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Ardmore Library shows off new changes to community

Main Line Times - Mon, 2016-01-11 11:07
A large crowd showed up Saturday afternoon for official grand opening of the newly renovated Ardmore Library as officials cut the ribbon and dozens of eager bookworms checked out the new digs.
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Train death in Montgomery County ruled a suicide; Radnor woman ID'd as victim

Main Line Times - Mon, 2016-01-11 11:04
NORRISTOWN >> The woman who was struck and killed by a regional rail train in Conshohocken Sunday night has been identified as 29-year-old Amanda White of Radnor. Her death has been ruled a suicide by the Montgomery County Coroner.
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2016 brings new leadership to Tredyffrin Twp, 4.3% tax increase in preliminary TESD budget and a Chester County Substitute Teacher Job Fair

Belated Happy New Year!  Waking up to 23 degree temperatures today reminds us that we are not going to escape the winter after all. Having recently returned from holidays spent in South Carolina with balmy, sunny 83 temperatures makes the arctic cold even harder to take! Since the start of the New Year, here are […]
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Montco Man Honored For Daring Ocean Rescue

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2016-01-11 10:50
A fisherman had sunk to the bottom of the sea after being swept out by a dangerous tide. That's when a local man leapt into action.
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Your Losing Ardmore Powerball Ticket Could Be A Winner

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Mon, 2016-01-11 10:01
The lowdown on the $1.3 billion drawing Wednesday, and where to buy your ticket locally.
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The Daily Numbers for Monday, Jan. 11

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2016-01-11 09:22
The Daily Numbers: 69, age or rock music icon David Bowie, who died last night.

‘74, when Bowie recorded several live concerts at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. 1.3 billion dollar Powerball jackpot now up for grabs Wednesday night in the Powerball drawing.

1st homicide of 2016 recorded in Delaware County.

3 gunshot wounds to the arm suffered by Philly cop Jesse Hartnett, a Delaware County native.

2001 graduate of Monsignor Bonner.

30, age of Edward Archer, the suspect in the shooting, who is from Yeadon.

2 trips to the Middle East taken by Archer that are now being investigated by the FBI.

1 person charged after trying to take the gun from an officer who was standing guard outside the hospital where Hartnett is recovering last night.

200 million dollars being invested in Crozer-Keystone Health Systems over the next 5 years by new partner Prospect Medical Holdings.

200 people who packed the Towne House in Media Saturday for the chance to bid on some of the iconic eatery’s memorabilia.

33.6 million dollars headed to Delco from the state as part of emergency funding OK’d by Gov. Tom Wolf.

3.29 mill tax hike coming in Haverford School District.

838 dollar average tax bill likely to remain the same in Springfield.

2 more interviews for Eagles head coaches. Doug Pederson yesterday, Tom Coughlin today.

95-85 loss for the Sixers to the Cavs last night.

37 points, 9 assists, 76 rebounds for LeBron James.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

I didn’t see a single team over the weekend that struck me as all that better than the Eagles. Only makes this season that much more frustrating. And does anyone else wonder what the reaction would be if that kind of fan behavior we witnessed in Cincinnati had occurred in Philly?

I Don’t Get It: Vontaze Burfict probably cost the Bengals the game, along with Pacman Jones. And it might have cost his coach his job. I don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to ‘David Live,’ the live album by David Bowie that put the Tower Theater in Upper Darby on the international music map.

Quote Box: “We’ve never been at these levels.”

- Texas Lottery official on the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot.
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Rebel, Rebel: Remembering David Bowie

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2016-01-11 08:37
I was always a soul guy.

I loved Motown. And the Sound of Philadelphia.

Give me the Temps, the Four Tops, and, of course, Teddy.

I came to rock a little later than most of my friends. So naturally I has a soft spot in my heart for 'blue-eyed' soul. I still love the Righteous Brothers. Hall & Oates remain my local heroes.

Eventually I slid over to rock. I never really lost my love of soul and dance music, but rock took over my life.

Then I found a way to combine the two.

I heard the voice of David Bowie. Luckily, I heard him before I saw him. Bowie, the original androgynous, gender-bender glam rocker, had a voice straight out of the Sound of Philly.

I fell hard for Ziggy Stardust, Bowie's iconic pop icon, along with the Spiders From Mars. Part of it no doubt was rebellion. Bowie's stage act, the red Mohawk, the wild outfits

Bowie not only provided great music, he did something else every kid back then wanted to do. He drove our parents crazy.

Yes, Bowie looked like nothing that had ever appeared on stage before.

The difference is that Bowie's look never overshadowed his voice, or the music.

It turns out Bowie had an affinity for soul sounds as well. After Ziggy, Bowie did what he always did. He changed. And adapted.

That is what brought him to Philadelphia's legendary Sigma Sound Studios, to record his 'Young Americans' LP.

As part of that experiment, Bowie recorded several live shows at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. 'David Live' remains a standard for live recordings, and of course added to Delco's rock lineage.

Raise your hand if you think you've heard your voice screaming in the background at one of those show. Yeah, I know the feeling.

My wife, too. She was at those shows. She's an even bigger Bowie fan than her husband. And yes, we realized after we started dating that we had many of the same albums and had been to many of the same concerts.

But Bowie was special. Those Tower shows made him one of us. He was Philly. And we loved him for it.

The key to Bowie was ability to change. Maybe that's why so many referred to him as a chameleon.

One thing did not change. The music. And that voice.

From teaming with Bing Crosby on the Christmas classic 'Little Drummer Boy,' to 'Heroes,' you only needed one note to know that was David Bowie.

Now the voice is silent. Bowie died last night at 69, just a few days after his birthday and the release of his newest album, 'Blackstar.'

I'll always be a Bowie fan.

Sure, I loved Ziggy. I enjoyed the notion of being a 'Rebel, Rebel.' And yes, I got a kick out of the reaction of my mom and dad to the album covers.

But most of all it was the music.

Thanks for the ride, Ziggy.
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A look back at 2015 homicides, and the 1st of 2016

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2016-01-11 08:15
Last week we took a look at the faces behind the numbers, the 34 people who were victims of homicide in 2015.

Today I used my print column to talk about why we did it. At the same time, we noted the county had recorded its first homicide of 2016.

Yes, it took place in Chester, where the majority of 2015's homicides also took place.

This morning new Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland will do something so many of his predecessors have done. Kirkland will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. to talk about the city's first homicide of 2016 and also a reward being offered in the case.

We'll be there for the details.
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A few thoughts on the NFL playoffs

Heron's Nest - Mon, 2016-01-11 08:08
A couple of random thoughts after Week One of the NFL Post-Season and while we wait for the Eagles coaching carousel to stop:

* The Cincinnati Bengals are out of control. I've seen a lot of things in a lifetime of watching football. But I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like the way the Bengals became unhinged at the end of that game Saturday night, blowing the game and possibly cost head coach Marvin Lewis his job. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict, no stranger this kind of act, had been having a great game, capped by what appeared to be a game-clinching interception late in this bitterly contested game vs. the arch-rival Steelers.

Unfortunately, Burfict was not done. Neither was Adam 'Pacman' Jones. Both seem to come unhinged, committing personal fouls that, coupled with a crucial fumble that gave the Steelers one more shot, led to a game-winning field goal.

It was a meltdown for the ages. And there was nothing pretty about it.

Burfict blatantly went head-hunting and was slapped with a penalty. Jones then blew a gasket protesting the call and getting involved with a Steelers coach.

* The raw emotions weren't limited to the field. Cincinnati fans did not exactly do themselves proud, tossing things on the field and showering Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger with water bottles and other junk as he rode a car to the locker room after injuring a shoulder. Can you imagine what the reaction would be from the national media if that had occurred in Philadelphia?

* Finally, I was not impressed with the level of play I saw this weekend. Even more important, I did not see a team out there that I think the Eagles couldn't beat. Which only makes this wasted season only that more outrageous.

The Redskins got exposed in the second half by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Anyone think the Eagles couldn't have given them at least that much trouble.

Bring on baseball season.
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country favorites: storage decor 

Chester County Ramblings - Sun, 2016-01-10 22:05

Storage Decor is defined simply as something that has a dual purpose: it is beautiful to look at and provides storage.

We have a modest sized house so storage needs to be creative.  Old furniture has new uses.

My first example are antique washstands. You can find them almost anywhere. I see them all of the time in Chester County. I’ve seen them in barns, I’ve seen them at garage sales, I’ve seen them at tag sales I’ve seen them at resale shops, I’ve seen them at antique stores, and vintage repurposing stores. 

I have two washstands.  They have been handed down in my family and they aren’t particularly fancy and they are definitely more country pieces. Their value is sentimental. They came from my grandmother’s family in Lancaster County.

Anyway, one washstand is in my dining room and it is storage for glassware, table linens,  and taper candles.  The other washstand is in my bedroom and I use it to act as a vanity table on top and in the storage area it’s a great place for scarves and stockings and purses.
 I love the old wood of these washstands.  But I have also seen them painted where they look very pretty as well. I’ve also seen people actually cut a hole in the top of these washstands for a modern basin in a powder room.  I have seen people use them as hall tables too. 

My other favorite of country storage decor are trunks. Old steamer trunks and simple country wooden trunks with hinged lids. Old blanket chests.

I have a few of these trunks and none of them are hiding in the attic. I use them as decorative furniture pieces as well as for the practical purposes of storage for which they were intended.  

When it comes to these trunks I love the patina of the old wood. I would never paint them. I know people who love to paint any piece of wood they own, but when it comes to these old trunks their real beauty I think  is in their scars and wounds of their age.

The trunks I own are simple country pieces. I oil the wood regularly and the patina is so lovely. And old trunks are terrific storage pieces also. When I lived in an apartment I also used trunks for storage and decor.

I see a lot of these pieces I like regularly at places like the Smithfield Barn and Resellers and ConsignIt , Facebook yard sale group pages, just to name a few places.  And you definitely don’t have to break the bank to acquire one of these pieces.

Don’t be afraid to bring home a dusty old piece and make it your own in your house. You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping by .  

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Upper Merion 'Baby Killer' Wants To File Charges Against Police

Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch - Sun, 2016-01-10 17:07
A man convicted of killing a baby and her grandmother is looking to press charges against the detective that investigated him.
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Rob Gleason Bob Asher losers and the biggest loser Pat Toomey 2016

The Liberty Blog - Tue, 2015-11-17 09:47

    Rob Gleason and Bob Asher have  lost 10 out of 11 statewide races since 2012.

Presidential race, US Senate race, AG Race (first time ever), Auditor General, Treasurer in 2012

2014 – Gov. Corbett  lost (Only Republican Governor to lose in the USA in 2014)

2015- Gleason lost 5 statewide races on Tuesday- Judicial sweep.

And Gleason lost his own home County’s courthouse.   Cambria went back to the Democrats. His incompetent cronies  lost. 

Bob Asher lost the Board of Commissioners in his home town of Montgomery in 2011  and ALL row offices in 2015 

As long as Rob Gleason Bob Asher and their network of incompetent crony consultants like Ray Zaborney/Red Maverick, Long & Nyquist, Charlie GID Gerow, Hallowell and Branstetter are in control of the party, losses follow as the rest of the country wins for Republicans. 

Obama Destroys Democrats at State Level but NOT in Pennsylvania, where the Gleason-Asher network of incompetent cronies were paid big money to lose big. Gleason Asher destroy Pennsylvania Republicans.

Gleason Asher  crony Ray Zaborney of Red Maverick ran the campaigns of GleasonAsher endorsed Michael George who raise over $661,000 through September 2015 and Gleason Asher endorsed Judy Olson who raised far less: Raised $268,960 through Sept. 14.

Gleason Asher endorsed Anne Covey Raised $495,923 through Sept. 14. and lost

Gleason Asher endorsed  Emil Giordano Superior Court Raised $173,674 through Sept. 14 and lost

Gleason Asher endorsed Paul Lalley Commonwealth Court Raised $323,260 through Sept. 14.and lost.

TheShellacking by the numbers.

       He should be stressed.​
Sadly, this portends a loss for Pat Toomey in 2016

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Republican Leadership Selling Out the Forgotten Taxpayer ….again $2 Bbillion Tax Increase

The Liberty Blog - Tue, 2015-11-17 09:37

   Today Jimmy “Romney Will Win Pennsylvania” Lee of Susquehanna Partners, Republican Leadership’s “go to” pollster when they need a poll to prove what they want proven, has been commissioned by PSEA financed Republican Majority Leader Dave “I want to be Tom Wolf’s BFF” Reed to do a poll proving that Pennsylvanians want a $2.1 tax increase masquerading as a property tax cut.  Street hustling three card monte players are more trustworthy than these self-righteous phonies. 

  Two Faced Double Talking Dave Reed, 7 terms from 2003 Indiana County (part), fronts for unions and ultra Big Government  Democrat Tom Wolf. Majority Leader Reed is leading the movement for a $2 billion tax increase.  Dave Reed, also, voted for the Corbett “gas tax” in the $2.5 billion dollar Highway and Transportation Act 89 of 2013 .

  Street hustling three card monte players have more integrity  than these self-righteous Republican phonies. 

   Is it a wonder that Republicans and the Taxpayers are losing in Pennsylvania? 

Statewide, Republican registration has declined by 320.430 from 2006 when Rob Gleason took control of state committee. Democrats increased their registration by 72, 430;  this is a swing of 392,860.


2006 3,900,685(D) 3,300,894(R) 36,070 (L)  17,762 (G) 3,046 (C) 924 ,419(Other)   8,182,876 (TOTAL)

2015 3,973,115 (D) 2,980,464  (R)  1,119,596 (other) 8,073,175(TOTAL) 


   Sad but not surprising, Republican Leadership, is it  not? 

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Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, championed $7.5 billion tax increase, the biggest tax increase since Bob Casey Sr. 1991 $3 billion

The Liberty Blog - Fri, 2015-10-16 06:46

Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades

By: Jim Panyard | November 22, 2013


Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades// // // // // // // // // // // 25) { input = ""; } return input; } })(); // ]]>// // // // // // // // // //

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Thursday passed a transportation funding package that will cost residents a cumulative $7.5 billion over the next five years, primarily in gasoline and diesel fuel tax increases and a wide variety of fee increases for motorists.The package has been pushed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, now seeking reelection, who promised in his 2010 campaign he would not raise taxes or fees. The measure passed the House 113-85 and was identical to a measure the House defeated twice on Monday night.The last tax increase of this magnitude was a $3 billion hike in business taxes engineered by the late Gov. Robert P. Casey, Sr., a Democrat, in 1991. That tax hike was in a single hit and remains today


Suicide Pact: Pennsylvania Republicans Ready $2.5 Billion Tax Increase

By: Jim Panyard | November 21, 2013  http://mediatrackers.org/pennsylvania/2013/11/21/suicide-pact-pennsylvania-republicans-ready-2-5-billion-tax-increase

 The vote on Senate Bill 1, championed by Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, happened after about an hour of comments from senators on both sides of aisle. http://paindependent.com/2013/06/watchblog-senate-passes-2-5b-transportation-funding-package /

 WATCHBLOG: Senate passes $2.5B transportation funding package – PA…


Rafferty said that in order to get public support for Act 89, the Senate Transportation Committee went on the road. It held numerous meetings around the state for two years to inform people about what kind of improvements the Act would bring if it was passed.http://www.pennlive.com/pol…/index.ssf/2015/02/act_89.html

 Crumbling roads: New gas tax, increased fees means billions for Pa. bridge and…


John Rafferty engineered Highway tax Bipartisan Collusion: Corbett and Rendell collude with John Rafferty to hammer Pennsylvania motorists with higher taxes

Pennsylvania Increases Gas Tax, Modifies Prevailing Wage, Gives Transit Big Money


Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations Act 89 of 2013  HB 1060

$7.307 to $7.584 billion revenues/tax over five years


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Long and Nyquist Dennis Owens abc27 Cronyism and John Rafferty

The Liberty Blog - Thu, 2015-10-15 15:18
Substantive investigative reporting by a real journalist Dennis Owens abc27  The chart of the nest of nepotists is dramatic.    Long and Nyquist are managing John Rafferty’s campaign for Pennsylvania Attorney General  https://vimeo.com/132287127   July 2015
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Do we want lobbyist Foxes in the Attorney General’s Hen House? Cronyism and John Rafferty

The Liberty Blog - Thu, 2015-10-15 12:50

  Mike Long and Todd Nyquist are John Rafferty’s campaign managers and have been entwined for more than 12 years when Rafferty was first elected to the Senate. 



​John Rafferty Mike Long Two Peas in a Pod

Long and Nyquist are the  lobbyists for the deadly duo of Republican Corporate Cronies AND  Democratic Union Wendell Young IV’s United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the primary opponent to Liquor Control reform and, of course, pension reform in Pennsylvania.

Republicans Long and Nyquist, also, lobby for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the largest special interest in Pennsylvania and the largest funder of Democrats.  http://longnyquist.com/clients.shtml   


 And Nepotists. http://longnyquist.com/team.shtml

 Who is Megan Callahan married to? Ask Speaker of the House Turzai. http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/why-were-broke-government-workers-making-100k-or-m/ndJxd

 Who is Megan Compton married to?   Who employs Drew Compton and Casey Long?   President Pro Tem Joseph Scarnati can answer that. http://www.senatorscarnati.com/staff-listing-2/


Democrats at CasablancaPa give us some well-sourced analysis about John Rafferty, Mike Long, Todd Nyquist, Bonusgate, Turnpike Pay to Play http://casablancapa.blogspot.com/search?q=rafferty


CasablancaPa informs: http://casablancapa.blogspot.com/2011/12/maybe-rafferty-will-give-us-bonus-too.html FTA Long received more legislative bonus money than any other staffer of either party. (Tribune Review 2/1/07)  Not only did he perform an incredible amount of campaign work over the years, he was renowned solely for his political skills.  As a senior staffer who received enormous bonuses and with a long history of campaign work, Long is one of the suspects the state wide grand jury is still examining.

Furthermore, one of the “associates” in Long’s operation is Megan Crompton, the wife of Drew Crompton.  Mr. Crompton is the poster boy for the political bonuses doled out in 2006 by the Senate GOP caucus after receiving a $20,000 taxpayer-funded bonus for working four months on the Lynn Swann for Governor campaign in 2006. (Tribune Reveiw 2/4/07)


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Meanwhile in Pennsylvania ….Two Faced Double Talking John Rafferty Disingenuous…Harrisburg Hack John Rafferty wants to be Republican nominee for Attorney General.

The Liberty Blog - Wed, 2015-10-14 18:31

John Rafferty wants the Republican endorsement for Pennsylvania Attorney General 

Two Faced Double Talker Corporate Crony and Union Endorsed — Higher Taxes for all 



FTA  Rafferty, a Republican, has been accused of trying to kill the bill, SB 501, which would keep money from being involuntarily taken from the paychecks of public employees for political purposes.

The law would not stop the deduction of money for collective bargaining.

When the bill first came up for a vote in early March it failed 24-24. Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) laid blame specifically at the feet of Rafferty and Dominic Pileggi (R-9), both of whom voted against the bill at the time.

“I have found Senator Rafferty to be the most disingenuous member of the Republican Caucus,” Wagner said. “To be honest and direct, I have watched Senator Rafferty repeatedly undermine our new leadership – Senator Rafferty is self-serving and badly wants to be Pennsylvania’s Attorney General.”


Corbett signs $2.3 billion Pa. transportation bill engineered by John Rafferty as Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee

   (Democrat Ed Rendell and Republican Tom Corbett in the lobby of the Capitol Building promoting higher taxes for Pennsylvania Motorists and Commercial Truck Drivers.

​​Bipartisan Collusion: Corbett and Rendell collude with John Rafferty to hammer Pennsylvania motorists with higher taxes

Pennsylvania Increases Gas Tax, Modifies Prevailing Wage, Gives Transit Big Money

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Larry Ehl

FTA  Getting to final passage wasn’t easy. The House rejected a similar bill last week (103-98) before passing the bill the next day. “Without enough Republican votes, leaders knew they needed Democrats who – particularly in Philadelphia – were reluctant to vote against unions on the prevailing-wage provision. In a last-ditch push midday Monday, [Governor] Corbett mobilized union leaders, among them Philadelphia Building Trades business manager Pat Gillespie, and others, including former Gov. Ed Rendell, to join him at a rally in the Capitol to urge passage of the bill.” The Senate had approved the plan last June.

The vote on Senate Bill 1, championed by Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, happened after about an hour of comments from senators on both sides of aisle.  Rafferty said that in order to get public support for Act 89, the Senate Transportation Committee went on the road. It held numerous meetings around the state for two years to inform people about what kind of improvements the Act would bring if it was passed.

Crumbling roads: New gas tax, increased fees means billions for Pa. bridge and road work  PENNLIVE.COM


WATCHBLOG: Senate passes $2.5B transportation funding package – PA…  PAINDEPENDENT.COM


John Rafferty was endorsed by the AFL-CIO for Senate

   John Rafferty votes to authorize $27,000,000,000 new debt for Pennsylvania Taxpayers

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