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Teen Charged In Fatal Post-Burglary Norristown Crash

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 16:25
A Norristown teen has been charged with third degree murder and three more face burglary charges in connection the fatal August incident.
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National Dog Show Arrives In Montgomery County

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 14:57
This weekend is your chance to meet more than 2,000 dogs at the National Dog Show in Montgomery County.
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Watch: Vehicle Blows Past Stopped School Bus In Plymouth

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 14:36
The vehicle just barely missed striking several children who were attempting to board the stopped bus.
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Montgomery County Road Rage Shooting Suspect Arrested

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 11:24
After trying to drive a woman off the road and then repeatedly "brake-checking" her, he got out of his vehicle and opened fire.
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Schuylkill River Heritage Area Rebrands Itself

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 11:03
The Schuylkill River Heritage Area has a new name and a new logo that better reflect their mission to improve the river and its communities.
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prayers for barclay friends

Chester County Ramblings - Fri, 2017-11-17 09:47

Most of us in Chester County woke up to those devastating news. Barclay Friends in the Borough of West Chester went up in flames as many of us, myself included, were sleeping. I have a friend whose mom was there, thank goodness she is now home and safe with her family. There are many, many displaced seniors as a result.

It is the eve of Thanksgiving and I think we must be grateful for the absolutely amazing first responders we have in Chester County. Firefighters, EMTs, police, and so on. I am not one to toss around the word blessed lightly, but we are so blessed with these heroic individuals because this could have been so much worse without their expertise and valor.

Daily Local : At least 20 injured, 100 flee into night as fire roars through West Chester senior living center (Photos)

Prayers go to the families with displaced seniors and the staff of Barclay Friends . I am happy to post legitimate fundraising efforts one Barclay Friends gets this sorted out to where they can do that. I am also happy to post efforts of groups who will be collecting clothing and other basics for these seniors. And if someone is planning to get Thanksgiving dinner to these displaced seniors.

These senior citizens could be anyone’s family members, and at least one is a family member of a friend.

I will admit I am so terrified at how fast Barclay Friends went up in flames. All media reports this morning indicate fire investigation is already beginning.

Also, and VERY important: you will note my photos come from social media. I am not going anywhere near that scene and neither should any curiosity seeker. Let the professionals do their jobs and stay out of the area in the Borough of West Chester.

Prayers up on this.

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A late-night phone call is never good

Heron's Nest - Fri, 2017-11-17 08:20
A late-night phone call never brings good news.

Every time the phone goes off at that hour, that softball-size knot that seems to have taken up permanent residence in my stomach gets a little bigger.

That was no different last night, when the phone ran about 20 after 11. It was my ace photographer Pete Bannan, who gave me the news of the devastating fire at the Barclay Friends assisted living center in West Chester.

That started a combination of events that resulted in tearing up a perfectly good front page of the Daily Local News in West Chester to get in news of the fire.

I usually spend a lot of time cursing technology, but I have to admit that when it comes to breaking news, I am glad we're still not operating in this dinosaur days of the newspaper racket.

Of course, that does not mean we ignored print. We had just enough time to get a short story and photos in the print edition. Then we went to work updating the story online in the overnight hours.

The fire was devastating, sending elderly residents out into the cold, many of them still being wheeled out in their beds and wheelchairs.

You can get the update here.

At this point, officials are saying about 20 people were injured. Another 100-plus were evacuated.

One of the great things that happened is how the community rallied.

Neighbors who live in the area where the Barclay is located showed up with blanket, water, and coffee.

These are people they consider neighbors.

We'll be updating the story today and through the weekend.

But as awful as it looked, it also showed a community that rallies together in the worst of circumstances.
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What is a hellbender?

Heron's Nest - Fri, 2017-11-17 07:45
Do you have any idea what a hellbender is?

No it's not some teen tough guy out rampaging around the neighborhood.

It's an amphibian. It's about to become the official state amphibian, if the state Senate gets its way.

Yep, that's what our elected leaders are up to these days.

Compare that to what just went down with the state budget and you get the idea why they call Pennsylvania, Land of Giants.

You can read our editorial here.
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Your Guide to Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood and Nearby Open Houses

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Fri, 2017-11-17 07:35
We've rounded up nearby open houses happening this weekend.
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It's time for All Christmas music, all the time

Heron's Nest - Fri, 2017-11-17 07:24
And so it begins.

Forget Thanksgiving.

We're ushering in the Christmas season today.

At least they are over at Today’s 101.1 MORE-FM/WBEB.

That's right. At 9 a.m. they will flip the switch and go to all Christmas music, all the time.

They will be all-Christmas all the time through Christmas Day highlighting favorite holiday songs from Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Mariah Carey and the rest.

They also once again will be doing their popular Christmas Choir Competition.

Ho, ho, ho!
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6 Montco Projects Honored For Environmental Sustainability

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2017-11-16 16:23
Six projects across Montgomery County were awarded Wednesday for promoting environmental sustainability.
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Veterans Day Pavers; Toys For Tots Drive; More Local Stories

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2017-11-16 15:58
Some of the best and most useful content comes from the Patch community. Here's a roundup of stories from this week.
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Several Montco Doctors Approved To Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2017-11-16 14:30
So far, eight Montgomery County doctors have been approved to participate in the state's medical marijuana program once it launches in 2018.
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After Years Of Debate, Conshohocken Approves New 'Super' Wawa

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Thu, 2017-11-16 11:10
After years of debate, the controversial new "super" Wawa in Conshohocken has been approved.
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Missing money mystery in Upper Darby

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2017-11-16 06:43
There is a mystery this morning in Upper Darby.

There is apparently money missing from the tax collector's office.

A lot of money.

No one is saying how much, but it's apparently a couple hundred thousand dollars.

The Delaware County District Attorney's office is investigating. No charges have been filed.

The township called in the D.A.'s office after the situation was first discovered.

“We are aware of the allegations. When these allegations were first brought to our attention, we notified the District Attorney’s Office and asked them to investigate the matter. The township has been fully cooperating with the district attorney’s investigation.”

We'll keep you updated on how the investigation is going.

And a tip of the hat to Joe Holden of CBS3 who was the first to report on the investigation.
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Tax vote showdown today in D.C.

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2017-11-16 06:31
Looks like you can count the region's two moderate Republicans as yes votes on the GOP tax plan that is headed for a vote this afternoon in Washington.

Rep. Ryan Costello, R-6, of West Goshen, tells us he's voting yes.

Rep. Pat Meehan, R-7, while not definitive, says the move will help his constituents.

Note there is a very important difference between the House measure and that being developed in the Senate.

Yesterday a last-second addition to the Senate plan would kill off the mandatory participation under Obamacare. The House version does not touch the Affordable Care Act.

Democratic Pa. U.S. Sen. Robert Casey blasted the new language, calling it a double-barrel blow to the middle class, hurting them tax-wise and also endangering their health care. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey supports the language eliminating the Obamacare mandate.

You can get all the details on where Costello and Meehan stand here.
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Welcome to the Joel Embiid Era

Heron's Nest - Thu, 2017-11-16 06:23
Forget Dallas Week.

Joel Embiid just stole the show from Eagles-Cowboys - even if not many people actually saw it.

Do yourself a favor. Make sure you check out the highlights of last night's Sixers' win over the Lakers. The game did not start until 10:30 so it's a pretty good bet most people did not see it.

Take a gander at Embiid's line from the game:

46 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists, seven blocked shots.

The 46 points is the most by a Sixer in 11 years.

You can get all the details here.
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Wynnewood Photographer's Work To Be Featured At Local College

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2017-11-15 16:28
John A. Benigno, a local fine art photographer, will have photos from his collection "Adobe Church Project" featured at a college gallery.
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Judge Sides With Philadelphia On 'Sanctuary City' Funding

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2017-11-15 15:33
When the DOJ threatened to withhold a law enforcement grant from the city based on its immigration policy, the city took the fight to court.
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Norristown Man Faces Criminal Homicide In Fatal Plymouth Overdose

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2017-11-15 12:32
A Norristown man faces criminal homicide charges after a 39-year-old Plymouth man overdosed on the fentanyl he was sold.
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