody deserves a chance and I respect people that want to work on campaigns and I know it’s tough. But I will say that somebody else should take calls from now on, this gentleman should not be on the phone.

I tried to explain to this guy why Dr. Trivedi was not a candidate for me. I also tried to explain to this guy why I don’t want to receive these mailers. I did say to him however if he really wants his candidate to have a good showing in Chester County, a public position on things like the Sunoco pipeline and eminent domain would be of interest to Chester County voters.

He then tells me how they went to a couple community meetings and they were “looking into it.” Since March, no less. I said what is there to keep looking into? I asked if his candidate was in favor of eminent domain? Does his candidate understand our fears about these pipelines and what they could do that legitimately terrifies residents out here? I asked if his candidate understood how a lot of us were on wells and how scary an idea that is when somebody’s talking about fracking and putting pipelines through communities along with potential dangers to all natural water sources and wildlife?

If you want a topic that has grabbed hold of Chester County residents regardless of political party this is it, right? He decides he then wants to tell me all about Ryan Costello and Ryan Costello’s flaws.

I didn’t call them to debate the other candidate. I also don’t like to be talked down to by a campaign office. And I completely abhor people who use poor grammar on the telephone and tell me that they are a Montgomery county resident and he understands how I feel. I live in Chester County, you couldn’t possibly understand how I feel as a Chester County resident, so unfortunately that attempt at political empathy fell far short.

I did tell him that I feel sorry for political candidates because of the gerrymandering which has occurred in the 6th Congressional District of Pennsylvania over the past years. But when push comes to shove, I want someone more local to me to represent me in Congress if I can get it. And while I might find someone to be a very pleasant person, it doesn’t that I find them to be the best candidate for the job to serve my needs as a Chester County resident.

I will be blunt, I also find Obamacare a hot mess. I feel the last few years of national politics have been embarrassing at times for any American no matter what political persuasion you are. When it comes to Federal level politics, you very rarely get the opportunity to vote for the “local” guy. And my local guy is Ryan Costello. And I will vote for him gladly. But because I think Dr. Manan Trivedi is a nice person, I think his campaign offices need an education.

I see no problem with people being excited and very supportive of their particular candidate for whom they are working. But they need to adopt more of a “the customer is right” attitude. They need to learn the subtle art of turning people to their position without getting irritated on the phone. After all, there are quite a few weeks between now and election day. And I won’t be the only phone call their offices receive.

I have decided that one of the things that is going to make me decide on candidates this fall is what kind of a position do they take about pipelines and gas companies like Sunoco in Pennsylvania? How do these candidates feel about eminent domain? In mid-September, a candidate’s political office should not still be saying that the candidate is looking into something. They should have a position and be able to clearly state it for the candidate. The Wolf gubernatorial campaign, for example, is very clear on where they stand about pipelines. And I can tell you quite honestly, I can’t good conscience vote for Tom Corbett a second time. Especially given all the donations he gets from oil companies, right?

I might be a Republican, but I do believe in a two-party system. I am also an inveterate ticket splitter. But a two-party system in Chester County is also about 17 shades of ridiculous once again thanks to the infighting of the Democratic Party of Chester County. Truthfully, to that end, I actually feel sorry for the Trivedi campaign because as a Democrat candidate he and other Democrat candidates may very well be tainted by the same brush that is the in-fighting in Democratic politics right now in Chester County.

Thanks for stopping by today. Save a tree by asking candidates for political office not to send piles of glossy mailers out. And if you are a Chester County resident, please ask your candidates offices where they stand on pipelines and eminent domain.

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