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Montco To Simulate Derailment Of Train Carrying Bakken Crude Oil

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 13:56
Don't be alarmed: smoke, road closures, search and rescue, and police activity on Saturday are part of a drill simulating train derailment.
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VIDEO: Hail Hits Montgomery County During Strong Storm

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 12:10
Did any hail fall near you during Wednesday's storm in Montgomery County?
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Malvern Federal, Devon Horse Show, Support Local Hospital

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 11:55
The Devon Horse Show supports Bryn Mawr Hospital, which received a 5-year, $2 million pledge from the Show in 2014.
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Get A Shuttle to the 27th Manayunk Arts Festival From Lower Merion

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 10:05
Artists and crafters prepare to take Main Street this June in Manayunk.
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Brightview Senior Living approved without township notification to Homestead Road neighbors of the project!

Just as land development projects are not created equal, neither are neighbors oppositions to these projects. You may recall the abandoned Duffy property on Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn and the subsequent construction of Daylesford Crossing, an assisted living facility on the site.  Daylesford Crossing was a long, drawn out redevelopment process that required approving a […]
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Parents of Stillborn Baby Donate Cots In Wynnewood

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 09:45
Theodore Jude Clement was stillborn on November 21, 2015. Now his parents are making a donation in his memory.
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Montco HS Teacher Wins $64K On Wheel Of Fortune

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Wed, 2016-06-08 09:31
A Montgomery County high school history teacher and interact advisor has received a $64,000 prize after winning the game show.
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A huge step forward on alcohol sales

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2016-06-08 06:43
Raise a glass, Pennsylvania.

Slowly, one tiny step at a time, the state mocked as the 'Land of Giants' is crawling out of the Dark Ages in the way it handles the sales of alcohol.

The House took another big step yesterday, passing and sending to Gov. Tom Wolf a bill that would loosen the state's archaic laws, and deliver what most people in the state - including this writer - have been seeking for years, more convenience.

Specifically, the House gave the green light for supermarkets that already have a license to sell beer to add wine by the bottle.

People who live in other states, where many supermarkets routinely offer several aisles dedicated to whatever beer, wine or spirit floats their boat, might find this hard to believe, but that's not the case here in Pa.

And before you break out the party hats, let me remind you that this is Pennsylvania. It's changing, but it's still not exactly what you would call 'convenient.'

You will still have to visit a separate part of the store to buy beer or wine, and you will have to pay for it there, as opposed to simply tossing it in the cart and paying for it along with the rest of your groceries.

Oh, you wanted a case of beer? Sorry, that means a trip to your local beer distributor.

Spirits? You're out of luck, Wegmans shoppers. Those can only be purchased at your local state store.

The bill passed yesterday is not privatization. Some might argue it barely registers as modernization.

The state stores - and those precious union jobs - are not going away.

The bill does, however, allow for expanded hours and operation at the state store.

Here's a few other things the legislation accomplishes:

- You'll be able to buy up to four bottles of wine at licensed restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets and delis. There are about 14,000 of those licenses in use currently in the state.

- Remember that ruling a few weeks back that allowed for beer sales at convenience stores? The bill make that permanent. We'll talk to Wawa today to see if they are interested in adding that feature to more stores. They already plan to offer beer sales at a store on Naamans Creek Road out in Concord.

- Consumers will have the ability to have wine shipped directly to them by private wine wholesalers.

- If you're at a casino, you'll be able to drink 24 hours a day, compared with 19 hours under current law.

- The state's 600 state liquor stores would be able to offer expanded hours, including allowing all stores to offer Sunday sales.

Gov. Wolf, who was an adamant foe of privatization but who said he favored modernization of the existing system, has said only that he will carefully review the proposal.

I think it's a safe be he will sign it, despite the union opposition.

I've said all along that I favor privatization. I don't think the state has any business being in a business that would be handled better by private enterprise.

Really, all I would like to be able to do is buy what I need in one place. My preference would be for a super store where I could buy a six-pack or case of beer, along with a bottle of wine for dinner.

I know what some of you are thinking. The editor of the Daily Times has a drinking problem. I assure you I'm solely a social tippler.

And to those union folks, including Wendell Young IV, who I have debated this issue with for years, I offer this. Here's one solution no one has thought about.

Why not allow beer sales at state stores.

Uh, oh, now I've done it. Now the beer distributors are going to be ticked off at me.

Cheers, folks. Pennsylvania is changing. Yes, it's a lot slower than I would like. But it is happening. Could privatization be next?

One step at a time, people.
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Another roll of the dice in Pa.?

Heron's Nest - Wed, 2016-06-08 06:09
Pennsylvania could be preparing to take another roll of the dice.

With a new budget deadline just a few weeks away, some state leaders are looking at an old friend as a possible fix to the state's fiscal mess.

Yes, expanding legalized gambling is back on the table.

We already have the lottery, and 12 legal casinos. Now some Republicans are suggesting video gaming terminals as a new gambling cash cow for the state.

As you might expect, this is not sitting especially well with casinos, who could wind up losing customers who would be sitting in front of those terminals in their local tavern as opposed to trundling down to Harrah's on the Chester waterfront.

We deal with it on today's editorial page.
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St. Charles Borromeo Seminary to move; plans to join another Catholic college

Main Line Times - Tue, 2016-06-07 21:58
Wynnewood >> They say nothing is constant but change.
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Easttown Man Sentenced For Taking Videos of Women Without Consent

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2016-06-07 17:00
Freeman Cottrell was accused of recording himself and his ex-fiancé having sexual intercourse, and taking up-skirt videos of another woman.
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Lower Merion Police Remember Former Officer Killed In Afghanistan

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Tue, 2016-06-07 12:51
Before enlisting in the U.S. military and being sent to Afghanistan, Scott Ball patrolled the streets of Lower Merion.
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the case for auld lang syne

Chester County Ramblings - Tue, 2016-06-07 11:18

Devon Horse Show in years past. 2009 or 2008 I think. Maybe earlier.

I have not really said a word for days as the tawdriness of Nouveau Devon and the 2016 scandals and incidents have swarmed around local news outlets and social media.  Yes, I have posted links to published media reports based on police reports and interviews with them, but I haven’t said much. Truthfully, I have been somewhat dumbfounded by all of these bizarre incidents.

I used to love Devon.  I stopped loving it a few years ago when things started to change, because the people running the show started to change. That made the vibe start to change. And when the coup happened in December 2014, well that pretty much was enough for me with Devon.

Devon circa 2012

But then these people also kicked up a fuss about a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker honoring the Devon Horse Show. That pretty much made them horses asses. They might own a lot in some cases, but they don’t own local history do they?

I attended the historical marker ceremony across the road from the horse show in October, 2015 and was honored that the local historians and others who had worked so hard to just see that the history was remembered included me on the guest list. That day I felt old Devon again because well, a lot of the people who once made the show special attended that ceremony.

I did not attend Devon this year.  I was asked, but I just couldn’t do it. To me it seems such a mockery of what it once was.  And well, it seems that this year the seams are showing and it is falling apart?

First there was the litigation over the skybox that made the papers.

Judge rules in favor of ousted Devon Horse Show skybox holder

On Thursday a Chester County judge upheld an injuction telling horse show officials to let the woman use her skybox.

Trish Hueber, of Penn Valley, paid $20,000 for the 1B skybox in April 2012. She also paid $1,800 annually in maintenance fees to the horse show. However, this year after she responded to a letter that requested the maintenance fee, her check for the 2016 maintenance fee was returned and show officials told Hueber that she had violated rules and no longer had the use of the box, the suit said. Horse show officials also contended that the $20,000 she paid in 2012 was a charitable donation, rather than for the purchase of the skybox.

After Hueber’s lawyer, Cary McClain, sent a letter regarding the skybox requesting proof that there had not been an agreement or a tax return showing the charitable contribution, show officials removed Hueber from her position as vice president of the Hospitality Committee, a committee that she had served on for 29 years.

Devon circa 2012

POSTED: 06/03/16, 4:33 PM EDT|UPDATED: 14 HRS AGO

Tredyffrin police issued a citation to the CEO of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair early this week after he was alleged by police of creating what they called a “physically offensive scene” and “placed himself in danger.”

Wayne William Grafton, 67, of the 1100 block of Ryan Road in Unionville, was charged with public intoxication.

According to a citation issued by the Tredyffrin Police Department, the incident occurred May 31 at 10:20 p.m. along South Valley Forge Road outside a gate of the Devon Horse Show grounds.

According to the citation, “defendant did have glassy, bloodshot eyes, odor of alcoholic beverages.” The citation goes on to describe Grafton’s speech as being slurred.

News philly.com Devon Horse Show chairman charged with public intoxication

Updated: JUNE 5, 2016 — 1:09 AM EDT

by Julie Shaw, Staff Writer

The chairman of the Devon Horse Show was charged last week with public drunkenness…The Tredyffrin Township Police Department on Saturday morning confirmed Grafton was charged with a summary offense of public intoxication, but it declined further comment.

….Grafton, reached on his cellphone Saturday afternoon, said: “I haven’t received a citation. … I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen.”

“I’ve never been drunk in my life,” he said. “Maybe that’s the story.”

These published media reports are based on public court dockets so is the Tredyffrin Police Department making this up? Sure doesn’t seem so, yet basically that is what is being inferred?  See yesterday’s Daily Local article: Devon Horse Show chairman denies public drunkenness citation; police confirm it

POSTED: 06/06/16, 3:39 PM EDT|UPDATED: 10 HRS AGO

TREDYFFRIN >> Several days after Wayne Grafton reportedly received a citation for public drunkenness outside a gate of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair grounds, he told media outlets the reports were false.

“Tredyffrin police officers never talked to me, and I never received a citation from them,” Grafton, the chairman of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, said in a follow-up phone conversation on Monday. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

The Tredyffrin Police Department confirmed in a follow-up phone conversation Monday after the Daily Local News spoke with Grafton…Copies of the police report along with accompanying online court documents are available at http://www.dailylocal.com. The court document can be viewed by clicking here.

Devon circa 2011 or 2012

Meanwhile, rumors still continue to float around surrounding confrontations related to all this nonsense like Friday or Saturday evenings? Is that true? Or is this all just being made up?

And then there are the comments all over social media about how people are feeling about the show:



And then there were all the comments about the uptick in alcohol at the event as a whole, and how is it a horse show needs so much booze? Especially when people are caring for very expensive animals and equipment and people DRIVE home after the show and fair is over each night? Comments like the couple I am posting below and many others including ones where people are describing being at the horse show with their kids watching drunks stumble by? How is that family friendly? And if someone has had too much and falls off say the Ferris Wheel or stumbles into the ring when the Clydesdales are thundering by, then what?

Devon 2012

And I already discussed “Ladies” Hat Day so no need to rehash that except for all the comments floating around about things like event gate crashers that day? And how is that fair that they elbowed women out of the way who PAID to attend the event, in many cases a tidy premium? And when women approached event organizers they were told that Devon doesn’t like to turn people away? Huh?


Comments about the jump in prices like:

And this which pretty much summed up how Philadelphia and the Main Line has changed along with the horse show:

Also heard a lot of vendors were not happy this year and they are locked in for what? Two years at a time and it’s expensive which is why the retail costs were reportedly so much higher this year in the shops?

And when they kept reporting “record attendance” and the live feed showed empty stands, what about that? People said the whole thing felt different this year and that it was sparsely attended a fair bit of the time so what about that? Is that all made up too?

Ok here is the current board:

Devon 2012

Look I totally get that things and events have to grow and evolve to stay current and survive, BUT Devon Horse Show did this to themselves and maybe just maybe they all need to stop denying things like bad frat house party behavior and just own that they need to regroup and figure this out….before Devon is lost for good?

Or is that the plan? To let the show degrade to such a point that there really is no show and then what?

Yes, people aren’t going to like this post. They will say I am being unfair and disloyal to Devon. I am not. This stuff has all happened and is all documented and everyone is talking about it.

It’s time to bring back old Devon.  The event that had panache and style. Everyone always cocktailed at Devon but it did not use to be such a reported free-for-all, did it?

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State prison for Bala Pointe burglars

Main Line Times - Tue, 2016-06-07 10:01
NORRISTOWN >> A Philadelphia man was sent to state prison for breaking into a Lower Merion commercial building.
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The Daily Numbers for Tuesday, June 7

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2016-06-07 08:30
The Daily Numbers: 1 year after he was gunned down, an arrest warrant is issued for the man suspected of fatally shooting Thomas Childs.

9 of June last year, when Childs was gunned down in parking lot of Ridgeway Industries, where the Aston man was a truck driver.

20,000 dollar reward posted for information on the whereabouts of Rodney Shelton.

5, age of boy shot in Chester, wounded by bullet that came from outside the house.

140 jobs that Harrah’s Casino in Chester says might be lost if online gambling gets the OK in Pa.

2,000 slot machines at Harrah’s, one of 11 casinos in the state.

30 million dollars in property tax relief that could be lost in the process.

4 weeks until the state’s next budget deadline, which must be in place by July 1.

6,000 faculty members at Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities who could go on strike later this month.

6-4 loss for the Phils to the 1st place Cubs last night.

8 scoreless innings from Cubs starter Jon Lester.

1.46 ERA for Lester in his career vs. Phils, to go with sparkling 6-0 record.

4 runs scored by Phils in the 9th, with tying run at the plate in Ryan Howard. He grounded out. No one threw a bottle at him.

3 runs on 8 hits over 6 innings for Phils starter Adam Morgan.

0-8 record on Monday this season for Phils.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

So how long do you think it is going to take for the infamous bottle thrower to come forward or be nabbed? And what do you think the chances are that he’s from Delco?

I Don’t Get It: Throwing a bottle at a player. Or at anyone for that matter. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to law enforcement authorities who now have an arrest warrant for the suspect in the murder of Thomas Childs, almost 1 year to the day he was gunned down.

Quote Box: “Know this. We are coming for you. We will find you. There is really nowhere you can hide.”

- Sam Rabadi, ATF agent in charge, to the suspect in Childs’ killing.
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Church & State: The battle over House Bill 1947

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2016-06-07 07:01
Down at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia headquarters, they are putting the wagons in a circle.


And, once again, the issue is the child sex abuse scandal that has dogged the church for a decade.

Specifically, the church is taking aim at legislation being considered in Harrisburg that would change the statute of limitations to allow victims of abuse more time to file civil actions.

That, as you might expect, is raising more than a few eyebrows at the archdiocese. In other words, it could cost them millions in civil lawsuits based on old abuse cases.

House Bill 1947 passed the House by a 180-15 vote. It is now being taken up by the Senate. No vote has yet been scheduled, but a hearing on the bill is expected to be held next week.

HB 1947 would reach into the past and open a window to the victims of child sexual abuse. Right now a person only has until age 30 to file such measures. HB 1947 would extend that until age 50. It would also lift the statute of limitations for criminal charges to be filed in such cases.

The measure, which passed in the House in historic fashion after years of resistance to such calls, is opposed by the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and the Pennsylvania Insurance Federation. And, as you might expect, leading the battle cry is the archdiocese itself.

Last weekend Archbishop Charles J. Chaput sent a letter to all parishes in the archdiocese, urging the faithful to contact their legislators to vote against the measure.

Chaput branded the legislation as "a clear attack on the church, her parishes and her people."

The fear is that huge awards stemming from a new wave of civil actions would damage the work of the church, including its work for the poor, and possibly even resulting in the closure of more schools and parishes.

They point to a similar law that was passed in Delaware that resulted in job cuts.

In his letter, Chaput makes the point that he believes the church is being held to a different standard than public institutions, such as the public schools, when it comes to the evil of child sexual abuse.

He suggests the burden eventually will be born by Catholic parishes and families.

State Rep. Nick Miccarelli, R-162, is beginning to feel like collateral damage in this war.

Miccarelli, who knows a thing or two about combat, having served a tour of duty with his National Guard unit in Iraq, found himself in the crosshairs - in his own parish.

It was noted in the St. Rose of Lima church bulletin that the Republican had voted in favor of House Bill 1947.

He’s not happy about it, in particular this notion that he somehow has rigged this thing against the church while letting public institutions off the hook. Here's what the note in the church bulletin said: "JUST SO YOU ARE AWARE," read the headline. "State Representative Miccarelli voted in favor or House Bill 1947, which states that private institutions can be sued as far as for years ago for millions of dollars, while public institutions may not be sued for any crimes committed in the past." And he’s more than ready to dispute the archdiocese’ characterization of the legislation. In fact, he is planning to do just that in a letter to the editor.

And he says he's not the only legislator who was targeted.

"Does the hierarchy believe that 180 members of the House are out to get the Catholic church," Miccarelli wrote. "Maybe they think that our goal is to attack the church and to let government entities get off scot-free? It is incomprehensible that they could believe either of these thoughts to be our true intentions."

The Republican is particularly incensed that no one at his own parish at St. Lima reached out to him before casually dropping that note in the church bulletin.

He's planning to pen a letter to the editor to offer his side of the controversy.

Frankly, I would much rather be chastised from the altar, than to be damned for not allowing justice to be done," he said." What was that someone once said about the sins of the fathers? It seems the Catholic church in Pennsylvania has not yet been able to put the lingering effects of years of abuse by a small number of priests behind it.

First there was the two grand jury reports. Followed by a conviction of a high-ranking church official, one that, by the way, has been overturned and is currently on appeal. Then we had "Spotlight," which won an Academy Award for its depiction of the Boston Globe investigative team that blew the lid off the sex abuse scandal in the Boston Archdiocese.

Now there is House Bill 1947.

An attack on the Catholic church or an opportunity, finally, to deliver justice to victims of child sexual abuse.

We might be about to find out.
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Justice for Thomas Childs

Heron's Nest - Tue, 2016-06-07 06:22
It took almost a year, but today there is justice for Thomas Childs.

Or at least the pursuit of justice.

Childs, a truck driver from Aston, was gunned down during a robbery attempt in Yeadon back on June 9 of last year. Yesterday, District Attorney Jack Whelan announced an arrest warrant has been issued for Rodney Talbo Shelton, who is believed to be from the North Carolina area. That's where police believe he continues to hide out.

Authorities are hoping a $20,000 reward will loosen some lips in terms of his whereabouts.

In the meantime, 'Chilly' Childs' family and friends are grateful that his killer is being brought to justice.

They've had more than their share of tragedy.

It's all in Rose Quinn's story today.
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Why Republicans Lose In Pennsylvania- a house divided by two-faced, double-talking Political Profiteering self-serving lobbyists

The Liberty Blog - Mon, 2016-05-02 19:46

Political Profiteers Long & Nyquist; Cancer on the Commonwealth; Why Republicans lose in Pennsylvania, a House divided against itself…self-serving crony consultants and lobbyists callously misdirect with half-truths. Two-Faced, Double-Talking lobbyists playing on both sides of the fence.

      Long & Nyquist are undercutting the party by their disingenuousness.

The smearing of Joe Peters and the defeat of the Outsiders in Pennsylvania.


Republican Brian Fitzpatrick has won the Republican primary in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district with his claims to be a “corruption fighter” yet he hired two-faced, double-talking union lobbyists Long and Nyquist to run his campaign. 


​    Two-faced, double talking Long & Nyquist pretend to be Republicans advancing goals of limited government, less regulation and lower taxes while representing unions including the very, very powerful Big Government, Big Spending Pennsylvania Teachers’ Union, the PSEA and the anti-free market Wendell Young’s United Food & Commercial Workers Union which opposed sale of liquor stores and defeated efforts to dismantle the liquor monopoly and beer cartel in Pennsylvania.


  ​ Brian Fitzpatrick endorsed by the Deon Poprick Crony Establishment was flown into the district by his brother, the incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick, a Boehner/Ryan Big Government Pro Union loyalist.

Long & Nyquist clients include Pennsylvania State Education Association and and United Food and Commercial Workers   Commonwealth License Beverage Association  Malt Beverage Distributors Association Comcast


In addition he is being investigated for violating the Hatch Act and running for office while still on the FBI payroll, a clear violation of the law

But most troubling is the fact that Brian Fitzpatrick claims to fight unions and corruption but hired Long & Nyquist, the biggest corrupt factors of Harrisburg, to run campaign.


Brad Bumsted wrote an excellent piece but failed to mention that the smear of Joe Peters was engineered by two faced, double talking, deceiving lobbyists/consultants Long & Nyquist who get rich protecting the power their patrons; good for them, not so good for us.Brad Bumsted Tribune Review To what end? The smearing of good guy  Joe Peters.

​  Long and Nyquist unsuccessfully failed to defeat 30 year Marine Corp  vet and good guy  Frank Ryan in the House district 101


Long & Nyquist failed in the 31st Senate district where real deal good guy  Mike Regan will be replacing crony Pat Vance.

Let us see if journalists Dennis Owens and Jon Delano pick up this story.

The liberal, snarky and supercilious John Micek will not offer us any useful information. It is unlikely that  the Philadelphia Inquirer and the southeastern media which are not only shallow, superficial and supercilious but seem to live in a clueless cave can or will report any of this. The Inquirer quoted Charlie Gerow in a recent news/analysis article; any reporter who cites Charlie GID Gerow, a loser who even lost being elected delegate to the RNC convention in Cleveland, opportunistic chameleon, whose last and biggest win, was for Harrisburg Democrat Linda Thompson demonstrates his or her cluelessness as anyone with any familiarity with Pennsylvania politics would know.


​   Long and Nyquist are pretend Republicans who play both sides of the lobbyist fence  as journalist Dennis Owens has reported, lobbying for unions while pretending to advocate for what are presented as Republican Party values. Phonies, double talking, deceiving two faced frauds who smear good Republicans Long & Nyquist engineered this smear of a good man. Long and Nyquist are, also, consulting for Brian Fitzpatrick in Pa 8. Long and Nyquist are Political Profiteers who will make a lot of money losing the Attorney General election yet again. And, of course, Brian Fitzpatrick is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law of violating the Hatch Act.


With the exception of a State Supreme court candidate, nominally a Republican, but with bipartisan support, the Republicans have not won a statewide election since 2009 when Tom Corbett won by big margins before betraying those who voted for him with two tax increases and Pat Toomey walked away from those who supported him from 2004 through his squeaker election in 20009.


There is a reason why Republicans lose statewide;not a single Republican congressman, no matter how liberal or corrupt, has gone down in the April 26 2016   primary.  Trump voters did not vote for the Outsider down ticket. In Pa-16 primary just past, the liberal, party loyalist Lloyd Smucker defeated real deal conservative Chet Beiler. The severely under-financed Art Halvorson came within 1 point of defeating crony insider Bill Shuster. Oddly, with stunning turnout driven by Donald Trump’s dramatic campaign, voters voting for outsider Donald Trump, nevertheless, voted for insiders down ticket!!!!

Do we really want Cronyism in the Attorney General’s Office?  ​

 John Rafferty entwined with Long & Nyquist

It is highly unlikely that bringing Long & Nyquist into the Attorney General’s office will restore integrity to the office.



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